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May 25, 2004 0

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huge dork

i’m sure you guys have seen a modified version of this on yahoo. i hope this guy knew what he was setting himself up for. i think he did cuz you can almost see it in his eyes. hope that $40 was worth it, buddy, cuz i don’t think i’m the only one who has made you look like a giant asshole.

i need a fucking vacation in the worst way. & luckily, i am getting just that! going to florida for memorial day weekend, which wont be nearly long enough, but hell, it’s better than nothing. i figured i’d write nay to let her know, cuz like, maybe we can meet up & stuff.

dear renee,

how would you feel if i showed up at your house this weekend wearing my blonde wig & your sequined butterfly top that i shamelessly purchased off ebay? would that be ok? i am your #1 fan, you know. seriously, i will be in sarasota this weekend, which is the closest i will most likely ever get to you in my life. i have dreamed of this day where we can finally meet.

love, rhiannon

[edit] yeah, well, since my site was down, you guys didn’t even know i went to florida, but i did. and if you can believe it, nay never wrote me back! i’m insulted. but don’t think i wasn’t temped to take off with the rental car for a little stalking action. kiiiidding…

i’ll probably write about the trip if the pictures are good. [/edit]

May 20, 2004 0

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isn’t it nice when you expect something bad to happen, but it turns out not to be so bad? the screen on my phone got all warped looking, & today some orange liquid shit was leaking out behind the screen. i spent $150 on the damn thing (which, in hind sight, was way too much considering what it doesn’t do), it was only 1 year old & i didn’t drop it or beat it up. i took care of it. & it took a crap on me. so i took it in & the verizon guys said they would give me a new one for free! i deserved a free replacement, but i wasn’t expecting it. they said they normally would charge $150, but the screen wasn’t cracked so i wasn’t charged. i’m sure being a hot chick didn’t hurt, either. i was excited because i thought i might get the new new’s a dark pewter-type color as opposed to the champagne, but i got the old champagne colored one. but it has a few subtle differences which keeps me on my toes. i have to redownload things though, which sucks. although they said to call customer service to get the charges credited back to me. the only thing i don’t like is that i didn’t clear out the old phone. i wasn’t expecting to get a new one, so i didn’t erase my calendar, notes, old text messages, phone #s, etc. it’s no real biggie, it’s just that i’m an incredibly nosey person, so i imagine everyone else is, too. i don’t want people hunting around through my phone, even if there isn’t anything real juicy in there. well, no use getting bothered cuz it’s not like i can do anything about it, but is anyone feelin’ me on this?

May 18, 2004 0

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there’s a name for people like me. creepy pervert. i like to wear little girl’s clothing. i can’t help myself! i hit the children’s clearance rack & i just find this shit. now, i think most people would be like, ‘woah, i could fit into this…that’s cool!’ & leave it at that. but i take it that next step & actually purchase. they’re always cute & pink & sparkly fun…with a twist of slutty cuz they’re tight & short, being that these shirts are made for 5 year olds. but i’m gonna wear my new pink butterfly shirt to the bar this weekend, & i’m gonna look cool!

kid shirt kid shirt

May 11, 2004 0

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yeah so, my car door just decided to break last week. wont open at all. i expected this from the van, but not from the honda. bad honda. i should just paint it orange & slap on a confederate plate & call it the general lee! i actually tried that, but it is actually pretty hard climbing in & out of a car window. especially one with leather seats. so that’s out. i just have to slide in on the passenger side & climb over the transmission into my seat. it’s a pain in the ass i tell you, especially cuz we have automatic seatbelts that just get in the way. i feel bad for my parents who are older & out of shape. the new lock wont come in until thursday & they then have to remove the door & the seat to get it in. sounds expensive i say! i asked them & they gave me a nice low $200something price which wasn’t too bad. until they said, “oooooh, you have one of the tricky ones.” & then the other guy at the counter said, “yeah, no it’s going to take more than an hour & a half of labor to do that!” so it’s now been bumped up to the $400something range. i am getting embarrassed to show my face at this place as i am furthering perpetuating the stereotype that women are bad drivers. at least the lock thing wasn’t really my fault.

May 3, 2004 0

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thank god everything is over, although this week will surely be busily spent doing things i put off for the plant celebration. on friday, a little after 5, we decide to push the leaning maypole to a more upright position. go figure that 3 of the ribbons would rip off the pole, due to the fact they were all pinned to the ground. fucking hell. so that definitely fucked things up. the dance went alright on saturday, but that all went to hell when this one lady decided to let kids from the audience weave the maypole ribbons for round 2 of maypole madness. little kids who have no idea what they’re doing trying to do something semi-complicated only leads to disaster. no one would admit defeat & they kept trying & trying to get it right. the audience even gave up after so long. oh well, who really cares, right?

then i peaced out for a bit for a volunteer appreciation luncheon. i know i mentioned that i was going to volunteer with c-net, but frankly, i haven’t done jack shit for them. i got a not so fun “assignment” that i never finished. but i went to the free lunch anyway. i ended up sitting at this table with this interesting old couple. remember in the movie cruel intentions when sebastian went to the old folks home & got stuck with the old lady who thought that they played backgammon & that she won 3 times? i swear i’m convinced that was the lady at the table with me. she looked & sounded just like her. well, since the food took almost an hour to get there, i had to run out as soon as i was done eating to get back to work. i was then stopped & given a certificate of appreciation while the volunteer coordinator girl announced to the 50 or so people about how great a volunteer i was. i got an award for doing jack shit. god i feel guilty. & now i totally feel obligated to do this work. tomorrow night no less.