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OMG OMG OMG!!! guess what you guys?!?!?!?! the who with special guest robert plant is coming here!!!!!!!! to hell with those retards who want to see dave matthews…it’s the who! with robert plant! <3<3<3 i need to go see this. & i’m not talking about shitty ghetto seats all the way in the nosebleed section. i’m listening to the radio right now to find out all the details. heh, my mom emailed me about it & she’s gonna try to get tickets for her, me, & my dad. i guarantee i’m gonna be ghetto & try to win tickets off the radio…even though this is something i would pay for. but the radio stations kinda hook you up ya know? dude, either way i’m so excited! i’m gonna be like those people you see on old michael jackson concert footage. ok well maybe not. but it were pink floyd that would be me. all screaming & passing out & shit. i was born in the wrong era, all my bands that i’d cut off limbs to see are either broken up or dead.

hey i heard something cool off press your luck the other night. rubbing ears makes you not hungry! i don’t know which part of the ear but supposedly that reduces hunger pains. gotta remember that next time i’m in class. i never have enough time to eat before class cuz that 5 minutes spent eating could be spent sleeping. yeah, so there’s your dose of useless info.

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ok, this is a bit eerie…but everyone at penn state is dying. you open the paper & hear about yet another student who is dead. granted most are car accidents, overdoses & what not, but there has been a hell of a lot more shit going down recently than “normal.” now you have to understand, people don’t die in this town. old people do but that’s what old people do, you know. very rarely have young people died around here…i’d guess you’d have to live here to know. hell, we get a murder like once every 15 years. but so far 8 students have died since last may. at first it didn’t affect me…you open the paper & find out someone died & it’s just like, whoa…but once you check to see that it’s no one you know you eventually forget about it. but hell, this is even starting to bother me cuz it keeps happening. saturday a kid died in a pole vaulting accident. he went to my high school, but i didn’t know him. so i can’t honestly sit here & say all these nice things about him…because i didn’t know him. but looking at his yearbook picture & hearing what everyone had to say just makes me sad. yeah so i guess i’m not gonna tie in any sappy little life mottos or anything…& i don’t really have a point to this. it’s strange though…i don’t think a lot of people care when people die. i know i only do when it’s local. but then a celeb can kick the bucket & everyone goes apeshit. yeah. so nothing like a nice little depressing read thanks to me to brighten your day. all i can say is that if i’m the next on the list i hope people don’t start talking about how i’m an angel in heaven & god will take care of me now. please don’t do that. ever.

oh, & i think adelphia wants in on this death race thing. i can’t count how many times my images are down. i piss on you adelphia!

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so penn state’s dance marathon was this weekend. good old thon, the source of my bitching about nothing to do over canning weekends. thon is amazing to see…granted i always go tripping, but it’s still something to see. i didn’t even bother going this year. people stayed awake & on their feet for 48 hours, raised money for little bald kids with cancer, cried when it was over, & went home to go to sleep for the next 2 days. i have nothing to say about it this year, but i thought i’d mention it since it’s a really unique thing & really touches even my sour heart. i’m thinking about doing something to participate next year since it will be my last year. there’s no way i could be a dancer, but i wouldn’t mind being a moraler who gets to run around & keep people awake. basically i just want all the cool shit like balloons & toys & hats & leis that everyone gets. uh & i want to do it for the kids.

&ltrant&gt yeah so anyway, time to get to what i really want to say. a lot of things piss me off. i am about the pickiest person on the planet & you name it, i have some beef with it. well, something i really really really cannot fucking stand is unreliable people. people who say one thing then do another…it drives me up the wall. ok, so i’m someone who likes structure & organization. i want to know who i’m going out with & what the general plan is. i could really care less what i do exactly, unless it’s something i’m really looking forward to…but when my plans get all messed up because the person i’m supposed to go out with goes missing in action it just sucks. & by that point it’s usually too late to find something else to do. time & time again i’ve missed out on things because i thought i had plans with someone else. ugh, that really bothers me. i can’t seem to get away from these undependable people & of course with my outstanding luck these are the people i care about the most. but for fucks sake i’d like to punch them sometimes. this is so god damned frustrating. not to mention, it fucks with you & it’s hard not to think that you’re not important enough for these people. so do your friends a favor & if this is you, think about how they might feel about your actions. some people don’t mind, but you know what? i do. &lt/rant&gt

