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October 30, 2002 0

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it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

should i be…



or or or

dee snyder?

twisted sister

oh there will be more, but you’re just gonna have to wait until tomorrow!

now, dress up is fun, but i know you boys are all about the dress down. & since my cam image is gonna be busted for a few days, well, gosh…here ya go.

i have big boobs

October 28, 2002 0

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well this weekend was interesting. i’m getting tired of the scene here, but what can you do…hopefully i’ll be outta here soon. friday night we’re all fucked up out at this bar & i come back to our table with drinks & there’s these 2 guys sitting there with my friends. this one kid is just staring at me & when my roommate says that i’m from here the guy asks me what my name is. i tell him & i ask his name. he says fritsch. at this point i start laughing. he wanted to know why, & i bet you do, too! well, i told him i knew his brother. but the real story is that i stalked his brother all through high school. i have pictures of his brother framed in my room. man, all the stories i have about this guy…golden. i know i’ve mentioned them before but i don’t feel like retyping everything. but i was basically like serious stalker. but here’s a story. back when i was in 11th or 12th grade i was at this party & the guy’s brother (the kid from the bar) was there & in my drunken stupor i like, cornered him & was all like I WANT TO FUCK YOUR BROTHER. this kid is seriously an annoying little twat & i really regretted saying that. actually all the kids in that family are real dicks, but the guy is hot, come on. so basically this guy i was/am obsessed with’s brother was hitting on me at the bar. thank god he didn’t know who i was. & this kid is really shady & creepy. so was his friend. gah. so we ditched them. i dunno, it was just weird. saturday night some guy also hit on us, but he had game. he came up to us & rested his arm on my shoulder & was all, wassup ladies! we all thought that someone knew him. he wasn’t that bad of a guy, & he left his friends to go sit with us. what can i say, we are studs. since it was daylight saving’s time, we had an extra hour out, but the club we were going to was still charging full price & it definitely wasn’t worth it so we left. well, my friends went one way & i went the other, to go home. once i got to my car i realized my roomie had my keys so i had to run all the way down to the opposite side of town. i’m running & these 2 guys were standing around. the one guy is all like, hey baby where you going? & his friend was like, she’s angry. & i’m running with a look of death on my face cuz i’m so pissed & i say all evil-like I AM REALLY ANGRY. DON’T TALK TO ME. ha yeah. & since i had to go meet back up with everyone, i ended the night with an iguana on my head. hey, i let him go where he wanted & he wanted to be on the top of my head. apparently it was really funny looking, but no one had a camera, so oh well. it was cool. all right, i’m out.

October 24, 2002 0

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wow. i now know where i got my stalking gene from. my dad works at the id office & one day this mexican lady & her friend came in to the office. the mexican lady then started to come in a lot…& she seemed to like my dad. you know, like, like like him. yeah, so my mom finds out about the mexican lady & is all play jealous. if i want to get my mom all worked up, i just have to say something about the mexican lady. kinda like if i want my mom to get all pissed off at my dad i jsut mention the time he got busted for being in a private chat room with a person named ‘pretty woman’ & yeah. heh. so back to the mexican lady. one day i’m working in the office & she comes in! i could tell it was her, & my dad tells her that i’m his daughter & yadda yadda since i was the one helping her. so later that day my dad tells my mom that i met the mexican lady & my mom runs to the phone to call me & get the goods. & at that point i realized that i hadn’t even looked at the name on her id card. my mom gets mad at me for not being able to do something as simple as looking up a name, but i was like, bitch please, at least i saw her! so i don’t know why we get on the topic of the mexican lady tonight at dinner, but we do, & my mom decides that tonight we’ll try to look her up to see if we can find her on the spanish department home page. low & behold the spanish department loves us, becuase it had pictures & bios of the staff members. of course i didn’t really remember for sure what she looked like, but we think we found out who she is. now, any normal stalker would stop there. but no, after we found her picture on the spanish page, we searched all of penn state for her. haha good shit. there wasn’t much out there, but i’m not kidding, i’ve found some crazy shit due to my elusive cyber stalking skills. if it’s out there, i will find it!

anyway, once we got the info on the mexican lady, my mom decided to make this picture of her the wallpaper on the computer so that the next time my dad turns on the computer there will be this giant picture of the mexican lady on the screen. man, i really wish i could be there for that. well, unless that’s the wrong lady. i guess i can now conclude that there was no way i was adopted.

oh boy!! i just got home from the bar & i had the kind of diarrhea that makes you sit on the pot for a good 10 minutes…because just when you think you’re done, oh no, you’re not. as soon as i was finished with that i stood up & booted in the sink a few times. jesus christ, i’m not even that drunk…

