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March 30, 2004 0

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well i want to thank whoever got me the pink floyd dsotm dvd off my wishlist!! that was a nice surprise to find today. it makes me feel horribly guilty for telling a fib! i have a confession to make…that’s not me in the john kerry picture. someone emailed it to me & i thought, why don’t i fuck with the people who read my site?! i like to lie, it’s fun haha. actually, i was thinking more that people would be all like “shut up that’s not you, you didn’t really meet him!” but then i realized that john kerry is not really a big celebrity. had it been a famous person, like someone along the line of britney spears, you all might have challenged my claim as being false & i could have had real fun by trying to convince you otherwise. i do feel bad, though. i wouldn’t want you all to get the wrong idea that people on the internet lie.

but here’s some honest to jeebus truth & good news! as of today i have an officially real full time paying job. everyone gave me shit for volunteering at the historical society, but it paid off as i am now in charge of office stuff & program planning/developing, & anything else that comes my way. they’re paying me pretty well, too. between you & me i would have taken like $5 less an hour…i’m that desperate! so uh, yeah, that’s what’s new with me. an overall kickass day if i say so myself.

March 26, 2004 0

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today i bring you a new feature called “the day in the life of a penn state temp.” i was signed on for just 2 days, but they wont let me leave, i’m that good. so it’s friday & i’m on phone duty for the day, & here i will outline how exactly my $8 an hour is being earned. kind of like a work diary, if you will.

10:40 a.m.:

  • so far i have played horribly shitty games of pyramids on yahoo games…i’m waiting to bust out on hold ’em poker until after lunch.
  • i’ve read the collegian, the university newspaper because i still wish i was a student. i was angered that i missed something i wanted to see last night because those jackasses didn’t report about it until after it had happened. but they’ve redeemed themselves with an article about the 3rd annual drag show tonight. again, i will wait to read the onion, my real source of news, until after lunch.
  • if you are on my buddy list, you know i never talk to you. but it’s not just you, i never talk to anyone online. but i would really like someone to talk to right now. you are all lazy motherfuckers who need to not be sleeping right now.
  • the radio has already played pink floyd. i must wait a few hours before i call in to request some more.
  • i’ve gone to the bathroom twice. i think i will get water soon.
  • job searching online for this little metropolitan area brings up some really crappy jobs.
  • as far as the phone goes, after almost 3 hours i had 1 call from someone looking for the phone # of someone i don’t know, there was a message on the voicemail that i’m almost positive was a wrong #, & i received a junk fax.

3:10 p.m.:

  • i went to home at noon for lunch. i’m kinda hungry again, though.
  • since i got back from lunch, i have read every days spoiler & message board thread i can find. i am missing days on tv right now & i am not happy.
  • i still want to know why everyone on my buddy list is idle or has an away message up. fuck you guys, seriously!
  • the phone rang one more time but whoever called hung up before i got it.

the rest of the day:

well, the phone rang one more time, so i averaged about 1 phone call every 4 hours, or, about 2 minutes of actual work for the entire day. think office space, people.

as you can see, i’m being grossly underpaid for my service.

March 25, 2004 0

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showing my support for john kerry

i think by now you know my disdain for our soon to be former president, dubya. back in the beginning i said, i will vote for any democrat, no matter who it is, just to get dubs outta the white house. i was kinda hoping for the crossing over guy, but it’s cool, john kerry is our man to do it. i bet you didn’t think i was so big into politics, huh?!?! yeah, well, being a hot chick i got to stand near john kerry when i attended a democratic convention. & much to my surprise, that picture turned it into a ‘click to support john kerry’ link! so…vote for kerry!

attention: rene portland is white anyway, just yesterday i found out that the (#1 seed in the east) penn state lady lions basketball coach, rene portland, is white! there must be a black assistant coach, because i swear i saw a black coach woman that, for all this time, i assumed was rene portland. this lady has been here coaching longer than i’ve been alive, & i never once had any reason to think she was white. my first time ever in the bryce jordan center was to watch a women’s basketball game, & i still thought she was black. but man, imagine my surprise yesterday while watching tv! i wonder if there is anyone else who also thinks she’s black…

the lady lions are off to the sweet 16, & if i remember correctly, last time that happened a riot ensued here in town! well, it was when the men lost the sweet 16, but they sucked so bad that even making it to march madness was a feat in itself!

i don’t care much for women’s sports, but i guess i hope the lady lions win. lets go state!

