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Wiki spin-offs

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I doubt I’m the only one to do this (and I can guarantee this is the reason I waste hours and hours of my day online), but I don’t think it’s possible for me to look something up on Wikipedia without opening about 10 other windows and reading articles that are nowhere near the original subject I was searching for.

Today’s wiki spin-off actually comes around full circle:

Mountain-laurel, after discovering the flower while hiking Mt. Nittany

Anorexia (not nervosa), a symptom of ingesting the toxic Mountain-laurel (ok, this was a cheat, as I had to search separately for this because there was no active link)

Broken heart, a cause of anorexia

The thousand-yard stare, a symptom of heartbreak

“Afghan Girl,” picture a survivor a Soviet bombing

Steve McCurry, photographer of “the most recognized photograph” in the history of National Geographic

The Daily Collegian, the Penn State newspaper McCurry contributed to

And now we’re back to Penn State and Mt. Nittany, etc. etc. Boy, it has just been such a productive day. And I haven’t even touched my work!

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