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October 29, 2003 0

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ok so i kinda lied about being back. the site is up & running like normal, but my computer isn’t. long story short, when i got my new computer they put tons & tons & tons of garbage on it, & i tried to clean up. maybe that’s why my computer restarted out of nowhere at least twice a day. i hated xp & i hated that they’d partitioned my hard drive & stuck this back up crap on it. so i completely reformated & installed windows 2000. that ordeal sucked. & i kinda had this problem where it looked like it was running in safe mode. no sound, 16 bit color & 640×480 screen resolution, hot damn. i just now figured out i have to install drivers because i’m so smart like that & now i’ve got my display settings all back to normal. i still don’t have audio & i have a few other yellow question marks in my device manager, which drives me insane. so as good as windows 2000 was to me in the past, & how evil xp is to me, i think i gotta reinstall xp. of course, i have no cd since hp sucks. i wonder if they’ll hook me up if i call tech support? i guess it can’t hurt. but yeah, that’s my predicament. i didn’t bother to download a thing since i could barely see what was on my screen before. & the kicker is that i could have gotten an xp cd weeks ago…but no, i had to watch the cubs lose game 7 to the marlins. had i known i would never get this cd i would have reconsidered. so that’s my mission…get xp so i can finally reinstall all my files & programs. grr…2000 never gave me this much shit when i installed it on the old computer. but on a lighter side, nay got the same computer as me, so if i like, stare at the computer real intently, i can pretend i’m nay staring at her computer & life would be all dandy. kidding. yeah, so that’s what’s going on with me.

October 19, 2003 0

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so i went on a date tonight & the guy asked me if i was on anything. he thought i was on drugs & i had to say, no that’s just how i am. how cool is that?

October 9, 2003 0

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there’s nothing i love more than to come home after eating acid to eat corn.
i should just not update ever, unless i am on something. those make for quality posts, let me tell ya.
nothing would make me happier than to read about the ridiculous shit i did & conversations i had. seriously. we wrote shit down once & it was off the hook.

notes for this evening:

  • not good acid…you know, it’s nice to peak & totally wig out for awhile…but chocolate covered cow shit fungus is coming my way this weekend, so you better watch out for that.

  • cool star standing on its own. & a shoutout to cool star’s nephew.

  • the show pyramid really sucks, but i can sum up the golden moment of the night………………………..

    what is a tiny human being in a flannel?

    a midget lesbian

  • & who the fuck gets curious as to whether or not there are people in the phone book with the last name hitler?? answer: people on acid. this then led us to find someone in america with the last name hitler. there’s a hitler in brooklyn. in fact, we thought up the queerest names to see if there were actual real live people with these last names in the white pages. there’s a booger in brooklyn, too. god i can’t even remember all the names we came up with, but they are all in brooklyn. i never knew how diverse brooklyn is. i kinda wanna visit now.

so i guess there goes my cover…if it couldn’t be anymore obvious…i like drugs.

ahhhh, it’s good to be alive.

the end.

October 7, 2003 0

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all right, i suppose i should update since it’s been awhile. so let me recap. my friend & i decided to go on a road trip last tuesday to charlottesville, va, home of uva. it’s not like i work or anything, so it was good to just up & decide to take a trip. we did historical shit, & wandered around the uva campus in awe that there were like, no bars. & i was pissy since my phone was roaming the whole time. but we got to do queer shit like go see dead president’s houses & stuff. you should have heard us while driving through west virginia…we’re all staring out the window, giggling like fools & sounding like assholes. we’re all like “oh my god, we are like, soooo in the south! look at the farms!” below the mason-dixon line, we were. really down south, we really weren’t. but we liked to pretend anyway. right, so that was just a couple of days of doing something different than usual. it was really nice. & refreshing. when we were driving back we took a little winding road through trees & fields, & streams & shit…& it had just rained & there were these incredible rainbows. i have never seen a rainbow so vivid & bright & pretty. i totally had an “american beauty” experience & was about to start bawling cuz it was so overwhelmingly beautiful. shut up, i had pms. it was cool though. i really really really wish i had a digital camera so i could show you.

right, so friday my parents were practically begging me to go outlet shopping with them. i’m a heinously picky person, so the fact that i found like, 4 things kicked ass. especially since it was shit i needed. we ended up getting stuck in traffic…i think we were stuck not moving for about an hour & a half because there was construction down the highway & there was only 1 lane open. i still cannot comprehend how it took so long. we did get to see a wicked crash though, before we hit the real heavy traffic.

& when we got home my dad tells me there’s an amazon box here for me. a surprise wishlist gift! i was so fucking excited to see it was the pink floyd calendar. seriously, i was jumping up & down going YAY! that’s something i really wanted. THANK YOU!!#!%$@!@!@1 so so much.

& as if i wasn’t busy winding down from my trip & recovering from an overload of presents, this weekend was also homecoming. i missed the parade on friday which kinda sucked, but what can you do. my homecoming was pretty uneventful actually, except for the fact i got horribly sick saturday night. i didn’t even drink that much, so i’m baffled as to why i was throwing up for hours & hours. the bartender definitely had a thing for me & was making my drinks real strong…but i honestly didn’t have that much at all. i haven’t been that violently ill for awhile, & when i was it was cuz i’d pounded like 8 drinks & shots or something. so i puked all night, scratched the shit out of my watch while praying to the porcelain god, & truly meant it when i said “i never want to drink again.” it’s great when it’s too hard to brush your teeth or even wash your face, & you have to go to sleep with vomit all over yourself. & i’m not too keen on this hungover deal when i’m living with my parents. i felt like i needed to hide it, which was great when i was running upstairs to yack some stomach acid & trying to look perky when i was curled up in a ball on the couch.

here i am, the morning after! i’m surprised the cam made me look this good!

fuck the world

& uh…after catching up on my taped episodes of days of our lives, here i am! i still have to lots to do to this new computer…& i’m kicking myself in the ass for being a retard & forgetting to burn a ton of mp3s & other files i kinda need. now i have to hook up the old computer again & try to get them all to fit on 1 zip disk. way to go.

my friends know me so well! my kind of humor.