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i was reading the school paper today & they have a news in brief type section on the back of the front page. 2 people had died in a car accident over the weekend & the girl’s name sounded really familiar. i figured out that it was my sophomore year roommate’s old roommate. she had joined a sorority & moved out of the dorm & i moved in. she was probably up at penn state this weekend for the blue & white game to see friends. i was surprised that it was only a little blurb. i’m guessing that they didn’t know she was psu alum, & i hope that they do in fact figure that out & do a full story. it’s a student oriented paper after all, & it just seems like the right thing to do i think. no one really cares when people die except when it’s local or someone they know…but whatever, i felt like i should mention it, even though none of you care.

anyway, back to happy rhitard land where life is trivial & shallow. so what is this bullshit?? hooters didn’t hire nay? seriously what the fuck? what is wrong with these people?! was hooters not built upon girls like nay?! i am outraged! what are they doing…hiring flat-chested, not-friendly brunettes? actually, scratch that…i fit that description & it’s still my secret dream to work at hooters. but you know what i mean. those people at that stupid hooters are really stupid & fall into the same category of horrid businessmen as the people who run the quiznos here. i feel obliged now to go down to my hooters (artfag fucking owes me a dinner anyway) although i know no waitress they could give me would ever come close to being as hooterific as nay. assholes.

hooters nay

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what a great night, the bus played a pink floyd tribute called to the dark side & beyond. i realized i haven’t listened to the floyd in awhile & that’s no good. it was a good way to end this weekend, though, definitely. this was a big old important weekend up here in happy valley. you got the seniors ready to hightail it out of here, & you got the alumni back trying to relive the good old days. lots of madness & mayhem…& wicked long lines at the bars. it’s cool though once you get in & find an old rich alum to buy you drinks, but i wasn’t so lucky this time. it was blue & white weekend, by the way, where penn state shows off the new football players or something, even though football season isn’t until fall or something. half the team wears white, half the team wears blue, & they play each other for shits & giggles. i’m kind of embarrassed to call myself a true penn state student, cuz i have never gone to a blue & white game. i always wanted to, but never got up for it heh. i was going to this time being it’s my senior year & all, but it was rainy & shitty outside & yeah. so instead of drinking myself into oblivion & feeling like i wanted to puke in the stands, i did homework! am i cool or what?!?! oh & penn state won!

blue and white game

& would you expect anything less from me? you know i saw that picture & my mind went straight to the gutter. hehe look where his hand is! & why’s he wearing red at the blue & white game anyway??

i also wanted to see this ballet thing at 9pm saturday night (shut the fuck up right now, it looked cool), but us slow ass girls took too long to get ready. i’m glad i was on top of things this weekend…getting to do all the things i set out to do. but it all worked out, i got to see lots of familiar faces. i’m kinda bummed i only get excited anymore for alumni weekends since i’m all old & my favorite people graduated & left. i got all teary eyed & nostalgic though, cuz even though i saw all of my old buddies, it still wasn’t the same as it was 3 years ago. time’s up, fun’s over. shitty post-graduation rat race life, HERE I COME!

at least i don’t have much work to do for the next couple weeks. everyone else seems to have massive papers & hard tests, but i’m gonna be maxin’ & relaxin’ for the most part, enjoying my last moments of freedom.

oh, & you guys…feel free to send mass amount of emails to this loser with messages like HI SEXY BOOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!; LOOKING GOOD SEXY!!!!!!!!; BET YOU HAVE A GREAT BODY TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL; etc. what a fucking jackass.

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god do i hate adelphia. but i have my internet back…& i decided i’m ditching digital cable. as much as i like it, it costs an ass load. i pay over $70 for tv that i don’t even watch all that much. i wanted to save $20 for the last few months i’m here because i wont even be here through much of june, but my other roommate is being all pissy. she wants to spend all this money for the movie channels. i don’t watch them enough to spend an extra $20, but i still want digital channels. so since she’s whining about not watching digital channels, i think i’m cutting it completely. all i need is nbc really, & if i don’t have that much to watch, i’ll be more likely to get out & do shit. watching tv is bad, i know…& now i have to give up the game show network, & the sundance channel, 2 of my faves. but i’ll be home soon enough with all the fun digi channels again. sucks though, cuz all my daily images are hosted on my adelphia account, & when i disconnect that for good, i loose the hosting. although knowing those idiots, they’ll fuck it up & i’ll have free hosting. i wouldn’t put it past them.