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i’m still here! did i fool ya? after doing a horrible job on my spanish exam (e.g. “my aunt was home for university” & “we went to the mountains some day”) i decided i didn’t want to drive anywhere & i’d go hit up casino night. las vegas casino night is some mock gambling charity thing that my parents & i went to. you pay $15 to get in, start with $200 of fake money & you go wild. i’m not much of a gambler, & when i was in niagara falls i spent about $2 on the slot machines in 10 minutes, got pissed off & wanted to leave. the minimum for blackjack was $5 & i was like, yeah i don’t think so. so back to casino night. i was a little timid at first, not wanting to spend my money so i walked around & watched other people. i finally started to play blackjack & poker & i didn’t do all that hot. my mom on the other hand…well, i’m taking her to vegas with me. she was the one winning all the money & giving it to us losers. while i would win every once in awhile, my dad never won. he only won poker when my mom threw down money. he did end up getting a flush…or a straight, but that was the extent of his luck. i wanted to do craps but i didn’t know how to play. so i go over to the empty table & the chicks running it were explaining it & i kinda got the idea. so some guy came over & i figured i’d watch him. he ended up playing most of the night. him & this other old dude. so i never got around to doing that. eventually i was ready to get rid of my money & go back to my place, so i took my last $100 & got 2 chips to play roulette. i have found my calling. roulette is my bitch. next time i am at a casino you can find me at the roulette table. i made so much money & eventually i figured i wasn’t gonna run out anytime soon so i decided to waste it on poker. see, that’s when i started to win! i didn’t have enough money to get any interesting gift certificates…while my mom had already gotten 2 lunches & a massage. so i went to the wheel of fortune with my $1200. i put down $200 on 2. i lost. then i put the rest of my money on 4. well, guess what it landed on? 3 2’s. bah. so that was it, i went home. then i was too lazy to go out again & called it a night.

i am not a gambler. this was fun because it wasn’t real money & my parents had paid for me to get in. but if it had been a real casino, i would have been stingy. the idea of winning more money than i started out with is not enough to make me risk losing my money. if i can make dollar wages then maybe, but if i lost $100 during a night of gambling i’d be extremely pissed off. now, if i lost $20 i still wouldn’t be too happy but if it kept me busy for a night & i got free drinks i could deal. i guess my plan of action would be to start small, go to roulette & take all that money & blow it on other shit…maybe finally attempt craps. heh heh heh heh heh i said crap heh heh heh heh. i’ll still have to go out to atlantic city & vegas someday, but you wont ever see me at gambler’s anonymous.

do balloons make you horny? deviant desires is a cool site all about fetishes! go check it out for all your fetish needs cuz they have some wacky shit & take the quiz to see how kinky you are. go to the fetish roadmap to learn all about the strange things people like to rub their no-no spots to. ruby likes it!

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well this is gay. i had plans for tonight, i did. i was debating whether or not to go to the bars cuz it’s thursday & hey i need it. i have to study for a spanish exam but whatever, there’s only so much time i can spend on that. but i really wanted to watch women’s ice skating. & who’s ass fell asleep on the couch? yeah, so by the time i turned it on it was the last skater & people were all screaming & crying & shit & i’m all like, huh? what’s going on? so here i am, confused, sober, & ice skatingless. i don’t even know what i’m doing this weekend as i might be kinda sorta maybe going to philly tomorrow. but i don’t know yet. not having solid plans annoys the crap out of me. & the thing is, i could probably go to nyc or philly every weekend or every other weekend…but it’s not fun in my car. i like to drive places, but my car has no heat, no working radio, & it’s not comfortable. & i’m just waiting for the whole underneath to just rust out & fall off. blah. if i had a nice car to drive i’d be outta town all the time. but with how things are i’m just not motivated. & spare me the old “at least you have a car you spoiled bitch” line, because while yes at least i do have a car, i’m not one of the rich kids who’s mommies & daddies by them nice expensive cars like half the shallow assholes who go to school here. i’m tired, ok? i’m still mouseless till tomorrow. i know i’m being slack, but i’ll pick it up. & with that i’ll go watch the medals be awarded & then study for spanish. please don’t be too jealous.

