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February 18

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February 18, 2010: I conveniently had a meeting at Cozy Thai Bistro. I absolutely had to go! Final day of the typhoid fever vaccine! Promptly followed by spring rolls and satay chicken.

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February 17

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February 17, 2010: Preparing for the trip at the library!

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February 16

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February 16, 2010: My room is a shithole right now. It’s partly due to preparation for the trip, which is just starting to hit me!

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February 15

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February 15, 2010: We got some more snow today, but it actually worked in my favor for once, keeping a special someone in town for an extra night. We went to see The Wolfman. It was ok.

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February 14

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February 14, 2010: Ebay and Olympic figure skating kept me from joining the State College Young Professionals Singles Awareness Day bar tour, but I did make it out to The Brewery for My Bloody Valentine karaoke. The “bloody” lab coat I have stashed in the trunk of my car has proven to be quite useful for these bar events I keep going to (none of which are on Halloween).

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February 13

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February 13, 2010: Finally went to the strip club! Unfortunately, most of my experience with strip clubs (American ones, anyway) are from TV and movies, and those are far more glamorous than the ones in central Pennsylvania. An interesting night, nonetheless.

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February 12

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February 12, 2010: I was kind of freaking out when I was reminded that I should have some vaccinations before I go to Thailand, a 3rd world country. Leaving in almost 2 weeks, that left me little time to get a Hepatitis A and Typhoid Fever vaccine. Luckily, I found a doctor that could fit me in today! The bill was outrageously expensive, but given that I was desperate, there wasn’t much I could do about it. I really liked the doctor, though, and I got to stare at a poster with a diagram of the throat that looks like a vagina.

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February 11

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February 11, 2010: The Penis Monologues!!! I’ve seen it so many times that I know all the jokes. I wont lie, this year wasn’t the best I’ve seen, which is a shame since it was the 10th anniversary and there was a bunch of drama associated with it this year, but mediocre penis monologues are still funny!

Classic Penis Monologues

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February 10

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February 10, 2010: Seriously, stop snowing! I hate this.

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February 9

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February 9, 2010: I wonder when my neighbors will take down their lights. I guess they’re not too Christmasy, but still. It’s February! We leave our lights up all year (out of laziness), but we eventually stop turning them on.

I’m trying not to think about the upcoming snow storm. We’re not D.C. or Philly (THANK GOD), but snow is snow, and there is too much snow already!