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August 31, 2004 0

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there’s this commercial i always hear on the radio that goes “a house full of coke is a house full of friends.” amen to that, they don’t even know! i take it out of context & giggle & go about my work.

& on the subject of commercials & drugs, i’m sure you’re all familiar with the “talk to your kids about drugs” ads. you can see them here. you know the ones…the 13 year old who smokes pot & gets knocked up, the kid who smokes a bowl & shoots his buddy. or everyone’s favorite, the guys in the drive thru who run over the girl on the bike. & my beef with that one is what moron lets their kid ride their bike in front of a drive thru?? but that’s not what i’m here to talk about…dave chapelle has already squared that one away.

scroll down to the bottom & click on “rough night” if you are not familiar with this commercial. in a nutshell, the kid gets all fucked up & passes out so the dad writes on his forehead “time to talk.”

time to talk

now, as everybody knows, when someone gets fucked up & passes out, you draw all over them & put shit on them & tie their shoelaces together & things like that. oh the memories from college…*sigh* & you must always have the essential big black permanent marker cock on the face.

big black cock

but no, the dad did it all wrong! & this is my beef with this commercial.

August 27, 2004 0

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i’m not turning the cam on again until i’m wearing yellow. i’m going to cam it up rainbow style! god, remember when i used to do interesting shit in cam? now i can’t imagine you people actually sitting around & watching me live. ooh, watch me type up some notes! so interesting!! just like my posts as of late.

here’s some pictures from yesterday as i went to explore the penns/brush valley. it was actually very beautiful, in a farmy sort of way. i’m designing a road trip around the county type thing, & even though i’m cramming time wise, i’ve got some good stuff planned & i’m actually excited to be working on it. so i’ve got a few more of those to do, state theatre stuff, homecoming (we’re gonna have a float!!), & more historical society programs. but yeah, back to my pictures – it was a quaint little drive on a gorgeous day.

wizard of oz

a wizard of oz scene minus dorothy


i really like the amish


we went through lots of mountains & creeks

August 24, 2004 0

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again, could men’s gymnastics get any more exciting?? well, it could, but yeah i was enjoying it. my favorite olympic sports never let me down…gymnastics, diving, ice skating. i guess the other sports could have exciting/amazing/shocking/dramatic aspects to them as well, but see i wouldn’t know because i’m not watching.

yesterday was such an incredibly gorgeous day. that’s a first since all summer it’s been rain, rain, & more rain. & we had this like, 60 degree cold spell for a bit. so i decided to go out & explore this park where i used to ride my bike back in the day. it was awesome. i followed this path through the woods & came out in a field. the sun was shining, the sky was blue, it was just perfect, so i decided to take off through the field with my music & just go. it was so fun exploring the woods & fields because the whole time i was just like, where the fuck am i?? it was weird to come across all of this open space & wooded area in the middle of this town. ok, so we’re central pa & this is an agricultural school…but still. i had no idea this stuff was lurking back behind the park. i spent a couple hours there & i think i will have to go back. i guess that counts as going hiking, one of the things on my summer to-do list. i really wanted to go up in the mountains & wander around, but i dunno if i wanna do that alone, especially when i have no idea where i’m going. maybe next summer.

this weekend i’m back to work at the id office. i miss working there & i’ve done it every year since i was 17. so since it’s arrival weekend, i’ll be back for a guest appearance. it’ll kinda be like volunteering only i’m getting paid! i’ll get a free t-shirt & the chance to mack on 18 year olds. awesome.

August 20, 2004 0

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how exciting was last night’s mens’ gymnastics?! the heartache, the drama, the comeback that only happens in predictable, formulaic movies… of course, i’d much rather be experiencing that heart pounding action through days of our lives but, i’ve still got 1 more week to go.

in the meantime, i’ve been keeping myself busy busy! things are getting exciting at the state theatre, as yesterday governor ed rendell awarded a $1.5 million grant to the theatre. i was there & it was awesome. things are really gonna get rolling now, & i’m very excited! on top of that, i am the volunteer coordinator for the college avenue mile for the state 1k race. i could barely contain myself when they said they needed a volunteer coordinator because i really really want to do that sort of thing. but i played it cool & was all like, “i guess i could do that.” i get such a rush when i volunteer. i guess that is my “thing.” well, at least it’s a thing that makes me feel good.

school starts in just a few weeks, & even though i’ve already graduated, i cannot wait. christ, i hardly did anything this summer except volunteer (& i’m really pissed i haven’t been able to mini golf thanks to all the goddamn rain) but i will finally get to go out & do shit with people again. & i think i’m gonna be a nerd & really check out things going on at penn state. i didn’t do all that much while i was actually a student, but now that i’m alum, i’m interested in all there is to do. anyway, the weekend is pretty much here, hooray! next week philly, maybe? grange fair? i’m in an unusually good mood. time to watch the girls’ gymnastics. i don’t like the anorexic russian. gymnastics is graceful & beautiful…her body is so sickly gross it’s just looks ugly when she does her tumbles. but whatever…no one seems to see this except me.

oh & don’t think i’ve forgotten about posting nyc pictures. i don’t have them yet, so as soon as i crack the whip & get my friend to send them my way, i will have them for you. lets hope i can remember the stories that go along with them…it was quite a trip!

