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new years


birthday girl

fucking ass. i’m so tired & i’ve been in a car all day. i’ve spent the last 5 days watching tv, putting puzzles together, reading magazines, & being in a car. & look, it’s already new year’s eve. christ, i’m gonna be 21 in less than 24 hours. all i know is, i have the twilight zone marathon to save me through this bullshit. all day tomorrow & new year’s day on sci-fi channel. we’ve only had the sci-fi channel for a few years. when i first moved into the dorms we had that channel…but they lock you out over the holidays so i couldn’t watch it. because i am such a die-hard fan, i’m thinking about going to bed kind of early so i can get up early to get a jump start on this. “the eye of the beholder” is on at 9:30 pm, kids! one of the 2 i make sure to catch every time.

i am just a walking brainfart right now. anything i thought to write about has already exited the building. upstate new york can be kinda depressing & there are way too many tacky lawn decorations. that’s all i have to say about that. i don’t go skiing because the trip to killington is even more depressing. well, i also had bad experiences snowboarding. basically the first time i went up on the bunny trail by myself will be my last. i cried like a baby bitch & it took me an hour to get down. so no more. i hope to never live in vermont or new york, unless we’re talking the city, baby. i’m gonna cut this short i think & write up about all the interesting things i read in cosmo & weekly world news later. probably not for awhile, because it is my birthday. got things to do. rhiannon and allan i’m praying to god i’ll have something to report back. & still waiting on any freak last minute road trips i might end up taking. but if not, i have the twilight zone & the bottles of alcohol my relatives oh so kindly gave me for my early birthday party. one year they locked me in the bathroom while they were getting it set up. this time i walked in the house & didn’t even know what was going on. then i finally figured out it was a birthday party but then i couldn’t figure out for who. i’m not slow, not at all. i’ll get back on track soon, & i also finally got my beloved chia pet. expect updates on the progress of my chia cow…it’s cute. have a fucking kick ass new year’s eve kids…party enough for yourself & me…& take your bottles of champagne & pour one for your homies & think of me. & wherever you are, at the stroke of midnight yell at the top of your lungs “happy birthday rhiannon!!!” while everyone looks at you like, what the fuck.

thanks for all the gifts you people got from my wishlist. as if i didn’t feel unloved enough. guess i deserve this email because i suck. happy times, guys! think he’ll get me a nice birthday gift?

in response to chickenlegs:

“then the “joy” slowly turns to disappointment when you realize
someone got more presents than you & you didn’t get that one thing you
really wanted. ”

YOU, and all your amazon-wish-list-cam bitches are a bunch of greedy,
miserable whores. Go fuck yourself with a splintery stick. You suck.

i love coming back home to lots of email. i like to come home to lots of answering machine messages too but i only got 1…from my doctor reminding me of an appointment. i’m outta here, my game shows & gossip await me.

look! another rhiannon!

rent a movie to enjoy on new year’s eve

new years 2001


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boozin’ it up with your parents on christmas…yeah. so season’s greetings, hope you had a merry christmas, blah blah, etcetera, you know the drill. i’m at my house now & after 2 glasses of champagne, a glass of champagne & peach schnapps, & a glass of peach schnapps & orange juice i have found my way to the computer. & i think that is all. i’m going away for a very long time folks. hopefully i can make my new years plans & then just disappear for a long time. if i’m back before the year 2002 that will be bad. time to catch some game shows & i’ll see you when i see you.

i have something to keep you occupied while i am gone. just keep staring & you will get sucked in. & before you know it, i’ll be back. for real now, bye. KITTY!