go sign up for elimination online round 2 ok? ok! i’m guessing if you’re a “fan” of my site, then there’s something wrong with you, & that’s exactly the type of people johnny boy’s looking for in the game. & if i send some hits over, maybe he’ll link me on the site cuz i’m a big fan god dammit. i’m ashamed of how much my hits have sunk that i think i will start ass kissing. although i still head over to nay’s site & click on the links & giggle & drool when i see my site listed. GOD I AM SO AWESOME. i tried to explain the phenomenon that is nay to my roommate & she just thinks i’m really weird. but all my internet buddies know what’s up.

mr personality ok so i was thinking about all the “reality” shows on fox. they are really really bad. & no matter how hard i try i can’t avoid that stupid mr. personality commercial. i sit there thinking, jesus, this is really pathetic…can it get any worse? i totally don’t watch these things. ok so maybe i watched joe millionaire & i think i saw one episode of the bachelorette, but i honestly didn’t watch mr. personality. but i was thinking about it today & i thought, wow, i would actually really like to be on this show. see, an ex of mine one time found a batman mask & put it on. no big deal right? well, my 16 year old hormones started raging out of control…& i don’t know what it is…but men wearing masks drives me wild. i mean, my ex wasn’t ugly so it wasn’t that whole “now i don’t know what he looks like so i can totally do him!!” type deal. i don’t know at all. but then one time i watched this cheap b movie on hbo staring traci lords where she was doing this guy in a mask…& dammit, it was hot! maybe i’m into the whole s&m deal & i don’t even know it. but i really want to be on this show i’ve decided. i haven’t seen it yet, but i am strangely attracted to men wearing masks, so i must like this show, right? if i was on it, at the end i probably would tell him not to bother to take the mask off. is there something wrong with me, or is this a natural thing?

anyway, being that fox plays this commercial nonstop, i’m kinda pissed off that i haven’t seen it once today, when i want to write about it. i was gonna grab a good cap & get all horny, but no, i have to use this picture off the website. i’m sure i’ll write more about this after i eventually watch the show. please don’t make fun of me, i know this stuff is pure crap, i’m just like…doing an experiment…or something.

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today i found out that the # we were calling to get ahold of the bus was indeed the correct #. since no one answered, we can assume that no one was at the bus. anyway, i’m gonna try to get my internet back tomorrow. as much as i’m liking these new macs, i hate having to get up & go to the lab & get all paranoid that people are watching me. it’s a pain in the ass searching for things, too, since there’s only so much i want to do here. i kind of stick to the basic instead of spending hours & hours reading really bad camgirl sites. but what i really need to do is find some volunteer stuff, but i don’t want the people sitting near me to know that i’m gonna help out with the retards this summer. yes, i am volunteering for the special olympics. i don’t even like the retards that much, but hey, look at me being a good humanitarian & all that. but you know i’d rather be doing my shit in the privacy of my own home. i’m just here doing research for my paper. i have to profile a company for my career class. i decided on teach for america since i’m actually thinking about doing that if i don’t have a job by next winter. god only knows why i’m into all this nonprofit & helping people shit. i need my internet back before i can finally start taking care of everything i need to do. time’s running out. i only have 2 more weeks of school left. i’d like to say forever, but i have a sickening feeling that one day i will go to grad school. we’ll see. oh, & jonathan kozol is speaking at the graduation ceremony! i know no one knows who that is, but i had to read a book of his for a class. i only read about 1/3 of the book, but i really liked it & it’s sitting on my table because i will finish reading it some day. this guy is part of the reason i’m thinking about teach for america. so i dunno, it’s neat. neat neat. well, gotta cram my school work & last minute college experiences in these next few weeks….then plan my trip…look for jobs.

i also need to finally get a cell phone. i am one of the few people left in the free world who doesn’t have a cell phone, & i’m sad i wont be able to say that anymore in a few months. this is gonna be weird since i’m all old fashioned & shit. i hate cell phone users…you are loud & rude. case in point the cell phone that JUST went off & this bitch blabbing in the middle of a computer lab. please, i hope i’m never one of those obnoxious cell phone assholes. so anyone have any comments on cell phone plans? i hardly ever use long distance, although most plans have unlimited nights & weekends so i guess i could find people to call. my problem is that i want this to be my phone phone, so i want to use it in the day to make normal day time calls…but plans that give you a “normal” amount of daytime minutes cost an arm & a leg. i want unlimited daytime local calling you scumbags! but no plan seems to want to give me that. oh well. help me out anyway, i don’t have a clue. & what is this phone? i swear i don’t want it cuz it’s on the real world/road rules battle of the sexes thing…i know someone who has it & i’ve wanted it ever since. so does anyone know what is it?? it will be mine!