March 24, 2004 0

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man, i’m exhausted. actually working really takes a lot out of you! i don’t know how you people do this day after day… & no, i didn’t get a job yet, i’ve kind of taken the best of both worlds & started temping. i don’t have to work all the time, but i do every once in awhile so i have a little spending money. & maybe i’ll actually take more than 1 job every 2 months. & maybe even get a permanent job! & can you believe i actually got an extra 2 days of work because someone who’s been to my site before recognized me & wants me to fix some sloppy html?! hi dan! even more exciting than the person who spotted me out at a bar & then emailed me about it later.

but man, i only pray that my real job starts at 9 as opposed to 8 (well i’d prefer, say noon until like, 4 pm but i’m trying to be realistic here) & that i can work from home sometimes & not have to use personal/vacation/sick days. i dread growing up. but today was sweet, i finished early & decided it was time to go home & catch days. & the meeting i really didn’t feel like going to got rescheduled, so it was smooth sailing from 2:30 pm on out!

now…………………days fans. alice horton. thoughts on her & the serial killer? this salem stalker plot is horseshit, & i get visibly upset every day after watching. but if the writers had marlena kill gran, i would have so much respect for that show. the lady is like 200 years old & is going to die in real life soon. i want them to kill her off sooooo bad, & they seem like they are going in that direction. but are the writers just toying with me, only to have her die of natural causes or something? people will go apeshit if the matriarch gets whacked, but man, it would be so sweet. i find myself watching other soaps, too & days is by far one of the more retarded ones. it really is bad, even for a soap opera. but i tell you, this is an addiction far worse than crack.

& on the subject of soaps, this chick is a dead ringer of the young & the restlessphyllis.

March 19, 2004 0

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well, i didn’t end up going out last night. the boy didn’t want to, so we stayed in. bastard. i didn’t go out for mardi gras, either. god, what is wrong with me? free shit galore & a reason to get retarded drunk, yet i stay in watching tv. i’ll have to redeem myself come new year’s. & there’s always next year. & like, the next 60+ or so years. yeah. um. big snow storm part 2 coming tomorrow, which kinda sucks, but as long as it doesn’t affect my weekend, no worries. i’m not going to work tomorrow because of the snow storm, therefore i would go out tonight being that i don’t have to work tomorrow, but i can’t go out because of the snow. that’s just how it goes sometimes. yeah, so i don’t really have anything all that interesting to say. i’ve just been all peppy with the blogging lately…weird.

March 17, 2004 0

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i would make a terrible bulimic.

so i swallowed my tongue ring ball AGAIN & in my irrational state, i decided i was going to have to make myself throw up to get it back, since i really don’t want to buy another one. well, i used the toothbrush & horrible tasting alcohol, but i just couldn’t get sick. & my throat really hurt. so i started to get upset being that i’m pmsing like a motherfucker. & i started crying when i couldn’t find my old 14 gauge that i got pierced in. i finally find it & that ball is gone, too. fucking hell. so now i’m in a shitty mood. but while i went out to smoke one of my newport 100s that i found in a cab in philly to calm down, i realized i know people who know the guy who owns a piercing & tattoo parlor. so i can probably get a new one from him. so i’m not as worked up any more. i was all stressed that i’d have to order one online, since they’re a lot cheaper, & then have to figure out what i’d do while i was waiting for it to come so the hole didn’t close up. but seriously, this was bad timing for this to happen because i’m just not in the mood. but whatever, maybe i can get this taken care of tomorrow & be all better. but either way, it’s st. patrick’s day, so i’ll just get really bombed & i know all the free shit i’ll get will make me feel better.

