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January 8, 2003 0

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i found this & i liked it

hmm, i’m in a peculiar mood right now. i get like this sometimes, & it doesn’t do any good cuz it rarely sticks. so here’s a little moment of clarity. i’m feeling ok about the future. i’m ready to move on to that next phase in life. i guess it’s called growing up, but yeah, it’s like everything is going to be ok & things will completely change & i’m all right with that. see, i’m one who likes to dwell in the past & i try to resist change with all my might. i’m graduating college in a few short months, & my world is going to completely change. fuck, i wish it was still the year 2000…one fucking great year…but it’s not, & it never will be again. & i might just actually be accepting that, as much as i long for what once was. i didn’t want to change, & maybe i didn’t, but everything else did. i felt the same way about high school. i still reminisce about the good old days, but once i started college it just wasn’t the same. & i moved on. i had no choice really.

i want to know everything. i want everything to go exactly as i plan it. & i thought i had it all planned out. i was pushing for something just because i needed something to look forward to. but nothing ever goes as planned. & you’ll drive yourself crazy if you think it will. hell, trying to mold your train of thought into this new mentality will drive you crazy, but at least it makes things easier later on. christ, listen to me…i really am going through that mid-mid-life crisis. i don’t know where i’m going with this, all i really wanted to say was that i’m looking forward to getting the hell out of here & starting a new path in life. although i don’t know how i’m gonna handle not getting 3 months off of work in the summer, a week for spring break, fall break, & in-service days. wow that sucks. looks like someone will be trying to relive old memories to escape the horrible reality of post-college life. told you these moments of clarity never last.

anyway, i peed on my sweater tie by accident. that really pissed me off. but i guess it’s better than being pissed on HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

January 6, 2003 0

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so my little sugar dumplings, it is time to entertain you with my drunken babbling! but oh no, you wont hear the half of it because i am a conservative drunk. or something. so. here’s my tip for the night. guys…if you’re hitting on chicks, by all means do not say that you are too stupid to go to aforementioned chicks’ school if you want to get in their panties. i can’t believe that pick up line was used on me & my friend. that is so horrible. but everything was ok cuz tonight i went to alternative lifestyle at the “club” here in town. god it was great. no worries about creepy dudes hitting on you, & with gaydar, freaky lesbians wont hit on you either cuz they just know that you aren’t into them. p.s. all lesbians are beastly manly ugly chicks. yeah, so i thoroughly enjoyed watching flamingly gay dudes dance with each other, it was great. & if you ever take me out to a normal club, i wont dance. if i do dance, i will kinda bob back & forth & sway. but take me to a gay place & i’m shaking my booty like there is no tomorrow. tonight i was dancing like i dance in front of my mirror when no one’s around. & not one person tried to hump me from behind. god, i just want to be a disco queen. so that’s all for now, making my brain work is too much trouble, so i’ll catch you cats later…

#%$!%#!^$%$%!$!@!#@%^ livian is back!! i’m all anti-net speak but fuck, i gotta give out the <3 & omg's just cuz. i broke out the hooters top for her...

January 4, 2003 0

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wow, so it’s 2003 already. it’s great that my year is starting off horribly bad. how did i get so lucky? since not only is it a new year, but i’m also a year older, i try to take that fresh start mentality. most people are probably as miserable as me right now, starving themselves to lose those extra pounds they promised, quitting smoking & turning into gigantic fiending assholes, or just depressed because now there’s really nothing to look forward to except cold, dreary, wintry days. blah. my resolution is to get off the internet & have a real life. har har, just kidding. my resolutions are to not have a shitty year (already not looking so good) & to change everything about myself that i don’t like (yeah right). see, i’m not really much different than last year at this time. had we skipped over 2002 all together i doubt i would notice. i think i’m going through a mid-mid-life crisis. i need a life makeover or some shit, cuz i’m tired of the same old same old. this is where most people would find god. i don’t really give a shit where god is, so i need something else to change my life. & oh have i found it. i think this is going to be a good year, full of spiritual cleansing & shit like that. i think it’s time i joined the raelian revolution. i was talking to a friend about how i need to join some clubs this year to keep myself busy & to do different things, & it came to me. a raelian revelation. so what if these guys think we were created by aliens? you can’t tell me that this is not a bitchin’ place to live…

raelian revolution

not to mention i’m all about the cloning. everyone seems to be so disgusted that they claimed to have cloned a human, but i am all about that shit. i want to get in good with them so that they can clone me next. that would make me happy. & if they decide to be meanies, then at least i can do something different this year like get laid.

hot raelian dude bitch please, you can’t resist this. i’ll admit part of my decision to look into this cult was to maybe get a little booty on the side. anyway, i think these people can really influence my life in a positive way. i can turn around my life and be a better person (or persons with the cloning thing), all while meeting fun & exciting new people. i was maybe thinking of joining the jehovah’s witness, but they came to my door when i was little & almost made me cry, so whatever, they totally lost a potential new member. unfortunately, the raelians will make me pay $150 to become a member. how gay is that? & you don’t even get free shit. the mormons & monk guys at least hand out free shit. i dunno. if i set up a paypal link will you guys give me the membership funds so i can realize my lifelong dream of becoming part of the raelian revolution?

& here’s a picture from new year’s eve

new years eve 2002

now go visit julia because she was the only one to wish me a happy birthday.