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August 31, 2002 0

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we are penn state!!! right, chrissy? hahahahha YOU SUCK! actually i suck for not getting season tickets. helllllllllllo i’d get tickets in the senior section & then i could sell them for lots of money, & also have a ticket for every game i want to see. you know, since it’s my last year & all & i’ve only been to like 5 football games ever. the school spirit is flowing in me, huh. i am the stupid. but it’s ok, i’m too busy slutting around town to worry about football games.

August 29, 2002 0

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wow, i really suck huh. maybe this living with people deal wasn’t so hot after all. if i’m not working or in class, i’m out. or i’m stoned. seriously, i haven’t been this “busy” in awhile now. & tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired. i can’t remember the last time i got to sleep past 8 am. & the fact i’m even updating with this wussy little post is saying a lot. wanna know how lazy i’ve been getting? my one class is kinda close to my house, & since parking is just lame on campus, it’s easier to park at my house & walk to class from there. so instead of parking in my driveway, i parked on the street 4 houses down, cuz what the hell, that’s 4 houses closer to my class! you can park on the street for 2 hours, it’s all good. well. my dad threatened to take the car away if i parked on the street again cuz he was disgusted at how lazy i am. dude, in the winter that extra 4 house difference is gonna be worth it! god, i can’t believe i got in trouble for doing that.

so yeah, classes started yesterday. i dunno how i feel about it yet. yesterday i had this one class that i really wanted to take. i tried to schedule it last semester but it didn’t work out & i was so excited i got in this time around. well, i hate it. maybe not hate, but shit, the prof went on & on & on & then showed a 2 hour movie. who shows movies on the first day of class?! of course i fell asleep, thought the movie blew, & then freaked when i saw i had to write 3 8-page papers about hitchcock movies. on top of english 202?? fuck no, bitch. so i found another class, it’s all good. it’s kinda shitty to think about the fact that i’m kinda stuck with my classes now since i’m almost done with school. i don’t have that flexibility of putting off classes until other semesters & shit. i haven’t even seen my advisor in awhile. so maybe i wont be graduating in may, who knows.

August 21, 2002 0

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OH. MY. GOD. I AM SO PISSED RIGHT NOW I WANT TO KILL SOMEONE. you don’t even understand, i have been ranting & raving & screaming for the past 20 minutes. today i went to the bookstore just to check out what books i needed for class. i wasn’t planning on buying any cuz i do that like halfway into the semester. but i looked at my spanish 3 book cuz that is something i really do have to buy early. $54 fucking dollars. oh no, just look at how big the fucking thing is!

temas es retardo

so i know i’m getting ripped off. but i just found out how badly penn state is raping me. the whole book is broken up into 3 little books, 1 per spanish class. YOU CAN BUY THE WHOLE 500 PAGE BOOK FOR THE SAME FUCKING PRICE AS THE SPANISH 3 BOOK. it’s even hard cover! they sell the stupid thing on amazon auctions for even less. so basically i will be spending $150 bucks when i could have bought the big book off the net for anywhere around $30-$60.

@#%$@#%!@#$^#^$ die die die.

the bookstore can’t rip you off as much now that amazon’s around. if you take wussy liberal arts classes that assign books that some people actually read for pleasure, the bookstore can’t jack up prices, cuz everyone would go to amazon. but those sneaky pieces of shit had to go find a way to rip me off. WITH THE ONE CLASS I HATE MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF. they even try to make you buy this gay tech pack THAT YOU DON’T EVEN USE. i am going to cry. & i refuse to buy my books there now. but what the hell’s the point of spending $60 on this temas book off amazon with chapters i’ve already been through?? when i’m 50 years old i will remember this & still be pissed off, i’m not even kidding. someone, please buy the rest of my textbooks off my wishlist. it’s the only way we can fight the injustices of these money hungry universities.

August 20, 2002 0

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sometimes i’m not a nice person. i like to spend the majority of my internet time on cu-seeme, & most of that time is spent playing back video of the lovely masturbators that ever so frequently bare all on the ref. so one particular day i’m sitting there replaying some random wanker’s vid & not even paying much attention when this chick goes completely psycho on me. & the rest of the people there couldn’t figure out that i’m a hot chick who’s on cu on a regular basis. that was a fun day. let me show you! it’s long, but man…so worth reading.

Alice: you sick fuckin puppy you are being captured and sent to the cu owners u will be booted outa here for life

Alice: people like you are child molestors

rhiannon (m): i’m not even bothering anyone

rhiannon (m): in fact, you are harassing me

Alice: you should be fuckin hung from a tree where the public can torcher you

rhiannon (m): are you a lesbian or something?

Alice: you are sitting there with your dick in my face dicjhead

amanda7: you will get warts doing that little boy rhiannon

Alice: wonder why i don’t show my face in here when i have to look at that would you be walking around in public with your dick stickin out? no cause you would be arrested asso

rhiannon (m): that’s why i’m not walking around in public

Alice: no cause you would not get away with it what do you think we are the fuckin meat market this is a general chat room not a porn room


Alice: you make me wanna puke guys like you if i found my man on here doing this i would shoot him

rhiannon (m): alice has some penis issues

rhiannon (m): i’m totally getting dyke vibes

amanda7: jealous rhiannon

Alice: dyke or no dyke you are still a sick moron

amanda7: change name from rhiannon to moron

rhiannon (m): you are obviously a very unhappy person with issues. i hope you seek help someday. i am glad i am free to be myself

Alice: who else would want you but your mother ?

rhiannon (m): people attack when threatened. what might you be threatened of?

rhiannon (m): my mom loves me

Alice: go tell your mommy she wants you rhinnnamoron

rhiannon (m): should i go call her right now & ask if she wants me?

