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ugh, i have the worst gas ever from drinking last night. i also didn’t shower since i got back late, woke up early, & had to catch the bus into work this morning. & i seriously wonder why boys don’t like me. speaking of which, the boy i mentioned the other day was at the place we went to last night. that’s where i met him, actually, so i’m starting to think he goes every thursday with a friend to try to pick up chicks. so if he’s just looking for the bootay, then that would make sense, since it’s like fort knox getting into my (hairy) pants. i think some of you guys thought i was all hurt by the situation, judging on the amount of comments. but all it was is like when someone tells you “i have the best story! but i can’t tell you!” & it drives you crazy cuz then you have to know what it is. it doesn’t matter what the story is. so honest to goodness, i think i’ll be alright.

but i digress. that wasn’t even the highlight of the night! that would have been when this married guy twice my age was hitting on me all night. man, it was bad. he kept saying, oh i’m married, so i’m not trying to pick you up, but i can look. i was like, grrrreat. he kept going on about how hot his wife is & how much in love they are & how she just had a baby. i’m sitting there thinking, who the fuck goes out drinking, trying to pick up young girls when you have a wife & baby at home? oh gee, like married men don’t cheat at all…suuuuure, he’s just friendly & trying to make friends. what a creep. he just kept saying shit to me about how rich his family is & inviting me to go out on his boat. i really am lacking in the mean gene out in that thing called the “real world” sometimes, so i tried to be polite, all the while rolling my eyes when he wasn’t looking & trying to give the “help me” signal to anyone who could receive it. i swear, the free drinks are not worth the hassle.

this place, called ‘players,’ is a total creep magnet. it’s like all the wannabe players who think they have game, ugly dudes, shallow vapid sluts & flat out weird people go there. wow, that says a lot for me, huh? haha. it’s always an interesting time, though.

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guess who got summoned for jury duty again?! that’s right!!! me!!! it’s federal court, too, so i’ll be rolling with the big guns. we’re talking about murder, kidnapping, mafia, drug lords, life sentences & executions. & this time i’m excited! eerily enough, i was summoned for local court jury duty on the same day last year (well, i dug up my old jury duty posts & i at least wrote about it exactly a year ago today), but a lot has changed in the past year regarding jury duty. i want to do it this time! so lets take a trip down memory lane…

… fucking jury duty. i am scared of police officers, judges, lawyers, prisons, courts, etc. & the last thing i want to do is hang out at a courthouse all day while some attorney asks me questions like “would you be more inclined to believe the testimony of a police officer because he is a figure of authority?” “i think all cops are pigs. will you PLEASE let me leave the building to smoke a cigarette????” & if they ask me if there’s any reason i shouldn’t be on a jury, i dunno if i should tell them that i like to smoke pot & steal from charities. frankly, this is a joke, because as anyone who’s tried to talk to me online knows, i am the most judgmental & biased person to walk the earth …

jury duty

… so lets say someone’s crazy enough to stick me on an actual jury. there’s this movie called 12 angry men which was about this one guy who thought the defendant was innocent while everyone else thought he was guilty. then he convinced everyone to change their vote & it was some big powerful movie or something. hell, if i thought someone was innocent & everyone else said guilty, you better believe i’d change my vote quick. the 9 dollars a day incentive just isn’t enough to convince me to stay true to my vote. if anything i’d end up being the sadistic juror who wants to fry em just because. gosh, who wouldn’t love to have me as a juror at their trial! we still do the chair here in pennsylvania, so maybe while i’m at the courthouse i’ll ask if i can get a pass to see the next execution. & if i still get picked to be a juror, even i would lose all faith in our justice system …

a little while later

… well, well, well, let me tell you…that jury duty selection is like one big sadistic lottery. a run down of what goes on…you sit there with a bunch of other people all freaking day while they call names randomly. i’m glad i’m not named john, cuz my poor little heart started racing every time they called out a name. after 30 people are called up, you sit there while some tattooed pervert glares at you & the lawyer goes on & on & on & on “do you know the defendant? do you know the witnesses, billy bob, sharanteatea? are you related to any cops, does alcohol make you uncomfortable, do you feel that any circumstances of this case may influence your ability to make a fair decision? have you heard anything about this case? is your mom fat?” they do this for all the trials & you’re there for like 10 of them. anyway, the first time i was called up was for a drug paraphernalia, under age drinking, drunk driving case thing. & the defendant was my 10th grade geometry teacher’s daughter. have i ever mentioned that this lady is on my shit list? i was sweating bullets, & while i was not picked, this kid who was in my 10th grade geometry class was. ha ha!!! he raised his hand when they asked if he knew anyone involved with the case. i didn’t cuz i was all confused. anyway, i escaped that one. i was called up for 2 more cases. & what sucks is that even if you’re picked to serve, you still don’t get to go home.

