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February 25, 2004 0

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it’s mardi gras, & i’m not out. i love free shit, & tonight is the night to get mad free shit…albeit with the whole “show us your tits” followed by the obligatory middle finger. but still, i managed to get some beads last year, working the non-breast baring route. i even got a cool bacardi gras cup that i smuggled out of the bar. but i just wasn’t feeling the whole going out thing tonight. i had a meeting until 9, followed by scrubs. i also have to be up early to give a school tour at the historical society tomorrow. so i must suck it up & think of the money i saved, & think of how much better i’ll feel tomorrow morning. but instead i sit at home feeling like a loser, reading everyone’s away messages about how it’s fat tuesday & they’re out partying. oh well, there’s always next year.

they’re trying to pass a bill here in pennsylvania that restricts gay rights, & it makes me sad. it really pisses me off that people are denied adoption rights & spousal benefits like health insurance because they just happen to be gay. & don’t even get me started on this “sanctity of marriage” & religious funding that dubya’s trying to get rolling. dear god, please don’t let that man get reelected. it’s not even about whether or not you think homosexuality is wrong…cuz i mean, i think ugly people breeding is wrong, but the constitution says we are all created equal…even ugly & gay people. if gay people can’t get a civil union, i propose that ugly straight people can’t get married. see, it’s fucking absurd. man, this topic gets me heated.

this whole ban on human rights, i.e. allowing gay people to have the same rights as us oh so good & moral heterosexuals & the push for religious funding really depresses me. i am not gay, so this does not affect me in any way, but i am far more moral than the people who ironically claim to be moral, all the while oppressing people who are different. & the sad thing about it is that i can see this ban on gay rights going through. i guess i have some hope, though. people at one time felt the same way about homosexual’s rights as they did about women’s rights & black people’s rights. so eat it, fuckers! someone somewhere someday will have to give those faggots their legal rights. & that day i will be happy.

god, i feel another volunteer endeavor coming up…

February 23, 2004 0

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well i’ve just had no motivation to update. in fact, this whole week was pretty much a washout. at least the end of the week. i decided to be a real stoner, & in turn realized that i wasted a lot of time doing nothing…including watching a really really horrible lifetime movie. then to top off my blah weekend, i go & get my period, spending my lazy sunday doubled over in pain with killer cramps from outer space. but i did manage to make it out to thon this year. i think this is the first time i’ve gone when i haven’t been tripping, & the first time i’ve seen the end. it’s amazing how energetic & non-zombie like these people were, after being awake & on their feet for 48 hours. i’m really bummed i didn’t volunteer to help out with thon, but i am definitely definitely doing it next year. but yeah, good job to the dancers, i know there’s no way i could make it.


let me tell you how much of a fan i am of colgate total. that product really lives up to it’s claim. i can’t always brush my teeth before bed, so i will brush my teeth at say, 8 pm, go out drinking, & go to sleep & manage to wake up with minimal morning breath. i highly recommend it. i’m sure it’s even better when you brush at night!

& a little after the fact, but if you want to see some funny clips of the super bowl streaker who got upstaged by janet jackson’s nipple, look no further.

February 16, 2004 0

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you know, it kinda makes me sad to realize that the high point of my day was when i sorted through the state quarters to put them in a coin collection book & rolled the rest with my dad. ok, maybe that wasn’t the “high point” but i did that today & that’s about all i can really say i did, & i just want to take a step back & look at what i’ve become. haha. i’m just going through a slow period i guess. this butt ass cold weather makes me want to lie around & do nothing. i mean, i do that every sunday, but there’s just something about winter that turns you into a worthless piece of shit. hurry up, spring! & i mean it, this time. none of that bullshit weather of last year.

