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September 27, 2004 0

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i think it’s great that this guy was talking to me for 20 minutes, only he wasn’t talking to me, he was talking to my twin. & what’s so funny about it is that this girl was talking back like she knew him, which is totally something i would do. yeah, that amuses me. all of a sudden people have been reporting my mystery twin sightings. i really want to run into this girl!

anyway, the college ave mile was a success! read about it. there were some few kinks that need to be worked out, but for a first time event, it went very very well. i was kinda bummed i moved away from the action down to the intersection so i wasn’t at the registration starting area, the starting line, or the finish line…so i didn’t really get to see anything exciting. but i did get an interview on the news. i didn’t get to see it since it was on the saturday 11 o’clock news & i was out celebrating. the only other time i was on the news i looked like a moron, so i kinda wanted to see how i looked this time (yes, i’m vain) but there’s nothing i can do about that now, right?

i’ll post the pictures of the race soon!

but i can finally take a breather, at least for a bit. it is nice that it’s over, but i still have other things to do. last week was really really busy. on top of getting this event ready, i had a conference to go to, multiple visits to radio stations, the volunteer fair, a meeting with a committee i really don’t want to be on, and of course i squeezed in the career fair. you know how i am with my free shit, although this time i stuck to only taking things that i actually needed (like raping the johnson & johnson table for a toothbrush, body wash, moisturizer, etc.) & really cool things.

ahh, life is good right now. i’m content. time for bed now, though. i wonder if i can get back to going to bed before 11 pm (that lasted for not even a week, haha).

September 20, 2004 0

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i had the uh, interesting experience of sitting next to someone pissing under a table inside a bar. i sometimes have to question the people i associate with.

anyway, the weekend kinda wore me out with everyone being in town & going to the football game. except for the torrential downpour on friday night, the weather was gorgeous this weekend. & i even got out of doing this thing for work thanks to all the flooding. but anyway, this week is going to be insanely busy. sooo much to do. we’ll see if i can handle it.

i also decided that i’m going to go ahead & get my birman kitten. gotta research & visit catteries around the state first, but i should have one by the end of the year. i’ve wanted a birman since i was 16 & i’m finally getting one of my very own! god, we’ll have 4 young cats…totally nuts, but i love it.

September 17, 2004 0

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listen to me on the morning bus talking about the college avenue mile for the state theatre!

had to throw that up because i love this event & really just because i love myself, & this is my own site of self-worship! i was a little nervous and kind of quiet but it’s all good. the qwk rock interview was the best, but i didn’t tape that. i had so much fun & everyone was real cool, except for the psycho from the am station – that guy was scary. he was so intimidating i was afraid to talk. anyway, i’ll probably put up next week’s broadcasts, too, because i’m just that narcissistic. i am so excited for this!!

September 14, 2004 0

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for all zero of you in the state college area who happen to be awake at 8:30, listen for me on qwk rock at 8:20ish & 93.7 the bus at 8:40ish on thursday, plugging the college ave mile for the state theatre. i am sooooooo so excited i get to be live on the bus morning show! twice! you can catch us next thursday, too. i am loving working on this & like, really being involved & having responsibility & a say in the matter. helping to recruit radio sponsorship was pretty cool, too. so yeah, that’s what is up with me. if you’re in the area & into running or just want to have a fun time, register to run down the legendary college avenue september 25 for a good cause!!!!

September 7, 2004 0

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wow what a great weekend to start off fall! old friends, new friends, “working”/tailgating, 3 nights of fun! i have to remember that most of the people i got to hang out with wont be around every weekend, but i have a good feeling about things just since this school year started so right. i needed this 3 day weekend since i worked straight through last weekend, & it felt good to lay around & do jack shit all yesterday & today & drink all night, but i really do need to get back into the swing of things.

anyway, i don’t have a single picture from this weekend (i really need to get my own purse-size digital camera) but, i do have new york city pictures from july!

new york new york

September 2, 2004 0

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so today was the best day ever!! i can still say that even though i had a headache all day long & this one major bout of pms-induced depression.

as you know my state theatre gig is like a child to me and today just kicked ass for the state. we got radio sponsorship from my favorite radio station, 93.7 the bus! woo hoo! this is incredibly exciting to me, but then again, it doesn’t take much to make me happy. & the cherry on top of the greatness that was today was when I GOT OUT OF A PARKING TICKET IN DOWNTOWN STATE COLLEGE!!! i think i am more excited about that…i wasn’t even trying! i parked right in front of the theatre & i came out right as this fat, mean-looking spawn of satan ticket writer was hanging around my car. i say “have you already written the ticket? i can put more money in.” & he asked if i worked there. so i said yes & that i was leaving. he crumbled it up, said this one time he would let me off, but next time blah blah grumble grumble…whatever. so i said “thank you so much” in my heartfelt nice voice & peaced out of there. this was over 12 hours ago & just thinking about it brings such joy to me.

ahhh yes, on with the stories! last night i went to the grange fair. what can i really say about the fair? words just cannot express the essence of the fair. & since i’m really tired & i want to go to bed, i’ll have to summarize from the notes i took. yes, i had paper & pen with me & i would write down things that i just had to go back to the big city to blog about.

– first & foremost, there was no question that we were in bush country. if you’ve been to a county fair, you are familiar with the kind of people that frequent them. & these people are voting for bush. i don’t think there is a better reason to vote democrat, folks.

& on the subject of politics, i was deeply disturbed to see a gun raffle…………at the democrat booth.

– i also saw this teenage girl wearing a “to young for ashton” shirt. i got really upset because i had seen that shirt in the mall & i wanted to buy it for my mom. i told my mom about how i wanted her to walk around in public wearing it. if you knew what she looked like, it would just be really funny. whatever, it’s funny to me, i don’t care what you think!

– next on my piece of paper is ‘shit recycled topsoil “bathroom”‘ which was to remind me of the horrible experience that was having to release my bile in the foulest of places ever. this “bathroom” was like a big long shed with stalls & stalls of gaping holes of shit. the smell in there made me gag & i almost started crying it burned my eyes. & what really creeped me out the most was that it was a giant human waste compost for topsoil. were these award winning fair pumpkins and squash grown in human shit? is this practice really done? is this sanitary??? ugh.

well, the bingo was fun.