August 17, 2004 0

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well, i’ve signed on to give a tour of the mansion to 15 12-15 year olds with attention deficit disorder & other “mental” problems. by myself. did i mention that i’ve never given a full school tour by myself? & a new potential docent is coming to observe. what have i gotten myself into? i am envisioning a train wreck, especially since it’s 10:30 p.m. & i haven’t even finished my research, written an outline, or even worked my speech out loud yet. it’s like speech comm all over again! so you can either interpret this as me being weak & feeling guilty, thus taking on this ridiculous tour when i didn’t have to at all. or me being confident & willing to take a risk, taking charge & handling a big task all by myself. i’ll tell myself it’s the latter. i’m really dreading this, though. we’ll see if i can pump out a good presentation & not be afraid to keep those kids in line. gah, i like the little kids. i don’t know how this age group will work out. but we’ll see how it goes tomorrow. & if they’re monsters i hope i wont put up with any of their shit. i guess it’s like an experiment. but i’m really tired so i’m gonna go to bed now & worry about it in the morning…

August 10, 2004 0

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i have always wanted to be one of people answering phones on the pbs telethon & on saturday that dream finally came true. i tagged along with this group of really old people somehow involved with law enforcement, & i was there to answer the phones to the best of 50s pop! & so you know, those telethons are very misleading…my phone was line 6 & it only rang once at the very end! by the looks of it you’d think they were ringing off the hook. luckily the tightly wound gay dude next to me let me answer his phone. it was great when some guy called to complain about there not being any new weather world episodes. hi sir, i’m just taking phone donations, i don’t know anything about weather world! i set my vcr, but i dunno if they showed me at all because i only caught an hour on tape. i also sat at the very end, not wanting to steal the glory away from the old folks. oh & i love how they misspelled our county, too. we spell “center” the cockeyed english way. yeah, but everyone there was so nice & i really had a great time. it’s great being behind the scenes & seeing how things are done. i liked it so much so that i emailed back asking if i could do another shift! i’ll be back in action thursday night! i really love this shit, i tell ya…

August 7, 2004 0

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i am so ashamed of myself. there’s this song i kinda like…it just really started to grow on me & all the while i knew that i shouldn’t like it. total pussy rock, you know what i’m talking about. but it’s even worse. it’s fucking christian rock. i make fun of christian rock & the people who listen to it. ugh, i am pathetic! & no, it’s not creed, but i’m not telling who it is because i should totally not like christian music. & even though i know it’s christian rock, i’m not deleting it off my computer & i will just roll up the windows when i hear it on the radio in the car.

& you know what i’m listening to right now? meatloaf. willingly. i would love to meet a nice boy who would sing & dance along with me when “paradise by the dashboard light” came on the radio. i get really into it, too. yeah i guess we all have our secret music that we listen to that we don’t want anyone to know about. i guess you can’t really help it if you like something.

so anyway, verizon fucking hates me. everything was great until may when some weird liquid shit leaked from underneath my screen. so they gave me a replacement phone & the thing is a piece of shit. so finally like 3 months later i finally take it to be fixed since no one can hear me when they call. every time i went the damn service people weren’t in. so i finally get it fixed (so they lead me to believe!) & all was fine for a whole 3 days! now it doesn’t make any sound. & when i can’t hear anything, people on the other end can’t hear me! like 10% of the time it works. but christ, this is really annoying. i’m starting to think they just gave me the broken phone of the last schmuck who came in. & they are all laughing at me behind my back. i guess i can’t complain since they’re not charging me…but i am paying for a service that i’m really not getting to use. & don’t even get me started on the taxes. that really gets me going when i see that i’m paying like 75% of my bill in taxes & bullshit fees. am i the only one bothered by this? in less than a year it doubled to something ridiculous like $8 in taxes on a mere $38 bill. we are being raped, here, people. & they’re gonna keep jacking up these taxes…ugh GOD DAMMIT you got me started.

August 4, 2004 0

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holy crap…nay…is…legal! wow, i can’t believe i just caught that. if it wasn’t 11 p.m. & i didn’t have to go to work tomorrow i would totally do something outrageous. but hell, her birthday was 2 days ago anyway so what does it matter. i am still her #1 fan, though. don’t think i’m slacking. & jesus, it seems like only yesterday she was the tender age of 14. time is flying by at a dangerous speed & before i know it i will be 30 (tears are welling up in my eyes at the very thought). & i will still be reading nay’s site if it is out there. & don’t you try to tell me that’s pathetic because it’s not!!!

well, the site is not gone. it was like the y2k deal, waiting to see what would happen & bam, nothing did. my domain has officially expired, but i’m still here! i guess i have a grace period or something, which is cool, so i’m still trucking for now. but i still have not solved my problem so i’m not out of the clear yet. & on a completely different subject, i finally got my phone fixed & that rules.

August 3, 2004 0

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well, my site might not be here after 2 am! i didn’t realize my expiration date was…er…tomorrow. & i don’t have control over my domain. i was working on that & then said, oh hey, i still got some time. well, who knows…i will try to get my shit renewed, but if i don’t & some stupid site buyer up gets ahold of my baby i will be sad & i will cry. but i have a few short hours left to show off this totally awesome picture of me & random boys dressed up like the village people!

village people!