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April 30, 2004 0

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god, i do not handle stress well. & i really shouldn’t be that stressed out. i mean, things are coming along. this maypole dance crap is a bit sketchy but should be ok, none the less. but still, man, i’m looking to pick a fight something mean. i really want to completely freak out on the boy, but that would be bad. he’d be like, “you are psycho, get the fuck away from me.” so i’ve shifted this anger towards my mom & the radio dj. i don’t know why i still think i am 13 when it comes to radio dj’s? did i ever mention the time we were iming a radio dj over thanksgiving break & calling them up & giggling like flamers? we called up to win a prize & were like, “hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s bush hooker & diarrhea pony!!” & we made orgasm sounds. dude, we were fucking 20, how sad. & who can forget the classic april 19, 2002 tripping fiasco. that’s a good laugh right there…check the archives for that one.

wow, anyway, as for today…i email the guy every so often usually to mention something about the floyd, cuz they’re my boys, you know that. i want to hear as much as i can in my day. so i’m just crazy random pink floyd chick, right? anyway, i’m not listening to the radio today because i brought in ‘dark side’ to listen to over & over again to keep me sane. i turn on the radio because i want to hear something different & they’re playing speak to me/breathe & on the run & i just think that’s so funny since that was just what i was listening to. well, i come to find out that pink floyd is the artist of the day, & i lose my shit in this email i send. i was all like, blahblah fucking shit i would have been caller #1 because i know my floyd like THAT & blahblah of all days you make them artist of the day it’s the day i can’t listen blahblah i can’t believe what you’re doing to me blahblah me so stressed & crazy. etc. i got myself so worked up over the incident. i’m still pretty heated because i have been waiting so long for my boys to be artist of the day. yeah & i went off.

this is like pms behavior but it’s not that time of the month. saturday needs to hurry up & get here before i verbally attack the boy & get my ass kicked to the curb. & i need to stop flirting with dj’s!

April 27, 2004 0

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you know, updating this hunk o’ junk really gets on my nerves sometimes. lets see…

this weekend was a big alumni weekend. got to see people i haven’t seen in awhile…volunteered at movin’ on which kinda sucked…but i got lots of free shit…yeah. gotta update my volunteer section because i’ve been doing a lot more. except with c-net. i haven’t done jack shit for them, & i really am not feeling it. of course, they invited me to a volunteer appreciation lunch, & now i feel guilty for not doing anything. but gah, who has the time?! i need me time, & it’s harder to get it. i’m all stressed out because of all this stuff i have to do at work for the big plant celebration on saturday, & my stress level will continually rise as the week goes on. i have to do a goddamn maypole dance & get people from a crowd to do it with me. not looking forward to that. what else?

i’m conflicted. i don’t know whether to be pissy that an old friend i made plans to hang out with while he’s in town hasn’t called back, or to be glad that i don’t have to go out & can sit around in leisure. tomorrow’s super busy, & possibly wednesday, too, so i wouldn’t mind a night in. but this is the only night really to get together. i should just go read my pink floyd book & not worry about anything else. mmm & make popcorn…

why oh why am i updating when i could be doing so many other things? peace!

April 20, 2004 0

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this is the first time in a long time that i haven’t celebrated 4/20. gee, look at the time…

April 16, 2004 0

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once a long time ago, i went to the pet store at the mall. there was this tank of hermit crabs, & i was excited because i thought they were cool & i really wanted one. i picked them up & played with them & this humongous one latched onto my hand & wouldn’t let go. i kept trying to pull it off, but he had the death grip going & it hurt. i started sweating & wondering what i was going to do because this stupid pet store hermit crab was pinching the shit out of my hand & i couldn’t leave with it still attached. so i had to sit on the floor hovering above this cage for what felt like hours, tugging & grunting. that motherfucker finally let go after awhile, but man…it sucked. i never wanted those bastard crabs again…

there is this guy who drives 10 miles an hour on campus, & for some reason i always seem to be stuck behind him. well, the first time i was a couple cars back, but i guess that’s what happens when you drive 10 miles an hour…traffic starts to back up. the speed limit is 15, but i mean, come on. today he stopped 10 feet in front of the stop sign for no real reason. he irritates the shit out of me, & i think i need to get leave work early to avoid him.

