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December 17, 2009 3

A Very (Photobombed) GHIC Christmas

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Believe it or not, people call me classy.

January 22, 2007 0

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this whole me in the background thing is just getting ridiculous. i’m going to have to compile all these pictures soon.

no refund theatre

this is from a no refund theatre show, where i am every weekend, religiously.

new year's eve

new year’s eve

i went to high school with this guy on the right, but i had no idea that’s who was taking pictures at the time. i just saw a camera & did my standard face. later as i was looking through myspace, i discovered this gem. i often find that if i recognize someone from myspace in the real world taking pictures, i will immediately check their page later to see if i’m in any background shots. actually, myspace and facebook are where i get most of these pictures. if i ever randomly find the pictures some people were taking of me and a blowup doll, i will lose my shit. and on a side note, it’s absolutely amazing how much i can learn about people i’ve never even met through these crazy sites. fascinating, and eerily stalkertastic, all in one.

October 17, 2006 0

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my internet has been out since thursday & it’s driving me nuts. i thought it might be because i may or may not have ever paid my bill, which really is verizon’s fault, since they may or may not have ever sent me a bill. anyway, the problem is not on my end, AND i don’t have an outstanding balance racked up on my account…but still! it’s now tuesday! & it’s not like there was a hurricane or blizzard or earthquake to completely fuck shit up or anything. what is their problem??

anyway, i wrote this post many moons ago but never published it, so now is as good a time as any.

ok, here is part 2 of the “look! there i am in the background!” series:

plums reception

plums reception…in the back left corner, wearing light blue. that would be where the food is.


i’m the one with the great posture that totally doesn’t look pregnant…

more as they come!

March 6, 2006 0

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amazing! the guy at the jewelry store thinks i am a ho! i had to sign a bunch of slips of paper, so i said that i needed a shorter name. & he says “yeah if your last name was ‘ho’ or some other asian name with only a couple of letters…” & i blame it all on the coat. i mean, while wearing this fabulous coat i had a homeless lady in nyc call me a prostitute in a foreign language! i bought this coat secondhand & i wonder who the woman was who owned it before me. it’s looking like a slut owned it. that’s cool, though.

now, you may find this strange, but in my free time i like to find pictures online of events i’ve been at to try to find myself in the background. this usually requires some time, effort & resourcefulness…& i could totally be doing better things, but hey, i like doing it. so now i give you, fair readers, the chance to play “where’s rhitard”! kinda like “where’s waldo”, but there’s less people & i’m not wearing a striped shirt. click on the pic to find me!

'party hoes' video shoot

i figured i’d start easy first. back many moons ago i was an extra “party ho” in a candiflyp video. um…this is a still from that & i really don’t have much more to say other than it was a fun afternoon. next!

drag show

of course you would find me in the background at a drag show! next time i’ll have pics of me standing next to the ladies…oooh.

for the love of art and chocolate

this was from when i was security working the door at clearwaterconservancy’s for the love of art & chocolate. i was hoping they would have posted some more pics on their website, but this is all i had to work with.


ahhh, my movie, “plums”! i will tell you more about that later, but this is the director talking to the minister guy during the funeral scene…this was my first funeral & it was a blast. will all funerals be this fun, i wonder?

the breakfast club

ok, this one from nrt’s “the breakfast club” is pretty tricky. those god awful wrists of mine gave it away, though.

crazy diamond

ahh, & finally, my stint as an extra in another student film, because having a part in one wasn’t enough. this movie is called “crazy diamond” & the lead character’s name is david gilmour. so there was absolutely no way i wasn’t showing up to this shoot in my dark side of the moon t-shirt. unfortunately, i got a shitty seat so i’ll be lucky if my arm gets in.

& speaking of arms & people in the backgrounds of pictures…

here is the sopranos‘ furio’s arm & leg on the left side of the picture! hot damn!

furio's arm

picture face so there you have it, folks. interestingly enough, i wasn’t making my classic background picture face in any of these pictures.

boy, when i see a camera aimed in my general direction, i try to make the most ridiculous face so that when people see it, they are like, ‘what the fuck is wrong with that girl????’ unfortunately i haven’t run across many of those photos. wouldn’t that be a gem to find? the only random picture i found of myself was from some girl who was a friend of a friend who wanted a picture with me. & that, my friends, was the absolute worst picture of me ever taken. ever. i wont even post it, it’s that bad. i want to know what that camera is & never ever buy it. anyway, more pics to come as i find them!