March 16, 2004 0

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megatouch does anyone know if i can play megatouch photo hunt online anywhere? i know i can’t touch the screen, but if i could play naked lady photo hunt on my computer i will gladly give up any social life i have to sit at home all day & all night playing. well, except when i go out & play it for real at the bars. seriously, if it’s out there & anyone knows how i can get it, i will just freaking die. words can’t express how much it would mean to me.

god, i’m in such a shitty pms-driven mood. i’ve broken out, i am extremely pissed off at everything, & the fact that there’s going to be a huge snow storm coming when i have tons of shit to do is not making me any happier. & i have to fucking shovel, too. god dammit, i hate the world right now. if i wasn’t so smart, i’d punch a wall to release some tension…but alas, i know that would really hurt. some photo hunt would totally make everything all better…

& speaking of things that are pissing me off, i wish cuteftp wouldn’t be so queer so i could fix my guestbook. i need to chmod that bad boy & ws_ftp doesn’t seem to do that to my guestbook’s liking…or does it? fill me in, guys. your help might cause an extreme mood swing to a happier state of being.

March 12, 2004 0

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spring break 2004: reading, doylestown, & possibly the philadelphia ghetto. rock out with your cock out.

be back sunday, fools.

March 11, 2004 0

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yesterday i took on yet another volunteer project. i’m going to help out at c-net the non-profit local access channel here. i’ll be doing much of the same type of things as the at the historical society, but i’ll get to do things at home on my computer which is nice. so i met with the chick yesterday & i left feeling all pumped cuz i’m really excited about this. funny…i wont get a job, but i jump all over the chance at volunteering. fuck it, everything i volunteer for is a hell of a lot more enjoyable than any job i have a shot at getting right now. & i’m thinking of the experience it will get me. they scoff at me, but when this shit helps me out later in life, i will have the last laugh.

err, yeah… & not only that, i’m on top of my shit around the house, too. i’m finding myself being productive & actually doing the little things i’ve been wanting to do for the past couple of months. you know, the things you end up doing only when you have a huge assignment or paper due the next day. the things you do to procrastinate. except i’m not procrastinating with anything really. hey, it’s cool. although the one thing i should be doing that i’m not yet is my taxes. i guess that’s what i’m procrastinating doing, but i still got a month, so whatever. i guess that’s all that’s new with me, really. well, that i’ll fill you in on, ha!

March 5, 2004 0

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so yesterday i had to get up early to go hang with the old folks at the historical society. i woke up tired, hungover, & not in the mood to deal with that, but my morning quickly turned around when i got an email from ace saying she was coming to america!! yayayayyayayyyyaaayyayay!!!!!!!!! yeah, so sometime in april we’ll kick it, this time on my turf. ahh, so that made my day with the old people that much more tolerable. we were going to this school most appropriately called the boogersburg school, & we had to carpool to get there. this kooky old couple invited me to come with them, so i agreed, cuz i’m just good spirited like that. as i look at their car, i see something so wrong & vile & not cool. like, seriously. not cool. cape cod nude beach parking permit. oh dear god they were like, 70! & the lady was really out there, & lucky for me, loved to talk! oh boy!

& here’s another wacky story from tuesday. i went to go get my haircut & i parked in a metered lot. now, this should tell you how often i actually put money in the meters, i put my quarter in & it doesn’t go all the way in. i think it’s stuck & so i stick my key in the slot to try to push it in & it’s not going in. i’m getting pissed cuz i don’t want to lose my quarter & have to move to another spot to avoid a ticket. i’m jamming my key in & looking around, frustrated, when i see that there’s a knob you turn. i turn it & in goes my quarter. & i only got 15 minutes, those cheap sons of bitches. yeah, so it was funny. i guess i’m all used to those high tech meters that just take the money without all that extra knob turning. yeah.