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is spike not a stud in his adorable little sweater? i seriously cannot get over how cute he looks! poor bunny’s sweater was too small, so i have to get a bigger size. i really like her sweater, so i hope they have it in a small.

yeah, so instead of going on & on about the boring gifts i got, i’ll just mention the interesting one. my parents sometimes get me weird shit, & this year was no different. not weird so much, but interesting. this year i got a star in the constellation capricorn named after me. you can check it out here. it makes me wonder about cool star, though. is cool star in a constellation? does cool star have a name? right. so that’s the big one. i also got bitchy bear. you squeeze it’s stomach & it says something vulgar. “cunt” & “fuck” are some of the choice words of this cuddly teddy bear. i will squeeze it now & let you know what it says. of course it would have to say something lame (“eat me”), so lets try again…”hey, get your head out of my ass!” yeah. rock.

it’s practically new year’s eve & my birthday! i still don’t know what i’m doing yet. at least i’ve narrowed down the city & people i’ll be with, so that’s better than nothing. i guess planning’s gone out the window, & i’ll just get all dolled up & go where the wind takes me. & i have to thank keith who surprised me with some birthday wishlist gifts already. thank you! gifts are always appreciated. 2 gifts following 2 rejection letters…that works for me! anyway, 23 will be my year, dammit. i can feel it’s gonna be a good one.

& we need one more picture of spike’s cute ass.


& here i am with this bear at the steak & seafood place we went to last night in vermont before we saw the third lord of the rings. i enjoyed the movie, even though i didn’t really know what was going on as i barely paid attention to the second movie & i can’t remember the first one since i watched it a year ago. & you’re out of your mind if you think i’ve read that stuff. but yeah, that’s me looking particularly good & my cousin who topsy tailed my hair all weekend.


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hmm, nothing new to report on the home front. the rejection letters are pouring in! i don’t really care so much about that, but i am a bit bummed that the id office probably wont need me when this other part time guy leaves. i was hoping i could fill in his shoes & work part time to make a few bucks here & there, since i really need some income. thing is, now i’m gonna have to look for some crappy local job on top of trying to find a real career job. now tell me that doesn’t suck. & i’m not leaving much open. will not do fast food. wont go back to telemarketing. never waitressed, but i don’t know if that’s something i want to do. wont do clothing retail cuz i don’t want to have to buy clothes. & most minimum wage, not much skill required jobs would make me hate going to work. & i don’t want that. so i think i might stick with the temp service idea. i can at least talk to them. so yeah, this sucks.

[update: wow, i am somewhat seriously considering applying to drive the bus that loops around campus. oh dear lord…more on this, maybe]

& continuing with mail, i finally got that stupid ebay coat. christ, i could have driven over to these people’s place 2 weeks ago & gotten it…then i could have my coat ready for my birthday but no. they had to be difficult. so now i can’t bring it in for alterations until january 5th.

blogger is so screwy, you know that? i have my settings set to show only 3 days on the main page, but it shows 4. but if i set it to 2, it will only show 2. weird, huh? (of course now they fix it, after i make a comment about it) oh, & i plan on condensing my content sometime soon. get rid of the junk & things i don’t really need. so if there’s any sections on here you would kill me if i got rid of, let me know. not like i’ll do what you guys say, but i’ll take it into consideration. oh, & the guestbook is now working, so you can write in that if you want…

& what are people’s plans for new years? it’s a stressful time for me, since january 1 is my birthday, so i feel like i need something really kickass to do. like i have to do something twice as good as everyone else since i’m throwing in a birthday celebration, too. but there’s not a whole lot going on in state college. i think that’s where i’ll be this year. i coulda gone up to nyc like last year, but i dunno, last year was kinda ehh & i don’t feel like dropping $150 again for just a so-so time. but the good thing is, i’ll get to see all the first night things this year. i’ve never bothered to do that, but now that i’m into this sorta shit it’ll be fun. to my friends who might be looking for something to do & are either in state college or will come up, let me know, it’ll be fun! the more the merrier. all in all though, i’ll be hanging out with my new friend katie who kicks ass. we get along real well, so i’m excited i have someone cool to hang out with. someday, though, i’m gonna go back to australia for my birthday i hope. it’ll be nice & hot…just how i like it. & they ring in their new year a day before the rest of us. so i’ll really get to live up my birthday one year.

