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November 29, 2002 0

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ha, my mom was pissed yesterday. a bunch of people were supposed to come over for dinner & they didn’t come & they didn’t call. oops. anyway, here’s a great story. every time i try to tell it i fuck it up, but they told this story again, so yeah, i know it now! so my grandmother died in 1997 & she wanted her ashes scattered over the rose garden at the boothe homestead in stratford, connecticut cuz that’s part of our family somewhere down the line. so my parents go up there & they asked if they could scatter the ashes but the people in charge kinda said no. but my mom didn’t care & her, my dad & this old russian dude they picked up at the place they were staying at break into the boothe memorial park to dump the ashes in the rose garden anyway. it was all commando mission-like & when some teenage kids drove up, my mom starts chasing them trying to shoo them off. haha! but the best part of the story was the night before when my parents went out to dinner. they went to some classy restaurant & the hostess said it would be about an hour & a half wait. so they go to the bar & a girl comes up to them to ask if there’s anyone else in the party. so my dad says “well, there’s grandma, but she’s in the trunk.” the girl gives him a look, so he then says “oh, don’t worry, she’s dead.” & the waitress hurried off. about 10 minutes later they called my parents’ name & they got hooked up with a nice table. apparently they thought that my parents might have been in the mafia cuz i guess there’s a lot of mob types in the area. how funny is that?! especially since there were people in the joint bitching about how long they had been waiting. my dad said that stuff innocently enough cuz he likes to joke around with waitresses, but man, i love that story. as much as my parents embarrass me, sometimes they can be cool.

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Dear Rhi,

Saw your pics today on the net. You have some of the best nipples I have ever seen! And, please, don’t call me any disrespectful names as you are the one asking for attention with these pics posted world wide!

aw yeah. you best believe i love getting attention with my pancake nipples.

since it’s a holiday i’ll give you a heads up. like, be 18 or over or something to click this ok?

chocolate covered banana

chocolate covered bananas anyone?

god, i have never enjoyed cleaning this much. seriously. my roommates are home for the weekend, & so is the dog *cough*ihateyoustupidpieceofshitdiefucker*cough* so yesterday & today i have been cleaning like it’s going out of style cuz i have until sunday to enjoy this cleanliness! my mom laughs when i say i’m cleaning all the time, but i am anal about cleanliness & i live with dirty people. so instead of crying when something i just cleaned gets messy a few hours later, my efforts will last a whole 4 days!!! time to eat. bye!

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The first talk was one of Jackee’s friend’s mom talking about her first experience to Planned Parenthood. She had the crowd in stitches with her goofy antics and comical way of looking at the whole “fish out of water” experience. mommy :*(

wow yahoo is really mean. for the past who knows how long people have been sending me messages & adding me to their buddy lists & seeing me online all the time. hi i don’t use yahoo messenger you fagg0s! i don’t even have it installed on my computer. i finally set it up in trillian today & got about 738275023567124 messages. this is gay, no one ever told me that just by being on the yahoo page it shows me as online for all these freaks who are stalking me. there’s a reason i have authorization to add on icq & hang out in invisible mode. at least with aim i know when people can see my online status. i feel so violated. stupid yahoo i hate you.

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i am lazy. i guess it’s infectious or something. i’ve gotten to the point where anything that doesn’t involve scrolling or clicking just irritates the shit out of me. ok, not really, i just don’t feel like typing. but i guess it’s been a real long time huh? but it’s break now, i plan on working on the site a bit. that’s the plan, but we’ll see.

so when did i turn into such a girl?? god, i’d be almost disgusted with myself if i wasn’t having fun. i have discovered online clothes shopping. fuck ebay, i still got beef with them. but man, i’ve been going nuts buying clothes & shit online. well, nuts for a cheapskate like me. so it started innocently enough with a couple of shirts. i hate buying things without trying them on first cuz i’m weird & sometimes things look ok but then when you try them on they don’t look right. but i bought 3 shirts. i love them all! i’d show them but that totally requires doing work & i’m not about to do all that. right. then i went looking for boots. god these boots i got are killer. only $30 & i love them. so recently i had been searching for a coat. not just any old lame coat, but something hot. hot not only as in “nice looking” but also “keep me hot in the winter because i’m a baby & cry when it’s cold.” there’s something about the 70s that i just love. granted, the 70s produced a lot of ugly things, but when you hit the jackpot, you hit it sweet. & indeedy i did. i found my dream coat…for $40! oh how i love thee. i think i might love this coat more than a certain boy. words cannot express my love for this coat. not only have all my friends been telling me how much they love it, but i have gotten my final validation. this gay dude in my class was all about the coat. so now i want a purse to go with the coat. i used to be all anti-purse but then i broke down & bought one. but now i need another for the love of my life, my coat. anyway, not only did i hit the jackpot with my boots & coat, but i found every tall thin girl’s wet dream. mudd jeans in long lengths. oh christ on a cross, mudd is the perfect jean. i think they’re made for prepubescent girls who haven’t grown hips yet, so that works just great for me. i got a nice long pair that i can wear with my boots. & now i’m on a quest for another pair of boots to go with my jeans! this season’s fashion blows, but it’s bound to get better soon…i hope. but good things come to those who wait & you better believe i will find an awesome pair of boots. most likely online.

i spend my days searching online for clothes & shoes. i have turned into a god damn girl. but who gives a shit, i just look really hot in all my finds.

so other than that, here are some “quickies” on the past events i never wrote about.

