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god, i wish chickenlegs was still up. there are tons of people that irritate the shit out of me online, & it was like, ok to make fun of people on chickenlegs. i’m itching to talk shit…but only there, not here. i would say almost anything, too. i just felt like it was my shield. man, i really miss those days. ahh well, i’ll just continue to bitch to myself. it’s cool, i like talking to myself.

this weekend ruled. the weather was gorgeous for februrary (50+ degrees!), & i had a tipsy good time both friday & saturday night in good company. & the best part about it, was i kicked off the weekend with a $760 mystery check from the government! apparently it was back taxes from my educational trust fund from last year, but in any case, who the fuck cares?! my bank account definitely needed a pick me up, & now i can put off that whole job thing for a few more months! hooray for holding on to those last few moments of being young, carefree & irresponsible.