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who’d have thought last night i’d spend over 4 hours last night trying to get ahold of the bus. i decided i wanted to talk to the people at the radio station 93.7 the bus, & that proved to be a challenge for the night. it was almost to the point of being ridiculous, but i guess you had to be there. we looked in the phone book, called 411, searched the website, tried sending emails, & finally started calling other radio stations. & so you know, the people at qwk rock suck, but the revolution 101 guy was awesome. while he could not help us find the bus, he was very nice & put up with our whack selves. & to think not much has changed in the past 10 years…calling up dj’s & giggling. i think i feel bad for everyone who picked up the phone when we called & had to listen to us. haha. all i wanted was to climb aboard the bus, but they wouldn’t let me. people were telling us that they might not even be there, so i decided i had until midnight to find them, even if i had to get up & physically go to the bus. i know where the building is, yet last night we could not find the bus. the whole point of going there was to finally know if there was anyone at the bus…& we never found out. the moment was lost forever. for 4 hours i did this. man. we also completely rearranged the living room 15 minutes into our night & it really does look cool. & how we ended up at the hick bar at 1 am is beyond me. note to self…hick bars while tripping is bad & scary. but even though the trip definitely went downhill a little after midnight, late night playing president & asshole was definitely fun. it’s always fun when you win! i dunno, i dunno…weird night. tonight we get to bust open the vanilla absolut & countdown to the holiday tomorrow. easter? no, 4/20, come on now. lots of people coming over for a big turkey dinner. it’s gonna be tasty & you all are gonna miss out. anyway, i hope you all have a good weekend…ok i lied, i don’t.

i must have done something bad in another life because my roommate…

moves furniture around. the furniture is not his, & it was set up a certain way for a reason. he goes & fucks it all up, bringing bad feng shui into our living room. not only that, he moved his dog’s disgusting bed into the living room, & moved his desk downstairs into the dining room. now he is always downstairs. just his presence bothers the shit out of us, & now he’s around & downstairs 90% of the time. if he tries to move our new happy trippy den, all hell will probably break loose.

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rhiannon in the sky with diamonds?

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man, i wish the computer labs had webcams. that would be cool. & i wish i could look at my usual dirty nasty sites without worrying that anyone was spying on me. anyway, i realized how much of a baby i’m being by whining & complaining about everything. oh no, look at me, life is so hard! feel bad for me! buy me things off my wishlist to make me happy again!!! bitch please, this is my site & i can do what i want. i was finished bitching, actually, until today rolled around. this is the best week ever!!

since i didn’t have my parking permit i had to park at the parking garage. of course, it wasn’t my usual garage so they were all queer with their payment policy. you have to pay the ticket before you go to your car, so you have to keep it on you. they do this of course so that you lose your ticket since you can’t leave it in your car. i go to pay & you guessed it! where’d that ticket go?! last i saw it was in my back pocket, but it be gone now. so i got to pay the lost card fee of $12 for $3 worth of parking. thanks a lot you jerkoffs. why can’t i pay when i drive out like every other garage so i wont worry about losing my ticket? you’ve just lost a very important customer!! i hope you’re happy…

then it was so great cuz there was a lot of traffic cuz a big truck was unloading & taking up a whole lane of a busy downtown street. all this stress of just one week has taken a good 6 years off my life i think. & again, i am really expecting the man of my dreams and my dream job to come along to make up for this. yes?

i also got to wait in line at the post office. what a shame i didn’t have to go to the dmv, too!! & i was at the post office to get my passport. why? because i’m going to australia! lalala!