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you know, i remember what i was doing last year at this time. i was harassing local dj’s on aim. ok, i wasn’t doing that christmas eve, but it was over the holidays so who cares. actually it might have been thanksgiving…god i love this memory of mine. speaking of memory i saw memento last night. loved it! anyway, on with the story. we told this guy to go to my homepage. & we turned the cam on for him. then we ended up calling in for this contest & of course we got through since no one was in town. so we were being all retarded just like junior high girls. i guess some things never change. we called & were like “hi!!! it’s bush hooker & diarrhea pony from aim! lol!!” good fucking times i tell you. & i remember, it was last thanksgiving. but hey, the story’s funny, no? but what i was really doing last christmas eve was sitting on cu-seeme convincing fat old men to get naked because it was christmas & they should give the gift of christmas wang. of course it was a ploy to get them naked so i could laugh & humiliate them at the expense of everyone on cu. the simplest things amuse me. i was looking back at all these video captures of cu-seeme from over the years. god i had some fucking good times.

well it’s officially christmas eve, although not really to me because when i wake up it will just be late evening christmas eve, not christmas morning. today i scurried around looking for this cd, only to come back with nothing. i drove to complete opposite ends of town & finally hit the mall with the mentality of “fuck it i just don’t care anymore. i will drive allllll the way out there & pay the mall price of $20 just so i can have this cd.” well folks, apparently we only have 1 cd store in the mall & of course tangerine dream was not there.

hey, if anyone is looking for a road trip, hop on route 26 heading in the direction of state college/bellefonte. when you’re in the area you’ll see a sheetz & you’ll come in contact with the traffic light that has been possessed by the devil. i shit you not, it’s some freaky shiz, know what i’m sayin? when it’s red a purplish light flashes on & off inside the light & hypnotizes you & makes you think of satan. i mean, that’s what happened to me when i saw it. ahh, i’m lame, i know, but what can you expect when it’s close to christmas & i spend minimal time outdoors. oh yeah, i almost cried in the mall! the sentimental song really got to me & made me sad. or maybe it’s the fact that it reminded me i don’t have plans for new years yet. which happens to be my birthday also. my 21st. hopefully i get that figured out. blah, so now’s the time to get sappy & all & wish you fags a merry christmas, happy chanukah, happy kwanzaa & general happy holidays. i’m gonna hit upstate new york for a few days to bore myself to tears with the relatives.


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you guys should go sign my guestbook cuz it is barely full! i hated all the ads on the last one & i didn’t have full control over what i wanted. so i made one that i like. for fuck’s sake cgi is hard. it’s a good thing i could edit the html then it would do all the other stuff. sometimes i wish i was an ist major. being an american studies major is cool. i take pretty much whatever class i want & then i graduate & have a hard time finding a job. i can’t wait to grow up & hit the mean streets!

horrible classes that i was forced to take & that i hated:



fun classes i actually wanted to take:


COMMUNICATIONS (film history & theory) >> B

AMERICAN STUDIES (hollywood & the culture of violence) >> A-

those fucking stupid gay classes fucked up my gpa this time around & i still have 2 more spanish classes to go & the dreaded math. ok, scratch that, i’m glad i’m not an ist major. i love liberal arts.

merry christmas

so it’s just a few more days till christmas & tonight i went out & got almost everything i needed for people’s presents. tonight was go finish christmas shopping & instead buy things for myself night. of course it was toilet paper, light bulbs, coffee, deodorant, floss, etc. you know, i should have just put them on my christmas list. “dear santa, for christmas this year i really want toilet paper & razors!” i think i’m going to dump them in my stocking just for kicks.

anyway, i need to get this cd that my dad wants. it’s by this band called tangerine dream. weird shit it is, & kinda hard to find. i’d order off the web but since i turned in my list late, so did my dad. an eye for an eye let me tell you. so i’m gonna be scrambling around town looking for this damn cd. i’m on a mission to find the one he wants, too, not just any old tangerine dream cd. countdown 2 days to track it down in town. last minute shopping is great.

