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Orange Glo

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My skin is dry. It is itchy. Streaky. And I have Michael Jackson syndrome. I sunless tanned the hell out of myself the past few weeks for this last play, and it’s not pretty at this stage in the game. It did look pretty ok after the first few days, but now I am blotchy and I just feel like paint that has been painted over again and again. I could never do this full time, as it is a huge pain in the ass. I would spray myself sticky and then rub in lotion once that (finally, FINALLY) dried. I pretty much disregarded the exfoliating and moisturizing, which is evident in this “detox” period. I think I’d rather do it the old fashioned, cancer happy way…although I’m sure in a few years we’ll find that the sunless shit also causes cancer. Oh, and I’m pretty sure I am naturally about the same color as that shoulder off to the left.

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  1. n0tlob says:

    Nah, you still look good :-). What caused the downtime a few days ago? Did you forget to pay the bill??

  2. reanon says:

    ooh nice tan! yeah you really have to give yourself a good scrub beforehand and then keep up the moisturising to prolong the tan and keep it from going dry and blotchy.

    i got a professional spray tan before the engagement party and that shit lasted for ages. but towards the end i had a few patches – so that's when i brought out the exfoliator again.

    then i bought some spray tan in a can stuff before the wedding and it was great. it dried almost instantly, you didn't have to rub it with your hands at all, and it smelt great (which seems to be so rare with fake tans)
    there was a bit of a blotchiness after a few days, but not too bad.

    just start slathering yourself with moisturiser. hopefully it will stop the itching.

  3. rhiannon says:

    I had some issues with the domain, but now I can say that I finally OWN for the first time since it was purchased in 2001…so down time wont happen again.

    ugh, the fake tan is sooooo blotchy now. I'm not keeping up with it and I just want it to be washed away forever. I might do the fake tan once in a blue moon for special occasions…like a play or a wedding, but not on a regular basis. I just don't care enough to be bothered.

  4. Chris says:

    I haven't checked in to see how things are going in your world in forever, but I am pleased to see you are doing well and looking great…dare I say, positively glowing. Oh wait, that must be the orange day-glo fake and bake. Just kidding, you do look great,anyway.

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