hey this might be kinda weird…but when i was walking home today & passed the mailbox, i wondered if anyone had ever gotten really wasted & barfed in a mailbox. ok i guess it’s gross but if you think about it isn’t it kind of funny? i’d never do that, but i’m sure someone has had to have done it. but shit, wouldn’t that suck if you had a letter in there? what would the mailman do? haha, just try to imagine that, it’ll make you giggle. so i think i’m going to mail my letters right before they collect & never on friday or saturday nights.

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wow, i am impressed. less than 30 minutes after i posted that someone got me a mouse. i love you guys. i have a shitty way of showing it but there is mad love. <3 even. my face lit up & i screamed with joy. literally. people on cu thought i'd gotten laid or something. hehe. well, then later that night someone stole my lighter. i was sitting on the couch enjoying my newlywed hour & eating a tv dinner when some dude knocked on my door & asked to borrow my lighter. my guess is that they were smoking pot & needed a lighter, which hey, it's cool, but there's a convenience store in the next building. they probably could have picked up some munchies too. but i couldn't really say no cuz it's not like my place didn't smell like smoke or anything or have candles burning. heh. i knew i wasn't gonna get it back but i gave it to him anyway. & i was right! i know where they live too, i should go psycho on them..."YOU STOLE MY LIGHTER DIE FUCK YOU FUCK YOU SATAN I PUT CURSE ON YOU THEIFS!!!" ever give up something when you know you aren't gonna get it back? i've been known to do that cuz it's hard to say no, especially when you are reassured that they'll get you back. as a smoker i have nonsmokers bumming cigs off me for whatever reason...they're drunk or they just want to smoke with me outside or what not. these are the people who always say they'll buy you a pack later. i never follow up on that cuz you feel like a dickhead being all like "yeah so buy me that pack now. you told me you would." i've never said that. but i think if i did people would find it rude. i know i would. even though it's rude to say you'll pay someone back when you don't really plan on it. same with giving rides. i used to hear all the time "yeah man yeah i'll give you gas money." they never give it to you when they mention it, figuring you'll forget by the time you get there. i never bother asking for it, but i don't forget. never. but i can't complain, while these techniques are used on me, i use them on other people sometimes. not too often, but sometimes. i guess we all do. anyway, it’s time to play an imagination game. lets say you’re a 17 year old boy. one of your female friends gets raped & ends up pregnant. she only confides in you & she’s all freaking out like, make this go away, make this go away! now you’re all for helping her out cuz you’re a good friend (i said pretend here) but she wants to get an abortion & you’re all anti-abortion. the only way to get her to keep the baby would be for you to protect her, & say that you’re the father of her baby. oh, & your girlfriend doesn’t like this chick. so, do you accept responsibility for this knocked up chick & her baby & tell everyone, including your parents & girlfriend, that you are the father of her baby? i know, of course you wouldn’t. like sands through the hour glass, so is the absurdity of our lives.

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there are 3 distinct smells in my apartment: smoke, glade air freshener, & the mystery smell. i don’t know quite what the mystery smell is, but i don’t like it. it doesn’t really smell all that bad, but the fact that i don’t know where it’s coming from & how to get rid of it pisses me off. it smells kinda like sautéed onions i guess & it’s faint, but it’s just always there. i always assumed it was the fungus growing in my sink, or the trash. so this weekend i had the urge to clean & i made this place spotless. i figured the smell would be gone due to the dishes being washed, but no, it’s still there. i told my mom & she suggested that i pour baking soda into my sink drain because it might be the garbage disposal & that would neutralize the odor. i tried that & it’s still there. i wiped out under my sink & the trash can. i think it’s still there faintly. this is driving me nuts. i have the glad plug-in & scented candles to mask the smell, kinda like when i wear lots of perfume & deodorant when I don’t shower, but i want this odor outta here. i’m at a loss over what to do now. but at least my toilet is fresh & clean. i got that clip on thing that leaks cleaner into the toilet bowl when you flush. you’re supposed to stick it right where the water flows when you flush & conveniently it’s dangerously close to where my urine squirts. i’ll have fun peeing on that & myself when i get really wasted.