oji was picked to serve on a jury. forget scared straight, the thought of people like me determining your fate should be enough to turn anyone into a law abiding citizen. wanna know about my case? i think it’s like illegal to talk about it or something, but blow me, go turn me in & have me sent off to jail. so this guy was busted for buying alcohol for minors. & he’s hot. so right there i’ve got him pegged innocent times 2. i don’t want to have to put hot boy in jail! especially cuz you know i may or may not have purchased alcohol for minors in my day & people may or may not have purchased alcohol for me since i was 15. d’oh. well, so yeah, this will be interesting.

when i got called up again for a case of some redneck smoking pot i’d had it. i sat there giving looks of death to the defense lawyer the whole time. i didn’t get picked that time. so if you ever get called in for jury duty, do shit like that. or if you have some balls say you hate white people & that might influence your ability to make a fair decision. god this sucks. but at least i can be all googly-eyed to hot guy while he’s up on the stand. & i can make obscene gestures with my hands & mouth & stuff when i get bored. is there anything wrong with that? to think i could have gotten out of this mess if the damn lawyer had asked “is anyone here sexually attracted to my client & may feel that will affect your ability to come to a fair decision?” i would have raised my hand.

so i’m gonna go back into seclusion & go rent a bunch of court movies. i’m expecting the trial to be some perry mason shit all up in dis bitch. like the dude will break down on the stand & admit to strangling his mother when he was 14. that would be cool.

so i went in for the trial & the case ended up getting tossed because some witness didn’t show up or something. i took my check for $20 & peaced out of there. at that point i was excited about doing the jury duty, & kinda bummed out when it got cancelled. but hot guy also got set free, so i guess it worked out. i wasn’t expecting to get jury duty again for awhile since my mom at 51 has never once been called in.

but then yesterday i got my letter. & even though i have to drive to williamsport (about an hour away), i’m looking forward to doing it again. that is, if i get picked. if not, i’ll get $40 for that one day, so i’m not complaining. but it’s real weird…i suddenly have jury duty fever! i want to be a professional juror! i’ll have to brush up on my jury movies, like the juror starring demi moore. lets hope i don’t get a mafia case where the mob tries to kill me!! anyway, i’ll keep you up to date on my jury duty escapades.

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it’s like christmas! i’ve gotten so much fun stuff this past week!


a free new kitten with butt problems!


a name brand diploma at the bargain discount of 75% off!


my mom bought me some time!

cell phone

the most expensive cell phone in the whole store!


the coolest unicorn piñata from wal-mart!

i also got a new roommate in exchange for the old one!

so yeah, i finally got a cell phone. since i have this thing about managing to find the most expensive thing in a store & deciding that’s what i want, i had to sell my soul to verizon for the next 2 years. my phone costs $150 after all the discounts & rebates. but the phone is pretty sweet. it’s the samsung sch a530 & like, apparently it’s really cool. i’m kinda pissed i can’t make my own rings though, since i’m too cheap to buy them, but what can you do? i don’t really like the other phones. but i’m actually really pissed, because i downloaded this free trial of exego where you can download wallpapers onto your phone. well, you can do all this other shit i’m sure, but i just wanted the wallpapers. honestly i only wanted 1 really, but go figure, my free trial runs out right before i’m ready to upload my final picture revision. i’ve been editing my images all day & when i finally get it right, it expires. so i paid the $3.99 to subscribe so i could have my 1 wallpaper. fucking motherfucker, that sucked. if i’d have known it was gonna run out soon, i would have fixed my image sooner & we wouldn’t have had this problem. having pink floyd’s dark side of the moon cover as my wallpaper is worth $3.99 no doubt, but my dumbass could have had it for free. watch them try to charge me this $3.99 every month…but since i’ve got it, i might as well go crazy & download mass amounts of images onto my phone that i will never use.

today is my dad’s birthday, & him & my mom are down in indianapolis for the indy 500. isn’t that cool?