& i don’t know about you, but this atkins mania shit i really pissing me off. it’s everywhere you look & it bothers the crap out of me since my diet is the anti-atkins, & i hate being bombarded by this crap. i went out to dinner tonight, & my meal had low carb mashed cauliflower. i was like, are you kidding me? i asked the waitress if i could have the high carb mashed potatoes. i would die without mashed potatoes. all you high protein/low carb freaks need to take your clogged arteries & go away. at this rate, they’re not even going to have high carb meals at restaurants anymore…grr…

ok, girls…sex & the city! what do you think about where this is heading? my mom will have some nasty words with hbo if they put her with big. i’m kinda wishy washy…while i secretly want them to be together because he’s just so good, he’s just so bad & she shouldn’t be with him! he was a shithead guy & yanked her around for years…every girl can totally relate cuz we all have our mr. big. so can they make big in sex & the city turn around & fall in love with carrie & live happily ever after? that’s not reality, folks. this show is like us girls’ bible! thoughts on what’s gonna happen!! we have only 1 week left 🙁

February 13, 2004 0

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you’d think i’d be able to do something as simple as unlocking a door & turning off the alarm, but if you think that, you are wrong! i had to open up the historical society for a meeting tonight & when i was disabling the alarm, i hit the command button by mistake. i didn’t really know what to do & i sure didn’t want the alarm to go off, so i typed in my code, it seemed ok, & i let all the old folks inside. not too long after, a cop comes through the door, & i’m like, oh fuck. cops scare the crap out of me, even if i’m doing nothing wrong, & i’m all like, “i don’t know what i did!!! i’m sorry!!!” apparently, after hitting the command key, any # you press after it has a special function to it. the first # of my code happened to be the “call the police” button. so he makes me turn the alarm back on so that i can turn it off…i guess to see if i really had access, but then it went off since there was movement in the mansion & it wouldn’t shut off! it sucked ass. i was like, thanks, buddy. so i had to call the president so i could reset the alarm. thank god she was home, i would have freaked if she hadn’t been. so i felt like an asshole. luckily it worked out, but man, i am an idiot.

thank god it’s the weekend…& an interesting one at that! tomorrow is friday the 13th; i always love friday the 13th. i hope some scary shit goes on…i like getting spooked. & then it’s the dreaded v-day. but for the first time ever i scored myself a valentine! a real one, too! i used to hate that day…i’d see those happy lovey dovey couples walking around with their flowers & candy & just want to punch them. me, bitter? nah! so yeah, i’m excited!

February 11, 2004 0

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wow, i was so productive these past 2 days that i even surprised myself. i took care of some business monday & today i worked at the id office randomly out of the blue. i also had a meeting with the state theatre committee. i’ve been looking to get involved with them for awhile now, & they were playing the ultimate game of hard to get. but i was on a mission & i finally got ahold of those tricky bastards & met with some people & got on the list serve. so hopefully i’ll get to dive in with that. now all i need is a real job & everything would just be hunky dory.

well, here’s some eerie things from yesterday. when i was at the historical society, the site administrator asked me what program one of the other volunteers was using to update the webpage. i told her dream weaver, & gary wright’s dream weaver just happened to be playing on the radio. & it was low enough that it wasn’t like she heard it & the subliminal seed was planted. & if that weren’t enough, later on that day i loaded up spinal tap’s big bottom in winamp (it’s like this inside joke thing with my mom about my cat bunny, which ultimately led to me downloading the ringtone) & literally 1 second after i hit play, the person with that ringtone called. fucking spooky man, i tell ya. when i had my phone interview for the chicago job a way’s back, fleetwood mac’s rhiannon started playing on the radio & that’s when the lady called me. i was figuring that was a sign that i’d get the job. right. & speaking of not getting jobs, i got a record 2 rejection letters yesterday! one was the ever classy postcard that didn’t even give me a “dear applicant.” the other letter informed me that the resource librarian position was already offered to someone else. thing is, i didn’t apply for resource librarian. it was for administrative assistant, i believe. maybe i should write back & ask them which position has been filled. haha. yeah.