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pet sweater this christmas i intend to humiliate my cats for my own twisted amusement. i am going to get them pet sweaters!! & come christmas morning i will put bows on their heads & take pictures of them with their shirts & bows on & post them up on the internet! i’m excited for christmas this year solely for the cats. this will be their first christmas (& our first christmas with kittens) & they will go apeshit over all the boxes & papers & ribbons. they are incredibly hyper & love jumping in boxes. i can’t wait! & they’re gonna get their own stocking filled with toys & treats & shit. these cats are spoiled to the bone. but god dammit, they will look so cute in their outfits!

of course, i’m just doing this because i think it’ll be funny. apparently, there are people who are serious about this, & who probably dress their animals up regularly. this hot pink sweater deal costs $70. shit, i wouldn’t even spend $70 on a sweater for myself! & it has to be dry cleaned only. you people realize you’re putting this on an animal. wow… there’s some pretty queer looking sweaters, too. it’s one thing if you’re a human wearing a god awful sweater…it’s your own fault for having really shitty taste. but these poor animals can’t choose. of course, i should watch what i say, because i haven’t bought my outfits yet. they could be hideous, bordering on animal abuse type outfits. hmm… :/

today i went ice skating & boy, i kicked ass. i used to take lessons & i was pretty good then…but i haven’t lost it, & i haven’t been on the ice in…10 years maybe? maybe less, but the point is i can’t remember & it was awhile ago. surprisingly, i’m graceful, & i really wish i’d stuck with the ballet & ice skating. i was good. but yeah, i think i should go ice skating more…i felt totally comfortable & confident out there today. it was almost exhilarating.

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alright, so here’s another story. so one sunday a couple of weeks ago, some indian chick calls me up & says i have an outstanding balance of almost $40 for this electric bill & tells me i need to pay over the phone with a credit card or check. now, i may lack common sense sometimes, but i’m thinking this is some boiler room type deal & i’m like, fuck no i’m not giving out my credit card information over the phone…mail me this bill & i’ll pay it. i give her my address but i’m not thinking this is legit. but i called allegheny power the next day just to double check if i did have this outstanding balance that i didn’t know about. they confirm that i do in fact owe this money, but that i have been turned over to a collection agency. oh, that looks swell on a credit check. i pay my bills, i have no loans, i am not in debt, i only have 1 credit card that i don’t even use. fuck. so i’m waiting for this bill to come so i can fix up this nasty credit blemish & it doesn’t come because i’m sure the lady didn’t speak english & probably got my address wrong. so i call the collection agency, (i’m probably the only person calling them to pay) & they can’t find my information & tell me to call back allegheny power to get my account # from them. so i call them & the guy there is real nice, & i call back the credit bureau. i’m on hold forever & finally when someone comes on the line & i say “hi, i need my bill mailed to me so i can pay it!” i get transferred. i again state what i’m trying to do & this new guy asks for my account #. i start to give him my allegheny power account # & he’s telling me no, the # from the credit report. at this point i’m so frustrated because i have no idea what’s going on or what to do & i’m like, what the fuck…you people called me, & they are not helping at all. they got a hold of me once, so i don’t see how this is so hard. the guy seems to be annoyed with me & transfers me again to some answering machine. jesus christ. so i just decided to get a copy of my credit report just to see what one looks like, & to figure out this stupid electric bill mess. not only that, but i have to wonder if there’s other shit on there i don’t know about. so i sent that off today, & i hope i get it back soon. i’m really frustrated about this since i’m really not someone with bad credit…but my…i don’t want to say stupidity…but my lack of common sense has fucked me. this happened because i didn’t forward my mail to my new apartment. i notified all my utilities (i thought) to let them know of my new address, so i thought everything was a-ok. i figured that by filling out the change of address form, my junk mail would come to my new place, & that others sending junk would get a hold of my new address & i didn’t want that. of course, it’s only first class mail that gets redirected my mom informed me…but i didn’t know that. & i kinda feel like an idiot sometimes, cuz i do shit like that & i don’t think. but i learned from this, & i don’t think my credit is ruined. as long as it wont cause a problem with my getting an apartment, i wont sweat it, since i’m not applying for any credit cards or loans, but it’s just shitty. so that’s my story. lets hope this is resolved smoothly.

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OH…MY…GOD…i am utterly humiliated. so i’m coming out of a bar mildly buzzed, but by no means drunk…& i cross the street at a busy intersection. i slip on some ice & i’m fighting for dear life not to go down on my ass or smack my chin on the street. so my arms are flailing, my feet are like slipping out from under me. my hands go down like i’m worshipping some sadistic god & i get back up still sliding with my arms like doing crazy pinwheel shit. & my chapstick’s fallen out of my purse so i dash back to get it & i’m like slipping & sliding & i have to get my footing. IT WAS MORTIFYING. all those cars sitting at the light probably laughing their asses off at this poor drunk girl all over the place. & i wish to god i had been drunk so it wouldn’t have been so god damn embarrassing. & then this car goes by & honks at me & yells “watch yourself hun.” jesus christ, that sucked so bad. my heart is still racing. i wouldn’t have minded actually watching that…cuz on the drive home i was thinking about it & laughing. i couldn’t help myself. but jesus. i fucking hate ice & i hate winter & fuck everyone who saw me, i hope they get a nasty case of crotch rot. i would soooo much rather have had physical scars by falling in an alley or something where no one saw me than have these emotional scars. god dammit.

