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What the duck?

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Several weekends ago, before my mom and I were to take in a civilized evening of theatre, we took a nice, leisurely stroll through the park…and saw a female duck get gang raped by at least 4 male ducks. During intermission, we stumbled across another liaison – although this time the male ducks were engaging in much more chivalrous behavior, fighting each other for mating rights with the little lady.

I always thought mallards were adorable. Everywhere you’d go in the spring and summer, you’d always see a little duck couple just hanging out being cute. Until I discovered how shitty male ducks are. Apparently, gang bangs are a pretty common thing in the duck world. So is male on male action. And after a male ducks knocks up a female duck, he abandons her. And then there’s the case of the homosexual necrophiliac

4 Responses to “What the duck?”

  1. n0tlob says:

    Well, that puts another complexion on things concerning Duckburg, doesn't it?

  2. rhiannon says:

    Disco Duck must have been the creeper at Studio 54 putting roofies in people's drinks and doing weird, kinky things.

  3. radium says:

    Rhiannon, this depresses me. What's a guy to do?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wasn't gang raped, she was just a slutty duck.

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