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ok, i have something that’s really really bothering me. right at the end of the semester i met this boy. how it went is that me & my roommate were out at this club & some guy just came out of nowhere & shoved me out of the way to start dancing with her. & at the end of the night i got stuck with his friend, but we were talking & i was like, all right, i guess this guy’s all right. so of course, it’s like, why do i have to meet a boy when i’m leaving school? but i said fuck it, i liked him, & i was excited about having someone new to hang out with this summer. so we hung out a few times & had a good time, & my summer seemed to be getting off to a great start. we hang out one night during finals week, right before he went home for a week or so, & everything was going great. he walked me to my car, i told him to call me when he got back into town, & that was that. so i’m waiting & waiting, not sure when he was gonna call, but i was looking forward to seeing him when he got back. towards the end of the week i’d check the voicemail & the caller id…starting to get curious as to why i haven’t heard from him. he was graduating so when i didn’t hear from him by graduation weekend, i started to wonder. eventually curiosity got the best of me & i called on monday. i gave him the benefit of the doubt, thinking that maybe he called & my jackass roommates never gave me the message. but when people don’t answer their cell phones, that’s not a good sign. so i just left an innocent message, & i haven’t heard back. & what’s driving me crazy is that i have no idea why this kid just completely stopped talking to me. i totally wasn’t getting “get this bitch away from me” vibes at all, which is why this whole thing baffles me. i just want to know why, dammit! i’m thinking it’s either the fact that i showed him this webpage, or that i hadn’t shaved my legs in an incredibly long time. i mean, i shave when need be, but you can’t catch me off guard, that’s not fair! but come on, i think i’m a cool person & these minor things should be overlooked. apparently there is something so bad about me that this guy not only doesn’t want to date me, but he doesn’t even want to see me ever again. i also made a bet with him the second time we went out…well, he lost & owes me 20 bucks. i should turn into crazy stalker girl so i can get my $20 & the answer of why i’m so undesirable. it doesn’t even matter why at this point, but i need to know for my own peace of mind. i’m not kidding, my ego is bruised & i’m mad confused. this is psychological torture at it’s best. so this is the emotional turmoil i’ve been dealing with these past few weeks. & i’m really pissed off cuz i’m kinda horny & i was all excited about the fact that i would be able to get some ass. grr, & not only that, i was all about getting this guy to help me move out my heavy furniture at the end of the summer.

man, my love life is really pathetic, i’m telling you. love stinks. yeah yeah. i’m already on the path to becoming an old maid with like 120975251 cats. there is something really wrong with me that i don’t seem to know about & i think it’s about that time i figured out what it is.

taking it up a notch, today is my mom’s birthday. today is also rhiannon’s mom’ s birthday. crazy, i know. of course i realize today that i forgot to get her present. i found what i wanted to get her at the mall on mother’s day, but i didn’t want to lug it all around that day so i figured i’d buy it later. good thinking!. of course, i can’t leave work early today, so i have about 1.25 hours to drive to the mall, get the gift (who wants to bet that not only will the gift not be on sale anymore, but it wont be there at all?), drive home, change, go to my parent’s house, & wrap the gift before going out to dinner. i’m pissed because i wanted to get my hair cut today & there’s no way i’ll have time for that. i have wicked split ends & i have no idea how my hair turned to such shit, being that i try to take care of it. i guess letting cats chew & claw your hair is not good. who’d have thought?

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why does god hate me so much? i have to initialize cards again at work this year, which feels like punishment. initializing cards is like this…think assembly line style, sitting at a table with 4 machines (that break like it’s their job no less), sticking cards in the machines, waiting 30 seconds for the beep beep, taking out the cards & repeating. it’s enough to drive you insane after about 20 minutes, so try doing that for hours & hours. this year, thankfully, we get to do it in a nice conference room in a nice building, but don’t think i got out of pure torture without a nice “fuck you.” see, there was a tv in this room. a tv with cable. a tv that somehow did not have nbc. how could it not have nbc?? you guessed it, i was initializing cards from 2-5, prime days of our lives time, & i couldn’t even watch it. i have to do this again thursday & friday. i looked up the penn state cable channels online & those are definitely not the channels we got. i was in the housing & food service building, too, for christsakes. what the hell is going on here? the big guy in the sky is looking down upon me & laughing, rubbing the fact that i can’t watch days into my face. it’s a cruel cruel world. & the days of playing trivia & pyramids of last week are gone. it’s like, now i have to do “work” to earn my paycheck. when did this concept come in?

