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April 8, 2003 0

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wow. losing posts suck ass. as does daylight saving’s time, mondays, & snow in april.

expect a surprise tomorrow after i double check in on campus computers…

& this comments shit took me hours, so hop to it.

April 5, 2003 0

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last night = good times. i wanted to go rock ‘n bowl & the gang was up for it. so we started off with chicken parm dinner & pot. it was a lazy friday night & it started raining…thunder & lightning. it was very awesome…you know the excitement of thunderstorms. i think it’s the electricity in the air from the lightning or something. spring is crazy. one day it’ll be snowing, the next day it’ll be 70 & the next day it’ll be chillier & raining. we were talking about going onto the porch to watch, but our lazy stoner asses stayed inside. it was still cool. so we’re hanging out putting a dent in the monster jug of wine, falling asleep…so it was time to hit the bowling alley. on the way there we were waiting to turn & someone totally sideswiped the car in front of us. this guy just whizzed by & smack! the car that got hit was wobbling back & forth & the other guy just kept on going. the dude in front of us just sat there, probably stunned just like wtf??? & we’re all, holy shit, did you see that?! then he fucking floored it to chase after the other guy. that was pretty crazy. i don’t know what i would have done had it been us. anyway, we get to the bowling alley & there are tons of obnoxious teenagers hanging out. that brought back a wave of nostalgia. that used to be me. talk about feeling dated. bowling woke us up & the lights & music made it fun. it was a bit tense for the second game though. everyone had low scores & it’s me & my roommate with this ridiculous strike & spare streak. we were going for blood i tell ya & the heat was going back & forth. when my roommate got a 9 & i came back with a strike i thought i had it. & i’m one cocky whore when i’m competitive & especially when drinking. fuck, then that worthless slut had to fucking win. my heart was pounding every time i got up to bowl. then my stomach would just get that sinking feeling when i wouldn’t knock all the pins down. we topped off the night with some shady business & drama. i’m gonna miss this.

camel lamp woo boy, i got my camel lamp the other day, & the thing is phat. oh yes. i’m still an ex-smoker, with the occasional cig on the weekend when i’m putting all this other toxic shit in my system anyway, & i’m now cashing in my chips & heading out a winner. i got the lamp with my camel cash, although i’m pissed as hell i had to pay $7 shipping & handling to get it. not to mention the camel cash catalog was weak…of course i wasn’t old enough to get shit back when i wanted every other thing in the catalog, but what can you do. but i still have 1200 camel c-notes left, & you better believe i’m getting more free shit. well free + shipping & handling. assholes. but like i said, i quit smoking, so it’s cool. rj reynolds is evil. their advertising campaign is genius. marlboro & the marlboro man are nothing. the exotic turkish camel products & joe camel are so enticing. i almost want to be a camel collector, but i think that would be too expensive & time consuming…& i know it’d bother me that there was all this old shit out there that i would never be able to have. i’m weird like that.

also, i got this gorgeous dress from express yesterday. a few weeks ago i bought a suit there so i’d have something for the career fair & interviews…& i opened up an express account cuz i got like 15% off my purchase or something which worked nice cuz the suit was well over $100. they gave me fast cash where if i spend 50 bucks or more, i’ll get 25 bucks off. so i went out to the mall to get my 50% discount. i get there & it’s all spring crap. spring is the worst season for buying clothes. i hate spring colors with a passion. i really had to dig around to find 50 bucks worth of stuff i wanted to buy. i lucked out though, cuz they had this dress i really liked. it was on the 50% off rack & there were like 3 size 1/2’s, which i found odd cuz it’s usually like size 13/14 that are left. so the dress was only $29, which of course, i was gonna be paying half of that. so i ended up getting this dress & a light turquoise t-shirt for $26. & those bastards gave me 15% off coupons. express is all right, i like some of their stuff, but usually it’s not worth the price to me. but with this constant supply of discounts, you feel like you have to go in there & buy things, cuz you can get them for 15% off. with all i’m learning in school i shouldn’t let this advertising get to me. especially after hearing sut jhally’s lecture haha. man. but i think i will pass on using my 15% off coupons, because i have a feeling i will get sucked into this web. cuz shit, express clothes that are 15% off are still more expensive than what i can find at ghetto-fabulous deb. & i admit, i don’t even need anymore clothes. although i do need professional working lady clothes for when i get a job. but of course that’s not what i buy. no lie, as far as my personal clothing collection goes, i only need a couple more items & then i will be completely set. wow, i feel a speech on capitalism coming on, with a twist of hypocrisy, so i’m gonna end this. here’s a fun picture of me & my roommate & a homeless transsexual prostitute. heheh. soon i will have new pictures to add to my gallery!

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April 2, 2003 0

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sorry i haven’t been around much, it’s a crunch time in the school year, but i feel so much better now that my porn presentation is over. i did pretty well on it, but as a whole group effort, it bombed. but whatever. i also got the career fair out of the way today. this was my first career fair & it was kinda scary. i was shy & didn’t really go up to many booths…of course, there weren’t many companies that appealed to me, so i just wandered around. it was really hot inside though, & i was sweating hard. i was holding this folder thing & no lie my hand was dripping wet. lotion & sweat & holding something in a hot hot place makes for disaster. i couldn’t hold anything in my right hand for fear that someone might want to shake my hand only to be repulsed. but it was fun. it was free shit heaven & oh man i loved it. of course, i felt it was rude to walk up & take something & walk away so i didn’t get much. all of the cool shit was for weird technology health engineering companies that would never hire me. i did all right though. oooh dammit. i missed out on free beverages & snacks in the student lounge. oh well. if i don’t have a job in the fall, i’m gonna go back to the fall career day & try again, & at least come out with more free stuff.

soooooo, it’s april fool’s day. see, i had this great idea last year but my hosting got all fucked up & i couldn’t do it. so i said, hey, i guess i can wait a year to do it. so now it’s a year later (christ…time flew) & my plan has been sabotaged again! now i am really angry. i swear to god, i will be 80 by the time i finally pull off my april fool’s day joke. so yeah, i’m still not telling what it is…so you’ll have to wait until next year. again. & with that i say – dear god please put me out of my misery if i’m still thinking of doing this next year, because that will just be sad. seriously.