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alright, now, i know the sniper is the big hit thing as of late, but i’m here with some news from my neck of the woods. if you’re not from the area you wont understand or care, but in state college, pa, the land where people never die unless they’re really old & died of natural causes, some people were murdered! my old superintendent, & his wife to be exact. honestly i don’t think i ever saw the guy, except maybe at some random school function, but i knew his 2 kids. & they think the one kid, dan, is the one who did it. i knew this guy cuz all us “bad” kids all hung out at the same local hangout. & for some reason i can’t help think that i knew this kid some other way. i can’t remember though & it’s driving me crazy. either way, i kinda hope he did it so i can say i know someone who beat his parents to death. that kinda sucks for the other kids though. hey, guess what, your psychopath brother murdered your parents the other day!

& also in the news…my dad! i was watching the 11 o’clock news & they did a piece on rising tuition. when they just do some random penn state story all they do is show clips of the campus. well, they show one clip from the hub & there’s my dad walking on the left. i was so excited! one time when there was this big blizzard that ended up closing the major roads, my dad decided to walk into town & someone from the paper happened to take a picture. he was smoking a cigar when he was supposed to have quit & he got busted. haha. but my dad just randomly gets into the news. i, on the other hand, go out of my way to “happen” to walk in the way of the cameras cuz i’m all about it & i never get in. hmm, oh well. i’m kinda pissed i didn’t get a screen cap, but it was all ok when this piece on conan came on:

jesus collectables

jesus collectables

the real kicker was that i was reading jesus of the week, my new favorite website.

October 18, 2002 0

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i hate when it gets really cold cuz my boobs hurt & it bothers me. anyway, i’m wicked busy right now…got more school work than i can handle, & this weekend is homecoming. so i’m just out of commission for a bit. but never fear, i will have this super gargantuan post at some point…

October 9, 2002 0

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breaking bank yeah, i bet all of you wish you were breaking bank like me. don’t be trying to hit me up for money or anything, just cuz i’m miss money bags. yeah, so, hi! since i last posted, my boots arrived! & my roommate’s didn’t! hahaha! they’re total hooker boots, i love it. i’d show you, but you’ll just have to wait cuz i’m not in the mood to mess with cam settings, k? so what’s been up? the lack of posting has not been due to exciting happenings over here…on the contrary, i’m as bored/boring as ever. today i decided i would vacuum my room. & when i vacuum, i like to put this carpet freshener smell good stuff on the carpet. of course, i managed to dump about half the can on the carpet & the vacuum cleaner we have is a piece of shit, & it basically doesn’t work. there’s white powder everywhere & the fumes from this stuff is killing me. you can smell it all the way down stairs. the only way to take care of this mess is to use my mini vac that only works for about 2 minutes. then you have to wait about a half hour to run it again for 2 minutes. repeat process. but hell, this room will smell killer for awhile.

do you find yourself suffering from embarrassing underarm perspiration and odor? are the pits of your clothes stained brown? well, have i got a solution for you! try certain dri, to block your pit pores & prevent sweat! it works miracles, kids. i’m working on operation pit be gone & i’m well on my way. $5 at the drug store & say good bye to pitting out. & you wanna know something else? i just discovered the power of bleach on whites. you soak your white shirts in it for awhile, & voila! pit stains go from brown, to yellow, to eventually gone! & to think i didn’t realize this sooner. see, my mom never told me. we just used tide with bleach alternative. & i know you’re supposed to separate colors, but i was like, fuck that, as long as nothing bleeds, EVERYTHING can go together! which is true, but yeah, that’s not gonna get the whites whiter. so yeah, it took me this long to figure out that i should try bleach. hey, i only did it cuz this is the first time i’ve had it at my disposal. but it doesn’t matter! together, bleach & certain dri will eliminate my pit problems 4evA.

& while i’m posting, i figured i’d let you know that i no longer enjoy reading shelly’s site anymore since she discovered spell check & mastered a junior high grammar equivalency. anyone else feel the same way? it used to be like some sick train wreck that you just had to keep looking at. but all good things must come to an end i guess 🙁

October 3, 2002 0

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this comic was in the paper yesterday. so what? well, it just so happened that the day before, i’d called my mom asking her if i should buy boots. i don’t like buying clothes & shoes online because i’m so picky, but i found this awesome pair of boots for 30 bucks so i figured i’d get daring & go for it. yep, my mom & i thought the whole comic thing was amusing. if i hate the boots, it’s all my mom’s fault.