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ok i totally lied…my kitten is a little angel. she’s kinda weird looking since she’s a manx with a stump tail & she has a round little alien face with big eyes, but she’s really adorable…even though she’s got crusty butt. we named her bunny since she looks exactly like a rabbit & she hops. i love her so much! she’s a crazy little shit, but she’ll also follow you around & curl up & sleep on your lap. she loves playing & she loves people. it sucks though cuz i sleep on the top of my futon couch/thing, & she can’t get up there. my mattress is there & that’s really where i want to sleep, but i’ve been folding out the couch part for the past few nights so i can sleep with my baby girl. i dunno what i’ll end up doing, cuz it’s pretty uncomfortable. i have a bar digging into my back. i’m gonna miss her a ton when i’m in australia. i miss her already, being at work all day. i’ll feel bad when she’s by herself all day when my roommates leave. but she’ll be around my parent’s cats soon enough.

so i did it. i’m fucking alumni now. i can’t believe i’m done with college forever now. it’s nice knowing that i don’t have papers to write or tests to take, but i know i’m gonna miss it. when all the incoming freshmen come in, i get all nostalgic & wish i was a freshman again. but anyway, i got my minor along with my degree. the lady told me they’d mail it out in 4 weeks or so, so i was surprised when it was in with my diploma. i’ll show you my graduation pictures when we get them developed in about 5 months.

i was kinda pissed with how my grades turned out. well, one grade, really. my grades were coming in one at a time & it was solid A after solid A. you better believe i got an A in the class that changed my life. i’d have cried if i didn’t. & i got an A in the class i didn’t read a thing in. that just plain out ruled. so i was like, holy shit, look at all these A’s, until i got to my personality class. i liked that class a lot (& liked my teacher even more) but i expected to get a B or B+ & was ok with that. i mean, i’m not a psych major like the rest of the class, so no biggie. but then i was waiting for my last grade in my comm class. waiting. & waiting. & waiting. i figured i could pull off an A, but i’d at least get an A-. see, i took the final in that class the wednesday of the week before the last week of classes. so i didn’t get a grade the last week of class. didn’t get my grade finals week. didn’t get my grade through senior week (the week after finals week.) i was like, what the fuck?? pretty much after a while it was pissing me off. & then finally on thursday i got my grade. i got a B+. dude, i was fucking pissed. the class was curved & i always did better than average on my exams. i was there in class every single day, i sat in the front, & i participated every once in awhile. this is the class where my group fucked me over on the paper, but i got a 14.75 out of 15 on that paper. like i just don’t get it. i did a rough calculation & came up with about a 92. so i should have totally gotten an A-. i even took an hour out of studying for my pysch final to talk to her during office hours. i earned that A- & basically how it goes is that i sent an email, kinda bitchy about my grade. i want to know why i got a B+ & i’m ashamed of myself for becoming one of those people i hate. what’s the fucking difference between a B+ & A-? nothing, right? let it go you fucking whore, jesus christ. argh, it’s the principle though. so we’ll see how that goes. i guess i don’t care anymore, but i was heated when i got that grade. & then after sending my “i’m right, you’re wrong, show me why i got a B+ because i’ll show you why i should get an A-” email, i sent this totally embarrassing flirty email to my psych prof. i love him. i wrote that on the class evaluation, too. & i’m not afraid to let the world know that i’m in love with him. i’m not a student anymore, so…you know…yeah.

but i loved this semester. you can tell by my grades. fucking dean’s list, baby. i’m sad it’s over. over forever. but i went out with a bang i guess. my final overall gpa is a 3.11, which kinda sucks. i had a 1.67 semester that fucked me. but who really cares anymore, huh? now who wants to send me money &/or get me a job?? i’m sure there’s gotta be at least 1 really rich self-employed rhitard worshipper that wants to hire me for a cool job, huh? huh? i refuse to believe that i will be negatively affected by the shit job market! i hope that i’m not in for a nice reality check…

