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Rhi^2 Road Trip, Setpember 2008: NYC

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After fighting with the GPS that YES, we absolutely wanted to take I-95 to NYC (before realizing it was set to shortest distance, not shortest travel time), we eventually made it to the New York suburbs.

New York City

First order of business: see my first Broadway show! Yes, it’s true…I am a huge theatre lover but had never been to a Broadway show before. We saw RENT because it was Rhi’s favorite show and its run had been extended.

We were sightseeing maniacs in NYC! We went to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, took a double decker tour bus of the city, went to the Museum of Sex, took a tour of Rockefeller Center, NBC Studios and the Top of the Rock, visited Central Park and the Imagine Mosaic followed by the Dakota, went to a book signing thing in the Village with Tegan from Tegan and Sara…and god only knows what else!

Interestingly enough, we had no NY style pizza or deli food. We also found ourselves in the middle of Times Square with no good restaurants in sight. We eventually had to settle for some “eh” Jewish food. Trust me to go to New York and not be able to find a decent restaurant! We also missed out on taking the Staten Island ferry to see the Statue of Liberty because the Sex Museum was THAT interesting! People frequently asked Rhi for directions on the streets, and she was frequently complimented on her leaf dress.

Of course, after sightseeing, our big mission was to meet up with as many camfolk as we possibly could. It’s fitting that we met up with THE Michelle of ChelleCam on our way to H&M. She later took us bar hopping (for real, we only stayed in each place for about 10 minutes!), and met up with Igor of Driven by Boredom.

The next day there was a hurricane and we got nailed with some serious rain. After what was probably $20 worth of texts on my end, we still all managed to meet up in Hell’s Kitchen, just blocks from where we were crashing. The crew for the night was Bertie (Survivorcam!), Dr. Grosz, Jackee (Artfag), Sarah (Wondergirl), and Johnathan (Swerdloff). Huny was unable to make it. We had quite the night all over the city (again, we went from place to place and didn’t in any one place for too long).

After our big night out, it was time to go home. We had wanted to walk the Brooklyn Bridge on that beautiful beautiful Sunday (and be treated to a free brunch), but someone named Rhiannon was too hungover. So, it was home to State College for a mid-vacation break (well, not for me as I had work and rehearsals to go to)…

The best part about driving home on I-80 (reads like SCROTUM)

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  1. reanon says:

    awww nyc was so fun. i want to go back!!!! that rain was totally torrential, i was sooo wet. i remember going into the toilets in that dive bar and squeezing out my shoes, trying to dry them under the hand dryer with little success.
    i was feeling pretty seedy that next day tho. sorry! shame we didn't walk over the bridge. next time we need to do 2 WEEKS in NYC! even that wouldn't be enough.

    hehehe scotrun/scrotum. it still makes me chuckle.

    do you still use your GPS? are you still happy with it, or do you wish you had got a different brand? i need to upgrade the one i have (its just a no-name brand from china, my mum had but didn't use).

  2. reanon says:

    oh and david's sister is going to the states later this month for a couple of weeks. she'll be in NYC for about a week. i'm so jealous.
    she's doing a way different type of trip then us, staying in a semi-fancy hotel. but just chatting to Zena about NYC, its making me want to go back soooo badly.

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