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June 3, 2002 0

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i thought up this great idea the other day, but my mom wasn’t down. i told her that since i was out of the house & they have an extra room now that they should harbor knocked up teenage chicks. like let them stay rent free, as long as we can have the baby. then we take the babies & sell them on the black market to make lots of money. is that not a great idea or what? my mom said no. anyone have any ideas about how much you could sell babies for? or do you know anyone who’s in the whole baby selling business? i could tempt my mom if the price was right i think.

anyway, i had a good weekend. we rented some giant dumpster thing to get rid of all the crap we have lying around. i went through all my shit to find stuff to trash. i found a whole bunch of MAD magazines i forgot i had which kicked ass. saved those. i didn’t have to move any of the heavy furniture or anything in the basement which was good. but my dad tried to crush me to death with this huge broken tv. so other than that the weekend was decent, even though i didn’t get around to picking up my herpes medication at the pharmacy. i hope i don’t have an outbreak :/ i didn’t get around to going to the bars, but i got to hang out with some cool people & drink strawberry daiquiris. unfortunately no wild stories though. need to work on that.

oh, & as a side note, my page is going to be down for a few weeks cuz my host is moving to america to molest young boys. so i think i’m just gonna hold up a temp site with nothing on it except maybe the cam. i could use a break anyway. unfortunately it wont be some big anticipation of a new, exciting page, with a grand re-opening & all that jazz. just the same old same old. but i hope to put up some new features. so yeah, just so you know. don’t be sad, i’ll be back for good once everything’s all settled.