might anyone know why intervideo windvd 5 wont play audio? i’ve been trying to watch my new kickass pink floyd dvd’s that the coolest person on earth bought for me off my wishlist, but there is no sound!! i cannot figure it out & the website is absolutely no help. i might just give up & try another dvd program. any good free ones? i liked windvd when i had it on my other computer, but fuck this shit, i’m getting over a cold & the last thing i want to do is fuck with a computer. what i really wanted to do was climb into bed & watch dvd’s on my computer…

alright, i’m ashamed to admit it, but i’ve gotten sucked into the apprentice so it’s time to route bill on…

April 12, 2004 0

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writing a witty email & leaving out any details of the damage to the car really really works well in getting off on being a dumb ass. my mom admitted that my email was funny & being that i was vague on what “the car & the garage got into a little fight” meant, she thought something major had happened. finding out it was only a teeny tiny mirror that was damaged made everyone breathe a sigh of relief. god, i actually did a smart thing for once in how i presented this situation!

why do bands at bars have to play at ridiculous decibel levels? i mean seriously, it’s about 3 times louder than the comfort level. & it’s not like i’m some little old lady…but the shit physically hurts my ears, & honestly, makes the band sound worse when you hear one loud screech instead of individual instruments. & forget about having a conversation. you can scream directly into someone’s ears & they still wont hear you. i’ve tried to avoid seeing bands for this reason, but i’m finding myself having to endure this painful thing almost every weekend. i care about my hearing & certainly don’t want to lose it listening to bands i don’t even like. & that’s not it, i mean, take my favorite favorite song in the whole wide world & when i blast it, i still don’t listen to it at a deafening level. so bar owner & sound guys….fucking stop it, it’s really annoying. i stick wadded up balls of toilet paper in my ears almost every fucking night. the music is painfully loud you jerk offs. !@$!@#%!

April 8, 2004 0

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what a shitty ass day. the garage pissed off my car this morning, so my car bitch slapped the garage. but in turn, broke the equivalent of it’s hand, the side mirror. this couldn’t be worse timing, as i was preparing to ask my parents if i could take our 1 & only car to nyc for a nice 4-day weekend next week. i don’t think my parents are that senile yet where they’ll let me take the car, & also pay the $200+ for the damage i caused. so that means i’m going to be agitated over at least 1 or most likely both of these situations. & you know, i don’t really know what it is, but as soon as i get a new job, i hit something with the car. i’ve never hit any moving things, but i’ve hit a lot of stationary things. my first “accident” was when i plowed into a parked car, only months after getting my license, & only weeks (maybe even days) of getting my first job. it’s like i can never enjoy my first couple pay checks. i have to put them into fixing my automobile mistakes.

i was just telling my dad how many damn silver honda accords there are around here. would it be wrong to just take someone else’s as my own? it only looks like there are 2 screws holding it in place… haha wouldn’t that be funny though? one day going to your car in the parking lot to see that your side mirror is missing?

i also snapped part of the antenna off of the radio here at work, but as long as it still works, i don’t think anyone will notice. forget iraq, i am a weapon of mass destruction. what the hell is going on today, geez?? it needs to be the weekend already, like right now.

April 6, 2004 0

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i’m glad you all liked my april fool’s day joke. sorry i kept it up so long, but man, i had no time this weekend to change it back. seriously. saturday i was hungover until it was time to take a shower & go out again. then evil evil daylight saving’s time had to go & steal an hour out of my sunday. i was eating breakfast at 6 pm! so right now i’m sitting here very tired, waiting for my aunt & cousins to get here, frustrated at the fact i can’t seem to catch up on all my favorite websites. i should be more concerned with the fact that i haven’t paid my taxes yet, honestly. but yeah. i don’t like not having lots of time. i hate feeling rushed & being tired. i am extremely slow at everything i do, & that’s just fine when your day consists of volunteering for 3 hours & watching days of our lives. but this…this just sucks. there’s all these things i need to get done & i’m not getting it done. i have yet another busy day tomorrow, too. after i cook dinner, i’m gonna check out this banff mountain film festival world tour i got free tickets to. it better not suck, because i could spend that time resting up. then i should go see the boy do his thing at acoustic night. & hopefully i’ll squeeze scrubs in there. argh, i hate having a full plate, it stresses me out. yet i still update this hunk of crap. man. i’m tired. i’m not funny when i’m tired – this is no good! i feel like i’ve bitched about this before…& the sad thing is, compared to a lot of people i’m not really that busy. i’m just that much of a wuss. but man, i’m living for those weekends…4 more days to go!