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there is a thing called fate & ugly cat is my destiny. he is no longer on hold & my roommate is on her way to the pet store as we speak to go get him. he will be there waiting for me when i get home & i am very excited. fuck yeah! more on that after i get home…i’m still stuck at work.

oh, & i learned a lesson today. when you have nothing to do, don’t ask your supervisor if they have any work for you. my dumb ass got stuck cutting up thousands of cards with children’s adult scissors. & i bet the dude who got stuck doing them with me thinks i’m this stupid stupid bitch for reminding the supervisor that these cards needed to be cut up. it sucks, i have blisters on my thumb & pinky thanks to those cheap scissors. the work sucked ass, & you better believe that from now on when i get kicked out of the regular stations, i’m hiding in the back or taking the laptop so that i don’t get stuck doing horrible work. like i’m doing right now. if i was a good worker, i’d be cutting up more cards. but it’s friday, baby. & i graduate tomorrow!!!!

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i like getting paid for “working” all day, playing on the internet & staring at the wall.

i have just discovered that the trivia on yahoo games is done by buzztime, the same guys who do the trivia i’m addicted to at the bars. it’s not nearly as fun cuz i don’t have my game piece thingy & i’m not drinking & can’t yell “oh fuck yeah right you know it I KICK ASS!!@!!#” but it still rules. i never got into yahoo games really, since i waste too much time as it is, but i don’t feel right looking at the sites i look at when i’m home. & with links like “fuck my tight pussy click here” i don’t think that is approved of at work.

sucks though since i don’t have my own computer really. i just take over when someone gets up. & it sucks cuz the station i’m usually at now isn’t the one that i’m used to. that one was great cuz it was all the way in the corner by the wall so no one could see my screen to see what i was doing. & there’s no light directly above like at the other stations so it’s a bit darker. i liked my little corner. now i have to be on the other side, so everyone can see my screen & the office fluorescent lights blare down on me & i have no corner to hide in. but i do have a laptop i can occupy if all the main desks are taken.

i don’t know why i’m working a full day (7-fucking-45 until 5) since not that many people come in. but whatever. as much as i’d like to watch days i have a way to tape it. & i get most of my internet surfing out of the way. i’m sure i’ll update this site more out of sheer boredom. although i can’t really do anything with pictures. oh boy! lots & lots of text to read! if i learned anything, it’s that people like short, mindless, entertaining tidbits. big long paragraphs filled with junk make people lose interest quick. therefore, i am editing this post.

you know this was originally one big paragraph (* i also added in the animated gif’s…you love it!). what you guys really need is a few words & lots of big pretty pictures that move around a lot. like animated gifs. that will feed your little feeble brainwashed minds. fuck yeah i learned this shit in my media classes. oh yeah, i got my minor. i ran around campus all during my lunch break yesterday. people were pretty pissy with me…i just wanted to be like, what the fuck do you want? no one ever told me i could get a minor so don’t give me shit. i got the old “you need to go to this room & talk to this person” bit & when i’d get to the room, they’d tell me “you need to go [back to the room i came from] & talk to [the person that sent me over]” but it’s cool, i got it all taken care of.

but i didn’t get to eat lunch since nothing’s really open. campus is dead right now. i tried to get food out of the vending machines, but dear lord that was a fiasco. it was pretty ridiculous, but this is long enough already, huh (expect this like, a lot…it’s only 10:30 am). anyway, how it went is that if i was strong enough to tip over some vending machines, i think i might have. i had to resort to taking mini snickers from my advisor. i could tell he was not happy with me practically running into his office & wildly ranting & raving about a minor…but he was nice & even gave me crackers. as the day wore on i was seriously about ready to start raiding the trash. ok, not really.