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what a glorious day of me getting fucked over! ahh, group projects…everyone loves those cuz group members work so hard, don’t they!! being the natural leader i am, i volunteer to organize everything for our group, basically cutting everyone a break by willingly taking on more work. & then they go & fuck me on top of that! oh boy! one guy blatantly plagiarizes something that doesn’t even fit in our topic & the other 2 guys write pretty half assed sections, leaving me to pretty much take on this 5-7 page paper & find a way to fit in their sections…& find sources on top of that! i started freaking out & crying when i saw what i had to work for. so of course this is a horrible situation…i either have to work my ass off to make up for the group members AND they get the good grade that was a result of my sweat & tears. or i do as shitty a job as they did & get a horrible grade. i’m such a perfectionist & value hard work that i couldn’t even turn anything shitty in. to think i had to use dial up to email these guys or they wouldn’t have sent me shit & the guy who wrote the plagiarized section…well, his email wasn’t working so i took the time to look up his info & call him. the paper is done but i am still so stressed out because of this bullshit. i put way too much effort into this & all i’ll be able to do is bitch when it comes to group evaluation, which counts for a measly 10% of the class grade.

right so that really pissed me off & the last thing i was expecting was to get shit on by adelphia. i called them today to figure out the deal with my internet when i get a nice little shocker. they say my account is past due & i owe about $250. i haven’t paid for my internet for about a year now. see what happened is that when i moved, i called them up to tell them so i could have my service switched. i call first to set up my cable tv & then i call to set up the internet (both tv & internet are adelphia). they tell me that they have in their records that my address has already been changed. since i’d called to change the tv, that had changed my internet too. makes sense. i ask to pay my balance & they tell me it’s 0 & i ask if there’s anything else i need to do. they say nope! so ever since then i haven’t gotten a bill. i have also had working internet until last wednesday. i mean sure, i guess i should have known something was up because no one gives you anything for free, but they hadn’t turned off my internet. internet must have been covered in the cable tv bill with the adelphia advantage thing i keep seeing commercials for, right? WRONG! so this customer service lady tells me they still have me under my old address & said they disconnected my service in february (& my internet is still working in april because…???) & i’m bawling my eyes out like wtf is wrong with you people? they fucked up & now i have this bill to pay. they obviously didn’t give a shit because this problem is just now arising. but what i don’t get is why can i still check my adelphia email & log in to my web page? this is so frustrating & i don’t feel i should pay. they could have emailed me about this say 6 months ago because if they didn’t have my home address, they sure as shit had my email address. of course, if you want to take the cup is half full/half empty route, i’m still not paying for the whole last year i had internet(i don’t think…), so while i still have to pay for most of it, i did get a bit of a deal. also, i now don’t owe them any money which might find a way to screw me down the road. & i did get free hbo for 2 years. but man, this really was the worst possible day to find this out. but you know, it’s cool…adelphia’s ceo swindled $4 billion out of the company, so it’s definitely only fair that i should pay this bill when they fucked up. i do love this country. all i want to know is what is happening? i will call them again but i don’t expect them to give me the low down. that’s all i want to know. then i will pay my bill. if anyone thinks they can explain what is going on with this situation it would be cool. cuz i’m confused. & it doesn’t help that the adelphia website is useless.

i have to stay positive though & figure that to balance out this royal screwing i just got, my dream job &/or dream man is due to come along soon. i mean, that’s only fair, right? right? god, life is great isn’t it?!

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man, my internet just stops working every once in awhile & no one knows why. the people at adelphia think i’m an idiot who keeps fucking something up and i think the people at adelphia are incompetent morons who can’t figure out what’s wrong. so until i figure out something to do i have to kick it at the computer lab.

i have a confession to make. this is really hard to say………………


i kinda maybe like the new imac…

now, don’t think that i like macs. they are still worthless pieces of shit that are confusing as all hell, but the imacs are cool…i guess. the screen’s all funky & moves around & shit. & it doesn’t take 20 minutes to log off like the other library macs. you know, it took a lot for me to say that.