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how do you break a microwave? besides the obvious throwing it out the window, how does a microwave break when 1 person uses it as directed…say 5 times a day? i break vacuum cleaners all the time, but i understand that being that i like to vacuum the same spot over & over again for hours straight. but i’m really confused about the microwave…& in fact i’m scared! i can’t live without a microwave. almost everything i eat at one point goes into the microwave. i’d sell my oven (well, if it wasn’t a part of my apartment) & my toaster…maybe the coffee maker to make sure my microwave was ok & functioning. so lets go back to the events of last night & try to piece together what happened:

  • i put maruchan instant lunch in the microwave for 2 minutes
  • i let it stand
  • it spilled all over my glass revolver thinger in the microwave
  • i took that out to wash it off in the sink
  • i realized my shit wasn’t hot enough & i stuck the instant lunch in the back corner, out of the way of the revolver minus the glass plate
  • it started going for a second the all the lights went out
  • i said “oh fuck”
  • nothing happened
  • i unplugged it & prayed to god it would work today when i plugged it back in

so this brings us to the present. i’m afraid to plug it back in because i i don’t know what i will do if the lights don’t come back on & it still wont work. you see, in all aspects of my life, if there is a problem i will push it aside & pretend that if i don’t know what’s wrong that something really wont be wrong. great logic indeed. see, if i don’t know that it’s broken there’s a chance it wont be. so it could be working, ok?? but if i try it & find out it doesn’t work, my delusion will be shattered & i will know. they say the holidays are depressing for some people. i don’t know if i can handle this in such times of stress. this might just push me over the edge.

but hey, if it’s broken, what better time of year to get a new one for free! mommy, i might need a new microwave. let’e hope this isn’t the case, as i’ve grown very attached to my microwave. we’ve had good times.

i am scared.

ok, so maybe i wont take the plunge & head off into the great gig in the sky just yet. it seems that some people aren’t hanging their head in shame after finding shocking results on the cam girl quiz.

a proud rhiannon wannabe!

keep them coming, kids!

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ok it seems people are ashamed to be me in the cam girl quiz. die.

touch me i’m dick. hi. you might remember that from the movie singles. that movie has been on a lot, but it’s not on right now, so i don’t know why i thought about that. anyway, i’ve been watching that movie & moping in my singleness. i have spent 98% of my life single…i calculated this. i did that awhile ago so it’s probably about 99% now. this is also counting the 2 whole dates i’ve ever been on & the like .5 random hookups, if you can call it that. but after watching that movie i have concluded that i am bridget fonda’s character. go watch that movie. it is me. there’s something about the holidays that pisses me off. it’s those fucking couples everywhere i look. i want to barf. i have severe emotional problems & i will die lonely & alone. merry christmas!

i love the holidays! last night i wanted subway because it has been almost a week since i’ve had it & that my friends is just unacceptable. so since i don’t eat at normal hours, i got hungry around 9:45 pm. well it’s christmas break & i figured things would be closed early & i figured 10 was a good time to close since they normally close at midnight. how wrong i was. so mcdonalds was a block away, why not try that. it was also closed. well. tonight i went outside. outside at a normal hour to get coffee. the time – 6:30. coffee place – closed. the time – almost 7. mcdonalds – closed. ladies & gentlemen, mcdonalds, which is downtown where things are lively & kicking *cough* was closed before 7 pm. i live in a ghost town. for the love of god what is going on?

ok so there’s 5 days until christmas & i haven’t made out my christmas list yet. i have also not gone out shopping for people yet. do i wait until the last minute to do things? nah. i did buy my cousin something since we have this christmas exchange thing & i almost did something really bad. see, i am a cheapskate. i hate spending money on people but i think it’s ok because i hate spending money on myself. so while i went out & bought a generic bath & body works gift package thing (on sale) i also decided i would send out this cup/bowl thing that says penn state on it that my old boss gave me over the summer. basically it’s this ugly, useless tool thing that i would never use. nothing wrong with recycling old useless gifts, right? i mean hell, it saves money. well, that’s not the bad part. the bad part is that i’ve used this thing before because i will use anything to hold my coffee as long as i don’t have to wash dishes. & i also like to leave dishes in the sink for weeks on end. so i take out this cup/bowl thing in all it’s fungi glory & decide i’m gonna wash it off & give it to my cousin. well, after scrubbing for a very long time i got it about as clean as it could get. it looked slightly used so that could be very bad. i ended up not sending it only because the box i was going to mail everything in only had enough room for the bath & body works thing. so there you go. i am officially a bad person. not horribly bad because i didn’t send it, but bad for considering it. so now you know how to be cheap on christmas. one tip though, it’s gotta look brand new. clothes are tough because you can tell when something’s been washed & the tags wont be on. but shitty clothes other people gave to you that haven’t been worn are golden.

so with that aside, take a look at my wishlist. they say they wont be delivered by christmas…but you know what? they’ll make it for my birthday! yes, i am turning 21! a special birthday indeed. it only comes once in a life time! well, so does every other birthday but 21 is important. 20 & 22 really aren’t. so hook this brotha up with the holiday/birthday love, k?