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i tired to win the who cd’s by listening to the bus & being caller #9. i never made it past caller #6. i was sad, cuz i really wanted to win. i think i need to get back into the radio contest thing. that was fun. & so was calling up the dj’s & flirting with them when i was like, 13. maybe i should get back into that. or at least lie & say i’m 13. haha.

friday i stayed after “work” for the historical society’s historic preservation awards, & yours truly got a volunteer of the year award. not too shabby for someone who’s only been there since september. booyah.

in other news, monday & tuesday have replaced friday & saturday. the past 2 weeks i haven’t gone out friday & saturday night, but have decided that monday & tuesday nights have made fine alternatives. it doesn’t really matter what day of the week it is when you don’t go to school or work. i might have to break the rule & resume my regular friday & saturday schedule this weekend, since it’s the last weekend before this place becomes a ghost town. no lie, 6 pm & downtown shuts down. there’s like oh, 10 people left in this place over christmas break.

so i went to grove city on saturday, this massive outlet shopping plaza near ohio, & i complimented a mannequin’s ass. it had a hot ass.

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the cheetah print i am giving myself an ulcer over…

cheetah print

oh my god i hate ebay. i’ve never had anyone interested in my item at the last minute, so it’s always been cool, no worries. but some cocksucker had to come in & jack the price up so i had to pay $15 more than i’d anticipated. & on top of it i’m not too happy about this $10 shipping & handling when i could probably walk to this person’s place to pick it up. but on the bright side, i have the coat. & once i take what i need i can probably get some reimbursement if i throw it back up on ebay. i am so mad at this jackass who had to bid in the last half hour. & now that i’m thinking somewhat rationally, i coulda spent a lot less on another coat if i had some balls & gambled a bit. oh well, i just gotta think positively…the ebay coat is 9 bucks cheaper than the one at the vintage store. & it’s over with, I can relax. no more ebay hunting…i’m sure that shit can get intense. i am definitely not the person for ebay, i get so worked up over things, it’s ridiculous. i’m waaaaaay to high strung sometimes. my mom’s probably ready to smother me in my sleep if i don’t shut up about cheetah print & ebay.

like when my driver side windshield wiper stopped working today while driving home in the rain, i freaked the fuck out. got out & started yelling obscenities & kicking the car tire. instead of being rational, i was a lunatic. & it’s great, cuz i’m so aware of this that i make sure i hide it from boys, cuz god knows boys love insane chicks. maybe i don’t hide it as well as i think. like, whoa, could i be obsessing any more? see what i mean? i could just “let it go” & be happy & merry, but i’m actually stressing myself out more. cool! i haven’t gotten this worked up since the security deposit fiasco. christ. then again, that was something to get worked up over. but you know how i deal with these situations? i say “it doesn’t matter, you’re gonna die someday anyway.” even if i got the cheetah print for $20, i will still die in the end & it wont matter. no lie, that logic makes me feel better. haha. dear god i need to stop now.

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god i hate snow. especially when it snows on the weekend. when i lived downtown, snow was cool. i could wander around town in a drunken winter wonderland. now, since i live at home, driving in shitty weather after being out is a death wish. i’m just asking for it. so i had to spend my weekend at home, like el supremo loser. i did go to this choral society medieval themed fundraiser dinner with my mom since my dad got sick friday night, though, and i almost died driving home. it was queer, but i like queer shit like that, thus, i had fun. & the people at my table started arguing about jews or something like that. it was cool. i also had my stocking stuffer craft & antique sale at the centre furnace mansion this weekend. it was cool, but seriously, boring as all hell. but i love what i do…you take the good with the bad. & some good today was decorating our tree for the festival of trees. it’s like this big event where a bunch of community businesses & organizations get trees to decorate & i believe someone wins something or something. but you know, you just go out & look at the trees & go oooh & ahhh. so since my org had a tree, we got the free sneak preview when we went to decorate. it’s only a dollar, but still. i got to see it for free. volunteering is so the in way to see things for free. i’m in.