Alice: i think guys like moron grew up wqith incest.. did you moron this is your new name

rhiannon (m): yeah my mom & my dad touched my nono spots

rhiannon (m): i was minding my own business!

rhiannon (m): i was wrongfully attacked!

Alice: yeah right you were go stick your dick in your mother moron

rhiannon (m): my mom’s at work, i have to wait till later

rhiannon (m): why can’t i enjoy masturbating on my webcam?

rhiannon (m): it is a natural thing!

Alice: no one wants to see u moron get it?

amanda7: you might damage the cam

Alice: fuck off and die when you do blow ass fucker

rhiannon (m): i think the real question here is were you abused?

rhiannon (m): you are very hostile towards men & sex

amanda7: with idiots like u no wonder

Alice: only when i come in here and have to look at sick pups like u that is abuse i happen to come from a very good home my opinion as nothing to do with the way i was raised

rhiannon (m): lets cyber s3x0r

rhiannon (m): alice i think you secretly enjoy my vid, you’re still looking

rhiannon (m): it’s hot, i know

rhiannon (m): no need to tell me

Alice: dream on queer

Alice: practice safe sex go screw yourself moron

Alice: hey i am with you there net i just copy his chats and then i send them off i have his ip number he will get booted out just like i did JOHN

rhiannon (m): please ban me so i’m forced to go out into the real world to touch little children on playgrounds

then she closed my vid & ignored me. gosh, this was so great i skipped a nap. i was totally LOLing at that, seriously. ROFL even.

oh, & i guess it’s not my night to get stalked & killed by 30 year old webmasters. so sad. oh yeah & i have a question about this ikonboard crap. i got stuck messing with the settings of the survivorcam message board & i hate that thing, i want to kill it. but yeah can someone who knows what they’re doing help me out? go to the forum & you see how the text is white in the area where it’s black? is there anyway i can have the white text in the gray area be black, while the rest is white?

August 18, 2002 0

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i have a problem. you see, when it gets hot out you know, your armpits start to sweat & get smelly, right? it’s just the nature of the beast. but…see…it’s only my left armpit that stinks. my right one has no smell at all, but the left one smells like funky chinese food or something. i don’t understand. but frankly, it’s just odd.

anyway, my parents taught me that bitching & moaning, & indirectly asking for things would never get you anywhere. boy, were they wrong! i now give survivorcam 3 my blessing. so go now & pay attention to the game & stuff. i get to be the village idiot for the game. basically, it was a way to weasel my way into the game somehow for the sake of mooching hits & getting to ramble on about the game to a larger audience. go me!

& for all you kiddies hot for 30 year old net cock, you might want to check the cam tomorrow night, cuz everyone’s favorite pig decided he wanted to leave the armpit of america (could it possibly smell like my left armpit?) to come kick it with me, penn state style. i’ve only really started talking to him for a day now, hmm. yay for internet dork meetings IRL.

August 17, 2002 0

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for the love of god…so it’s been 2 months since the site’s been up…wah wah cry me a river. want to know what i’ve been doing? stuff. i don’t even know what i’ve been doing. i work & get up at 6:30 in the morning, as opposed to going to bed at 6:30 like normal so you know, i’ve like, become boring. uh, i moved, i’ve been going to the bars a lot more than i expected, i saw the who & journey, & i went to tennessee for a wedding (& picked the bouquet off the ground since no one made any attempt to catch the damn thing…am i still getting married soon??). some cool shit happened that would make for good blogs, but i don’t remember anymore. but lets move on now. see, i haven’t done one single thing with the site since i’ve been down, & when i finally get back to the love of my life, the internet, i find that all hell’s broken loose! i’m all out of the loop now! so my favoritist camgirls ever are duking it out, & i find out that survivorcam has been resurrected. so now instead of cleaning my kitchen to get rid of that funky smell, i feel like i need to go full speed ahead & like, do stuff here.

you know i’m all about this survivorcam thing. i wanted to be a judge for the next survivorcam & well, when you snooze you loose, so my only option is to take out a judge & schmooze it up with piggy. don’t think that i wont…school’s not back & i have a car. & i’m not afraid to use it, either, to pull a tonya harding. motherfuckers. but i guess i can think of survivorcam this way…this is like, survivorcam the next generation. i was all high & mighty figuring i’d go down in history as the final survivorcam winner forever & ever. but i’m ok with this new game see, cuz i can be captain kirk. & whoever wins this one can be captain pickard. it’s all good, baby. & since i’m a giant loser & in no way affiliated with this new game, i will update my survivorcam section with my opinions on this next game. everyone likes to do that shit, but no way man, someone’s gonna try to take the spotlight from me, so i’ve got to lay the smack down on these people. i’m officially giving myself the title of “that person who wishes they were a judge but isn’t & has stupid opinions that no one cares about.” or something like that. i’m the official unofficial judge, & i will have no mercy & frankly, no one will give a shit. gah, the damn game’s started already, i gotta get my butt in gear. i can’t dilly-dally like i planned on doing for the next few days. maybe i can even get a plug out of. can i? can i? huh? huh? PLEASE?

so there you have it. the internet is my life & i admit it. oh, & go tell your friends i’m back for good, dammit.

August 8, 2002 0

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notice anything you homos??!@#@!#$!@#!!!!!

more tomorrow…