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2008 Year in Review

It seems like 2008 sucked for a lot of people, and while I’m sure it did, I have to say that it was quite possibly the best year ever for me!

I had a great year in theater. I made my State Theatre stage debut in The Vagina Monologues in February. After years on the special events committee to raise money for the theatre restoration, to stand on the completed stage and perform was an amazing feeling. Talking about angry vaginas, too! Next I got to play the kooky Miss Smith in the Stone Arch Players’ production of Move Over, Mrs. Markham. It was there that I discovered the greatest piece of literature ever scribed, “My Pet Beaver”. I promise to do a post on this, someday, PROMISE! Then I did a Penn State Pavilion Project, The Pretentious Young Ladies. I went from Porter #2, with the least amount of lines, to Porter #1, to Maggie the Maid, thanks to some flighty British chicks. I wasn’t expecting a part in the State College Community Theatre’s summer season, but I was pleasantly surprised to be cast in To Kill a Mockingbird, where I did my part to corrupt minors and behave inappropriately during rehearsals of this serious drama. Of course, my biggest accomplishment of the year was playing Janet in The Rocky Horror Show!!!! I fucking love Rocky Horror and have wanted to do this show forever, and I made it happen! Wonderful! Then I finished off the year by landing a (huge) lead role in No Refund Theatre’s spring semester opening show, Frankie & Johnny in the Clair de Lune. In 2009 I plan on continuing my complete dominance of central Pennsylvania theater.

When I wasn’t in a play, I was dominating the Penn State Film Department in 2008. I also made my State Theatre screen debut, when 2 of the films I starred in, Exploring the Harrows and Sleep made it into the Penn State Student Film Festival. If that wasn’t enough, I decided to squeeze in a few junior films before the end of the semester, This Side Up and Ignon.

The vacation of the year was the big Rhiannon road trip tour of North America in September. This will get its own recap post (I promise!). Through this trip we learned of both the ups and downs of couchsurfing, my love of Canada, Night Danger!, and MEDIEVAL TIMES – THE GREATEST PLACE ON EARTH!!!!!!

I did some pretty fun things, including getting to wear my fabulous $2.50 Goodwill gown for a masquerade ball party, rediscovering my love for karaoke, family reunioning it up in Atlanta for the 4th of July and coming up with the most exciting and awesome Halloween costume ever.

Things were going amazingly well at work, too! Well, except for the whole having a fundraiser event the day before the financial meltdown and some wedding planner drama. Other than that, it seemed like good things were just falling out of the sky. And it wasn’t just at work. Wonderful things and wonderful people were falling out of the sky as well. And honestly, I cannot wait to spend 2009 with all of them.

So there might have been a major financial crisis (thank god I don’t own stock or have a mortgage), and a recession and people are losing their jobs left and right, but I’m not feeling any of this! Not even the skyrocketing price of groceries, thanks to living at home. I’m just thrilled that gas is $1.7something, after being over $4 earlier this year. And I helped make history by voting for America’s first black president. Now that Obama’s in charge, and Bushy is out, out, OUT, I’m feeling pretty good about the future. Let’s make 2009 even BETTER than 2008!!!

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  1. reanon says:

    oh hell yes! nice post. ooh you have to tell me how things are going with a certain someone. email me details!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It started with someone mention E/N, and then Unlovely, and then and old old (but great great) site, Chickenlegs.net

    and then rhitard.com came up in the discussion and lo and behold (I think the words used were actually “holy crap!”) the site is still up and you’re still updating it!

    I always enjoyed your humour, your wit and your writing and just wanted to write a lame comment to say so. Congrats on your success,
    and all the best in ’09.

    – some random former e/n blogger.

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