ok, enough with the daily drivel, what i’m here for really is for some advice! so, i want to make some alterations to the coolest coat on the planet. like, after my alterations are done it will seriously be the coolest coat on the planet. see, i need some fabric, but the shit i’m looking for is 30+ years old. so i’m gonna have to find a vintage coat & tear it apart for the fabric. so, there’s a coat at the vintage store that will work…only it’s $64. i’ve been searching online & i found the jackpot on ebay. i’m pretty sure what i found is what i’m looking for, but i want to be sure before i buy it. i was gonna ask for a close up photo of the fabric to see if it was the same when i noticed the seller lives in my city! i asked if i could actually see the coat in person before i bid on it to see if it’s what i’m looking for. & not only that, i wont have to pay postage, so it’ll only be $30 total! i’m seriously so excited. but the auction ends in less than a day & i haven’t heard back from them. no one’s bid yet, so i’m thinking this is gonna be so awesome for me. now, the question is, if i don’t hear back from them by the time i roll out of bed tomorrow afternoon, should i show up at their place demanding to see the coat? like would that be totally uncalled for for some random chick to knock on the door to say “hi, you don’t know me, but i saw your auction on ebay & i thought i’d drop on over to check it out!” i would think that might be creepy, but then again, what do i have to lose? i’m just hoping they get this damn email & get back to me. so that is my dilemma. i’m harmless & cute. they have to be college students, & like, if i explained the situation, it should be ok, right? i think i pretty much know what you guys will say, but leave comments anyway. i need to feel that my weird pseudostalking is justified.

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sometimes i think i should be a private investigator. i found tons of info on my hunky circuit city helper, one of which is that he has a girlfriend. boy, am i glad i didn’t hit on him, i would have been mortified & probably would never ever again try to pick up. but yeah, oh well, i don’t need any more things keeping me from moving outta here anyway. yeah, so after some intense sleuthing i thought i’d look up info on a few other people. in google i typed in the name of a boy i used to see & i found the funniest thing. a guy with the same name, same age was quoted saying his parents would kill him if they knew he hung out in a gay bar, in an article about the shame & embarrassment of being gay in another country. i giggled out loud (gol?) for a couple of minutes straight.

god knows i’ve probably bitched about this before, but it seems to happen to me a lot & i need to vent. i just want to yell & scream & hit the assholes that bring half a cart full of groceries to the 15 items or less express line. i mean, i’m talking about a kid with down syndrome being able to tell that there is a hell of a lot more than 15 god damn items in the cart. sometimes i think i should just get menial, shitty minimum wage jobs until i find my “degree worthy” career, solely so that i can say whatever i want to the customers & not care about getting fired. like i could be a cashier at the grocery store & tell these jackasses that i wont ring up their groceries because they are inconsiderate scamming shitheads. & i’d get fired & i totally wouldn’t care. then i could just get another job where i can let the rude & disrespectful costumers know they can stick it where the sun don’t shine. god would that not be great? when you have a job you actually care about, you have to put up with bullshit customers. but if you didn’t really care, god…how good would it feel to go off. i can totally do this, too. surprisingly i’ve been doing a kickass job on my job search…i just sent out 2 more résumés today. but with my experience & the job market situation.. yadda yadda yadda.. i’m not gonna get anything good any time soon. so while i wait for the day someone decent actually wants to hire me, i might as well have my kicks. i mean, shit…i’m volunteering right now! not even getting paid. now the real question is, could i stomach working fast food for a few weeks for the sole satisfaction of pay back?

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i am sad. i went to circuit city with my mom & the boy helping us out was hot. i liked him. he was hot in an “i could probably get a date if he doesn’t have a girlfriend” way. but you know the drill…i was with my mom, looked like shit, was wearing a sweatshirt, etc. i’m sure the bright fluoro lights weren’t helping my skin look like creamy silk. my lips were really chapped which bothered the crap out of me. maybe i could have given a seductive smile had my lips been soft & shimmering. but who am i kidding – i’ve never picked up a guy. that shyness deal or whatever kicks in at the crucial moment. & i’m sure circuit city frowns upon it’s employees trying to pick up customers, so we were never meant to be. unless i decided to get all dolled up & liquored up (liquid confidence is key!) & head on back to circuit city tomorrow & say “hey, i’m feeling the electricity between us…oh yes, it’s us, not all the electronic equipment around us. plug it in my socket baby, oh yes!!” now, get me acid & i might actually say that for real. ok, so the more likely situation would be that i get all dolled up & drag my mom back out there. then we walk by him so he sees us & then i head to the dvd section. & i’d make my mom go up to him & be all like “see my daughter over there? she likes you. do you like her? she wants to know if you want to go on a date with her.” & then my mom would have to report back to me. & then if all was good, i would make her give him my phone #. ok, so some us haven’t mentally graduated from junior high yet when it comes to going steady. shut up.

& of course livian’s new layout…& rachel’s site…she’s so demanding of me. which then reminds me…are there any sugar daddies out there looking for a job? all i require of my sugar daddy is that you send me to australia a lot, & that i don’t have to have sex with you. this is a full-time position! apply now.