& now on a more somber note…ever since i can remember there had been these 2 ducks that were always hanging out in the city. they were like this awesome duck super couple kicking it in the big city instead of doing normal duck stuff like hanging out in a marsh or something. i’ve seen them hanging out at various apartment complexes, on campus, & in the hooters parking lot to name a few places. they were just the coolest ducks ever. i practically grew up with them & i’d be all happy to see them waddling along in some odd place if i hadn’t seen them for awhile. but then sometime last week i saw a dead female duck on the side of the road. i was hoping it wasn’t mama duck, but what other ducks are wandering around busy roads? & yesterday i saw mister duck. by himself. i was so sad. i feel like tony soprano with the whole duck thing. these are my ducks, something has happened, & i’m seriously depressed about it. i’m surprised seeing dead mama duck didn’t trigger an anxiety attack. but really, it’s pretty sad. & poor mister duck probably saw his woman get hit by the car since they were never apart. poor little buddy, he saw his lady hit by a car & was probably traumatized by that, & now he’s all alone. all the other girl ducks out there could never measure up to her. i think they were pretty old so they were gonna die soon anyway – it’s this belief that keeps me getting up every morning. i don’t see mister duck being around that much longer now, though. god, how depressing. sorry.

i must have done something bad in another life because my roommate…

shits like there’s no tomorrow. who needs to put laxatives in his food? & it smells really bad. it creeps downstairs & i swear you can’t breathe in the hall. everyone poops, but they don’t stink up the place that bad or have diarrhea for a half hour. i couldn’t take a shower the other day because he was shitting in the bathroom for 25 minutes. i love that he has the runs all the time because i know it’s no fun…but it stinks to high hell & bothers the crap outta me (ha ha) & i can’t get in the bathroom for at least 20 god damn minutes. he sucks.

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as i was driving home today, the person in front of me ran a red light. like, it wasn’t even close – they blatantly cruised through long after it had changed. & it made me think. this guy clearly ran a red light & could have killed someone (ok, a bit extreme but not too far out there) all because he didn’t want to sit & wait at the light for 2 minutes. people are so selfish & that’s the reason the world is so fucked up. i mean think about it, most things wrong & bad in the world can be simply traced back to selfish people who really don’t give a shit about anyone except themselves. even if it’s really fucks up another person or the planet or some shit. oh & don’t worry guys, i’m totally aware that i am in fact becoming a hippie. but anyway, i would be lying if i said i didn’t do anything for selfish reasons. i buy products with lots of packaging, i take really long showers, & i waste electricity sitting on my computer…all things which are seriously damaging the planet. but no one cares about the environment. back to selfish people. i have the great luck of living with selfish people! i hate my roommate. he is so selfish & inconsiderate & it’s gotten to the point where i am so irritated that he is in the apartment that i hide out upstairs. i don’t like him at all & i seriously am sad when i come home & see his car here. god, what an asshole he is. it’s getting to the point where i’m about to rip him a new asshole. or maybe i’ll leave him a note telling him why he’s an asshole. ok you know what, fuck it. every day after my posts i’m going to give 1 reason why he sucks so bad. then i will give him his little note, since he’s the pansy who likes to leave notes for people when his panties are in a bunch. i’ve heard stories of horrible roommates & he’s not that bad i guess, but i’m a spoiled only child. this living with people i don’t like really sucks…

it’s frustrating for people like me who actually like to help people & be nice. believe it or not, that’s how i am, although i try really hard to hide that from you guys. i do most of the shit around the apartment without complaint & all i ask is for people not to be complete tightwads about things. i just wish people would really think about other people sometimes & not be so god damn selfish. you’ll actually feel good about it. you don’t even have to really go out of your way either. most of the students on campus will walk out in front of cars & expect drivers to stop for them. most of the time i wait for all the cars to pass & i think they’re in so much shock that someone’s being considerate that they wave me across. again, i know i know…i’m turning into a hippie. & i know that nothing will change. there is this idea of how things should be & then there is how things are. being nice wont change the world, but it makes you a better person & i highly recommend trying it. you inconsiderate assholes.

i must have done something bad in another life because my roommate…

hordes “his” things. since we’ve been living here in this apartment my other roommate & i have been buying toilet paper & paper towels in bulk for everyone to use. it’s what you do. when it runs out, someone else buys the next round of toilet paper, milk, etc. right? right. well. we’ve been out of toilet paper now & today it was discovered that this asshole has bought toilet paper. his own personal stash that he keeps in his closet. he brings a roll to the bathroom (& what he does in there is for another day) & then leaves, taking his roll with him. i’m still debating on whether or not to take a roll. this will set the stage for me to go down the list of all the things we do for him & how he does nothing for us, if he asks why i took one of his rolls. the only problem – i can’t lock my door & i don’t want him fucking with my stuff. grr. shit situation. more next time!!