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ok i need your help! i know i asked before, but you guys were very not helpful. so i’ll try again…which cell phone company should i go for? my choices are at&t, verizon, & sprint. i don’t want to hear about the ghetto mom & pop cell plan. these 3 are my choices. it would be super cool if i could get feedback on which plans suck, which ones are good, etc. i’m sure one company is awesome in one city & blows in another, but i’m trying to get an overall idea. i don’t know why the sales people wont tell me about shitty service, dropped calls, & ridiculous hidden charges…so that’s where you commoners come in. & this is especially where all you state college people come in. i’m always looking through my stats & i see all these state college & psu ip addresses. you people are freaking me out…i don’t think i have that many friends. making me censor my shit…dizzamn. i demand you reveal yourselves to me. & tell me what cell phone plan to get. thx.

man, i’m so high on life right now it’s sick! last night was just good & put me in good spirits. & today was my first day of work, which you might think would suck, but i have this strange love of working the id office. although i went to bed at 2 am & had to be at work at 7:45. i was expecting today to be a half day, but i didn’t leave till 5:15. i was dead tired, but it was fun. & i made money, which is never a bad thing. i gotta figure out the dealio with work cuz i want to be free in the afternoons to volunteer for shit. but then again, more work = more dinero, so it’s a fucking dilemma, dude. we’ll see. but lets start with why i’m in such a good mood, even though aunt flo stopped in for a visit. not only do my grades totally own, i just found out that i might be able to minor in media studies. score!! i was always saying how my major is pretty much media studies with a different name, but i found out that i have every credit for a media studies minor. that is if it will double count, being that i used them all for my major. i learn about this now, huh? it’s cool, i have until friday at 5 to figure this all out & to declare the minor if everything is cool. i’m sacrificing lunch tomorrow to go down there. man, this is so sweet. american studies with a media studies minor. my resume is gonna be so beefed up. so yeah that was cool. & then i come home to not only my $50 tax return check, but also to an amazon box with my heidi fleiss book!!! no no keith, you rock. we should all learn a lesson from this generous brit. it like, makes you feel good to buy things for hot chicks or something. like charity…only for cool people. then i got to eat fake meat with my parents & my old boss. sounds ridiculous i’m sure, but believe me it was good times. nothing like some shit talking & gossip to catch up on. i was just really productive today it seems & i’m gonna be pretty productive all week i’m sure. i do nothing at work really, so i can take the time to do lots of things on my todo list. ooooh yeah & i think the dog might be gone forever! praise jesus if he is! right, so the only thing that sucks is that it’s a little after 10 & i’m dead tired, ready to pass out. i rarely make it past midnight on weeknights when i do the id office bit, but i guess i might have to try for senior week. more later? nighty night for now!

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i obviously don’t love my mother & you think i would have learned a lesson after last year’s lesbian incestuous mother’s day card fiasco. go check last may’s archives for that one, i reread that post last night & laughed. but here i am again this year. at least i don’t have to be at dinner in a half hour, but still, i have to go get a card & a present. because i want my mother to get really fat & possibly die (she has diabetes…but don’t worry, i’ll get mine someday, cuz i’ll like inherit the diabetes or something) i was gonna get her this raspberry tart thing. oh lordy it’s delish. haha, i didn’t just say that did i? yeah, but they were out of it. so i have to go think of something else. i was gonna hit up wal-mart yesterday for something super special, but i was too hung over. i had a blast friday night! i’m getting really proud of my drinking. you’d be surprised how much liquor i can take back being that i’m so skinny. the only downside is now it takes more than like 4 beers to get me drunk, & that costs money! boo. hmm, i’m bummed i didn’t have enough time to get all crazy decked out with my monster bottle of champagne friday night to go on cam to let you know how cool i am. i had a big ol’ “i’m really done with school forever this time” celebration. i’m kinda bummed i didn’t get to participate in my annual dorm dumpster diving, but other than that, my friday ruled. it ruled!

so, anyway, i’m in love. crazy, mad, love at first sight, sparks flying, i need it now love. there’s this kitten at the pet store & it needs to be mine. it’s this butt ugly, stumpy assed manx kitten, but for some odd reason, i am drawn to it. it’s the ugliest cat i’ve seen, except for those hairless ones, but that thing has spunk. it’s free, too! the only thing is, it’s on hold for some chick. & i’m mad cuz i want it & i want it now. i can’t explain these feelings or why i want this cat so bad. it’s funny, too, since i’m gonna get a birman one day. they are these gorgeous, elegant, long-haired pristine cats. & then i want the antithesis of that, the ugly manx. i had to go get crickets for nugget today & i went back to check to see if he was still there & if the note was still on the glass. i’m hoping this girl changes her mind so i can have this cat. it seriously kicks ass. pray that it works out for me you guys!!