on a serious note, i should also mention that i decided to clean the computer a bit. & while all i wanted was to help my mouse, i ended up hurting it. my mouse has died. well, maybe it’s not dead, just crippled, since it moves up & down, but not left & right. as much as it sucks ass using keyboard commands to do everything, by this point i’m getting pretty good. you’d think that since i’m maimed i would use this time to study for my mythology exam. but no, this only works against me, as instead of just giving up, i decide to be stubborn & i take twice as long to get my shit done. so yeah, those uh, optical mouse things are kinda neat. you know, you can like, take a look at the one on my wishlist. uh huh. i was finally convinced to look into an optical mouse. i’m kinda stubborn in my ways though, since i kinda like the ball. & you should know by now that i get unusually attached to my appliances. it’s a sad day, indeed, surely to lead to a full sad week.

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ice skating so who’s excited about the ice skating pairs’ controversy? i can’t get enough of scandal & it’s even better when the olympics are involved. i’m sure if you care, you already know what went down, & if you don’t care, you don’t want to know. well, i’m running this show, so you are going to hear about it! first off, i like ice skating! that’s the only thing i’ve bothered to watch & i happened to be watching on that night. so here’s the deal: there’s the russians & the canadians. the russians have dominated pairs for the past billion years just about, & the chinese & the canadians wanted to claim the title as theirs. the americans didn’t really have a chance. so yeah, when they were doing warm-ups on the ice, just practicing & all, the canadians decided to pull a tonya harding on the russians. jamie sale crashed into the russians while they were practicing, hoping to take out a knee cap, so that the russians would be unable to pull a gold metal performance. this attempt failed & the games went on. i didn’t pay much attention to the russians because i was distracted by the internet, but i happened to catch the canadians. ok, so it was a pretty good performance. & when they finished, they knew they had the gold. the crowd was going nuts & they gave the finger to the russians & i could read their lips, they said “eat it you fucks!!” well, ok, they didn’t do that. so whatever, they got the scores & low & behold, just when they thought they had it in the bag, they find out they just barely missed first place, & got second place. so they’re all crying & pulling the “why me?? why meeeeee???” act. ok, so i felt bad, they were upset & everyone said they should have won. but as we later find out, the canadians whined & bitched enough so that some investigation went down as the ice skating association was clearly embarrassed by the scene. they find out the french judge had a little thing for the russians & fudged some scores. so not knowing what to do they gave the canadians a gold (letting the russians keep their gold, too). the french judge gets suspended & i’m sure their was some shady dealings going on that i want to know about!!

ok, in all seriousness the canadians were good sports about the whole thing at the time. so i guess i’m happy for them. & i’m also happy about all this scandal. i bet the mormons had something to do with this. “Today’s solution is for an acute circumstance. The chronic disease needs to be looked at.” that was a quote off a yahoo article on the issue…go look it up yourself, i’m too lazy to link it. i think the next investigation should be on what “chronic disease” this dude is talking about. i missed that. so yeah, i’m starting to really dig the winter olympics thanks to all the shit that ice skating drags in. kinda makes me wish i’d stuck it out with my skating career.

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i love jodee

the only action i’ll be getting…but who would complain?!

& in the spirit of valentine’s day, thanks you for coming again & again for all of your “really old granny fuck sluts who will piss on you over 60” needs!

yeah so is today over yet? i’m actually not as bitter as i usually am, although i wouldn’t mind being spared from the ultimate p.d.a., hand holding, loving looks, balloons, flowers, candy, etc. i love how when you’re alone & miserable you are well aware of it…& this day always just screams “you are a fucking losers & no one loves you!” but like i said, i’m making it by. i was gonna mention how my mom is my valentine…cuz i usually get an e-card & presents. but my dad sent me an email asking if i would be his valentine. yeah so that kinda disturbed me. now you know my family secret i guess.