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i am rhitard!

you are rhiannon of out of the three rhiannons who are cam girls, you’re the only one who’s not an aussie whore! you are more or less asexual but you won survivorcam 2 in a landslide victory, thus proving that you don’t need skin to win. people tend to think you’re a bitch, albeit a quiet one, but once they get to know you you’re likable, although your favorite phrase is “eat shit.” like most self-respecting american college kids, you like beer. and you have a strange fixation with nay. you need help.

take the quiz

this great idea was brought to you by bertie & jodee. i was originally supposed to be in it but i didn’t fill out the questionaire in time. but i was supposed to be added later. but then it was too much work. but then it was fixed because i’m so damn irresistible. take it now, ok. good. anyone who is me, or wishes they were me, let me know, k?

ok so i was in new york over the weekend. it was ok. as much fun as a trip with your mom can be. artfag & i were supposed to go out & meet some people but yeah, we suck. but yeah, i didn’t get mugged, see prostitutes, or any famous people & in all honesty i just walked around the city being cold. we got some shopping done & i have to say soho is the place for me. they have those fun, funky, trendy stores. we have 1 store like that here called metro. the thing is, it’s the only cool store, so they jack up the prices because they can. the stores in new york were a lot like metro but since there are a bunch of them, they really couldn’t be as expensive as metro. so i picked up a few tops. wow, a great story, i know. i didn’t really know where to go because i’m not a typical girl when it comes to shopping. i know nothing about the cool hip places to go & i’m utterly clueless when it comes to clothing brands. i get sick of shopping after about an hour usually & i just get pissed off & bitchy. all i know is i went to prada since it just opened & i don’t care how impressive it is, paying $650 for sweaters is a bit um…too much? i guess i like being cheap because not only would i never be able to afford that crap, i don’t even like it all that much.

so yeah, not much to say about my trip. we went on a bus tour around the city <3 being a tourist! & hung out with my mom's gay friends. the real highlights of my trip was hanging out with this guy i’m stalking my friend who used to live here & watching pink floyd: the wall on vh1. i go to giant mega cities to do the things i can do at home. too bad there weren’t any crazy terrorist stories to come back home with. considering my luck, i’m surprised the world trade center deal didn’t go down while i was visiting.

so now it’s time to go check up on all the sites i read daily & general people i like that i haven’t gotten to see in 5+ days. i’m most impressed with the fact that i managed to survive that long without a computer. it’s good to know my internet addiction isn’t as strong as my cocaine addiction.

click me! / click me! / click me! / click me! / click me!

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the results are in: my page is up & i can update. my internet? well, it’s been almost 3 weeks & unless i’m doing something wrong it’s still not back! thank you, at&t & @home! you make my life worth living! well, i just got back from nyc, & i’m tired so i’ll write about that later. i’m just glad i can say, hi i’m back! i’m going to hop on over to my favorite at&t customer care chat where i will be customer # 2835702357 in line to bitch & moan. * well scratch that! oh happy day i am freed from the modem! my connection’s even faster, too, since no one’s left in this town to suck up the bandwidth. oh yes, i is happy. i is also dead tired. tomorrow i play all day.

also, there’s a “if i were a cam girl who would i be?” internet quiz floating around out there. i’d give the link, but since i was out of town when the questions were sent & didn’t get them in on time, i wont link it till i’m added because i am retarded like that.

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fucking internet diarrhea. i can’t seem to get higher than 33.6 kbps when i dial up. you know you’re jealous. yes, i was one of the many who got bitch slapped by @home. i can’t deal with this, i want to tear out my hair. so, i’ll see you when i see you.