February 9, 2004 0

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i believe a lot of lawsuits are complete bullshit stemmed out of people’s greediness, but i am glad at the tenacity of the girl who helped get this lawsuit rolling. it’s good when people are called out on being shitty & are punished for their actions. these people were pocketing renters’ security deposits & this really irritates me, since i have first hand experience being ripped off with a security deposit. i was somewhat involved with these horrible realtors, & it might have been for the better that i didn’t get my apartment. i was subletting & they told me i pretty much had the apartment for that year. i called & called & called at the end of the summer to make sure that everything was set to go & they never returned my phone calls. finally i went in to their office & they told me i wasn’t getting the apartment. i was lucky my parents are here, because i would have been shit out of luck with the living situation. i was not pleased. my dad thought the apartment was a shithole, but i thought it had character. most of the apartments in that area are pretty shoddy & occupied by hippie-types, but it was better than the last apartment i had, that was occupied by old folks & retarded people.

my first apartment

but, i really do have to say how pleased i was with associated realty who was by far the most responsible & professional realtor i’ve dealt with. well, except for the whole not telling me i would have saved a ton of money finding someone on my own to take over my lease deal, but i’ll let that slide. i would highly recommend them if you are in the state college area.

anyone have any horrid renting or roommate stories? i know i have made my disdain of past roommates & renting situation very obvious many a times over the years. i can only hope it’s smooth sailing from here on out.

February 5, 2004 0

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oh my god i hate cops. ok, so no one likes them, but i am really angry with them right now. i had a date tonight, & it was totally cop central in the parking lot where my car was. so it was like, hello awkwardness when the boy walked me to my car. there was no hot & heavy goodnight makeout session thanks to those pigs. it is a rare thing when i get to hookup & the fucking cops fucking cock blocked me! i have no patience for this! & i believe mother nature is going to throw some cock blocking freezing rain my way this weekend as well. on a totally unrelated note, i would kill for some dunkin donut right now.

February 4, 2004 0

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right about now i really really miss not living in my apartment downtown. i wouldn’t be housebound & i wouldn’t have had to shovel a fucking foot of snow from my driveway & walkway. luckily my dad came home not too long after i started, so i didn’t have to do the whole thing. i brought out the radio & stuck an umbrella over it to cover it, so i got to listen to the bus at least. i swear to god we are getting a snow blower this year…no more putting it off, this is bullshit. the neighbor had one, but only made his way over after most of it had already been shoveled. but any help is better than nothing. so after that crapload of snow dumped on us, i made hawaiian chicken. grill up some lawry’s hawaiian marinated chicken & a can of dole tropical fruit & you’re in for a bangin’ meal.

now, there are so many many things i despise about snow. i don’t ski & i’m not in high school anymore. & driving is the worst. but when it’s actually possible to drive without being all over the road, i have yet another problem. i hate that brownish slushy snow shit that gets on your windshield when you’re driving. it’s not liquid enough to wipe off with the wipers, so it just smears & impairs your vision. but you can’t squirt windshield wiping fluid because it freezes. so you’re just stuck with dirty snow smeared all over your windshield. god, i really wish i was still downtown & could just forget about driving & walk.

February 1, 2004 0

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carolina panthers well, i’ll be watching the super bowl at my parent’s house. i know, i’m a real party animal. again, i’m only in it for the commercials…to be let down again, just like last year & the year before. but yeah, i gotta pick a team to win, so i want the carolina panthers to win. & the only reason is because they won me over with their cancer sob story. they can win it for their fallen soldiers or some crap. but i wont care if the patriots win cuz they’re all right too. i don’t really care about football, & i don’t have a team. if i were to pick a team, i’d have to say philly due to the geographical location & the fact that philly fans are crazy insane. had they made it to the super bowl, i’d have gone out to the sports cafe, solely for the insanity. but alas, they lost last week. & this should give you a clue as to how cold & evil a person i am. there was that part of me that loved how depressed everyone was when they lost.

well, one hour to go…are you ready for some football????????????