i decided to treat myself tonight & do the things i love. my plans for the evening are to take a nap, get subway, drink a bottle of champagne, listen to pink floyd, & to have bruce (the blow up doll) join me on cu where i will ultimately humiliate the freaks. sounds like the perfect night without the man & that dirty thing called sex. ew. i’m most excited about making bellinis & i went out to get a champagne glass. i’m kinda anal about things sometimes & i would have been pissy if i had to drink out of a plastic wal-mart cup, so i decided to go buy a champagne flute. now, i end up going to one of those you know, nice pricey stores downtown. i dunno how much you can get a glass for, but the one i got was $10. i dunno, i just figured you could get one for like $5 or a sweet buy in bulk save money type deal.

i was originally planning on getting 2 because hey, maybe someday i will have people over for drinks. but at $10 a pop i decided on only 1, since in all honesty that’s all i need. & when i walked up to the counter the guy said “just 1?” ouch that hurt. i tried to play it off like, oh yeah, it’s expensive so yeah, just 1, but i should have started crying & freaking out about how no one loves me. heh, drinking alone on a holiday made for lovers…gee, i’m not a sad case or a soon to be alcoholic. so yeah, enjoy your night kids. & you know, it could be worse…i could have been dumped today or i could have had a boyfriend & gotten jack shit. oh who the hell am i kidding?

& p.s. anyone trying to claim nay as their valentine…i. don’t. think. so. she’s mine ok???? it says so right here:


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foreign perverts are funny.

& now for your nightly dose of cu-seeme wackiness…

bablefish allstars:

~*ruby*~: topaze leave me the FUCK ALONE

~*ruby*~: fucking nasty old french man

Topaze: ~*ruby*~):I am going to come to see you my darling …. and to kiss you and to lick you everywhere ….. I will nibble you gently the clitoris and I will sink you deeply my gift tongue your pussy….. you will like I hope …. :-)) and I fuck you long time also after…. :-))))

Topaze: :mmmmmmmmmm…. Ruby…. :-)) I going to masturbate your clit with my tongue …. good…. :-))))

Topaze: ~*ruby*~:Grrrrrrrrrr !! you are too exciting for my poor heart …. !! a day you make kill me ….!!

Topaze: but you like to see men naked …. I know punky power !!

Topaze: punky power: i would never wanna see your sad sad show < but I want not to make for you !! I you want then pay !! :-))))
Topaze: total strip tease you and me together …. do you dare Ruby …. ?? it is a challenge !! then accept or deflated ?? :-))))

rhiannon: deflated hahaha

rhiannon: nice babelfish translation jackass

Topaze: I am not deflated Ruby …. but you ?? :-)) eh eh !!

~*ruby*~: i’ve been trying to figure out the deflated comment he keeps making

Topaze: not only breats Ruby ….. all body …. and if you make : I dare also !! it is a challenge Ruby …. you want challenge…. then it is an …. :-))

Topaze: personnaly I want not too show all my body but if you make …. it is very boring for me to make Ruby …. :-)) but you dare not I know …. then I am quiet …. :-))))

~*ruby*~: idiots like topaze make me feel a lot better about myself

Topaze: ouf !! you are deflated Ruby …. :-)) if you are not then me very boring …. :-)))))

Topaze: but if you have accept challenge I true that me very very boring Ruby….:-))

~*ruby*~: yes indeed you are very very boring

alien8: all i wanna know is…


rhiannon: babelfish allstars

alien8: HAHAHAHAHA rhian

Topaze: only dick …. no problem …. but all …. hummmm …. :-((

~*ruby*~: you are deflated… i challenge me verry very boring yes if you dare

Topaze: oh no …. I want not alone …. if you make I am obliged make also but me very boring Ruby …. :-)))) and dont laugh of me please…. :-))

~*ruby*~: ::laughs at topaze::

Topaze: make not now please Ruby …. to much people now …. !! :-))))

Topaze: little camel Ruby …. :-))

~*ruby*~: wtf

Topaze: no punky …. you have not pleasure to see me all naked because Ruby make not ….!!

Topaze: I know Ruby …. :-)) but really me very boring if I am obliged make a strip tease of all my body (if you make) …. :-))))

punky power: la ferme topaze. tu m’emmerdes. va te faire foutre casse toi

punky power: and i didnt even need babblefish for that fucker