  • like, a really long time ago my friends & i were out at a bar & there was a chugging contest. i can’t chug for shit but my roomy wouldn’t do it without someone else so i toughed it out. it turned out to be apple juice instead of beer (hi, we’re in a bar, we’re all 21, there were like only 10 people participating…cheap bitches) & you had to chug out of a baby bottle. i was dead last after stupid flasher girl that no one likes, but my roommate won & won us a dartboard. great story!

  • a few weekends ago some well to do alumni gave me & 2 other friends $20 each to tell us our names. that was cool. i really felt like a camgirl :/

  • um…some other shit that was pretty cool & probably would have made for a good story if i’d written about it when it happened but i didn’t & i forgot & it’s not funny.

  • & last but not least, artfag got to hear about my mom’s first time to planned parenthood before i did.

that’s all for now, i might just post again within the next month…

November 11, 2002 0

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god bless the internet. this by far is the strangest “fetish” i think i’ve seen. i wonder if he’s into abc gum…


I’m a guy (22) from Germany and I have a strange hobby. I collect bubble gum from all over the world, as well as bubble gum photos, personal stories, because I want to make a book out of it.
In Germany it is difficult to get such material because no one seems to be interested in bubble gum anymore In case you like bubblegum and blowing bubbles maybe you could tell me more about your experiences with bubble gum or your likes and dislikes, stories etc. That would be a great help for me.

If you have any further questions just ask otherwise it would be great to hear from you.

Maybe I can see you blowing bubbles on your webcam 🙂



greetings. well here’s my story. once i fell asleep with gum in my mouth & it got in my hair. gum is hard to get out of hair.

now, will i be receiving any royalties from this book?

November 9, 2002 0

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do not walk

see this? it means don’t walk in front of my car you stupid motherfuckers!! god i hate pedestrians, they’re all assholes begging to be run over. there needs to be a law where it’s ok to hit people if they’re walking in front of you when they’re not supposed to. god.

so. is “stealing” a keg a funny joke or a mean mean bad thing? last night we were over at a friend’s place & after having just tapped it, we find the keg is missing. so my friend thinks it’s stolen & gets all pissed off & goes off to buy more beer. we then figure out who did it & what do you know, it never even left the premises! it was just moved from the back to the front porch. i didn’t really care so i have no say, but some people were really pissed off & thought it wasn’t funny at all. some people thought it was hilarious. but just think how’d you feel if you went outside & saw that your keg was missing & didn’t know the deal…

as much fun as that was, i really wished we’d gone to the hick bar. there was a bikini contest & i was sad to hear there weren’t beat up fat chicks in it. that’s what we were expecting when we heard about the people who go to the place.

last night my roommate cut my hair. i was scared, but it turned out ok. a bit short, but it’ll grow back. i’m going to grow my hair butt ass long but i get split ends cuz i don’t trim it enough. well, after that she curled my hair & i looked really hot. sorry, but i did. i did my nails, & had a cute little outfit on. & when we were out i realized i hadn’t brushed my teeth that day! oops. i think it’s time to catch a little dating game before i go out. i got some partners in crime now!

November 4, 2002 0

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i love pepsi. thanks to pepsi & my dear friend kate, i’ve gotten hooked up. friday night kate had to work but she had 4 free tickets to see tool, so i got to go. we got to sit in the pepsi box so you could actually see & have comfy chairs & food & drinks & shit like that. the concert itself was all right. everyone was bitching about it & i suppose if i’d paid for it i might have been a bit disappointed. they started off with sober which we missed because, ironically, we were drinking. poor choice on an opening song, but shit happens, huh. that was the song everyone wanted to hear & sure, i wanted to hear it, too, but Ænima is my favorite album & they played my favorites from that. the second set was all shit from their new album which i haven’t heard so it was like, ok. the show was cool, & i would have been in heaven had i been tripping. the backdrop & the screens were actually pretty trippy enough. yep. that was my friday night. saturday night followed with the usual bar going at a place full of scumbags. i got to see a good number of my friends later at a party so that was good. but what was really good was rekindling my love for the dating game online. & it would seem the dating game online loves me, too.

dating game

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motherfuckers…here i am! yo, people at the darkhorse SUCK ASS they didn’t dress up.

halloween 2002

wish me a happy anniversary! <3 shithead

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for fuck’s sake…i should be out trick or treating, but no, people suck. must…resist…urge…to…kill. yeah man, tonight better more than make up for it. such pressure to make this holiday most spectacular every year…
anyway, i’m copping out on playing dress up, so back to old pictures. i’ll post my actual costume later tonight or tomorrow. cry cry cry no cammy cam cam till tomorrow when halloween is over 🙁

should i be…

kid rock?

kid rock

or or or

your mom?

your mom

heheh. anyone ever get the urge to go up to a really ugly person on halloween & be like “that’s a kickass costume dude, you’re fucking scary looking!” haha. come to think of it, i’d like to go up to a goth tomorrow & be like “halloween was yesterday.” i’m mean like that. right. time to go get ready! have fun tonight you fuckers.