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October 25, 2004 0

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well, homecoming weekend rocked out, even though i didn’t get to see half the people who came up & i missed the drag show. as i said, i was in the homecoming parade on friday night. it kinda sucked that we were at the end of the parade so we had to wait around forever, & the people in the front were already coming back before we had even gotten to the start. but we rode in a limo so it was nice & toasty warm. my first time in a limo! i was a blonde movie star in my prom gown (i was extremely excited to get to wear that puppy again) waving & kissing to the crowd, holding up this fake oscar. if people weren’t making sexual references to me, they were calling me a man. it was great! i shared the limo with the olsen twins & lindsay lohan, & occasionally the producer would roll out the red carpet & we’d get out & pretend like we were stars, while we had paparazzi taking pictures & filming with a video camera. of course, being the geniuses that we are, there was no film in them to capture the event. hopefully someone got some pictures though, because it was really hilarious to see. our committee chairman got all up in drag as joan rivers & ran through the crowd interviewing people. i had a great time, but it wore me out & i fell asleep waiting for people to call me back with the word on the nightlife.

saturday night i got all hooched up & got to see some old friends, but unfortunately i did have to go to this shitty party for awhile. while waiting on some people we missed meeting up with other people, so we ended up at the sports bar where my friends played blackjack for money with some random dudes with these nasty beer soaked cards.

today i missed out on brunch with my old crew, but i went on a field trip instead! i’ve pretty much joined this class on pennsylvania architecture & restoration so i get to go along for the field trips & fun stuff. they’re a great group, & i really enjoy hanging out with them & being part of the group. it’s always a ridiculous time – today being no exception, with our random stop at indian caverns to take pictures of us sticking out of a giant teepee.

next weekend is going to be even busier, but i cannot wait! my favorite time of the year. i can only pray we have a heat wave like last year. although i’m praying for a delay in the visit of my monthly friend, because that will totally fuck up the weekend…so it looks like i’ll be doing a lot of praying. & i could possibly see myself praying to not be sick anymore, depending on how much i drink hehe. gotta take it easy, though, i’m doing lots of volunteering. & i get to top it all off with a halloween party with my new architecture buddies. i’ll try to get pictures!

October 19, 2004 0

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tonight i volunteered answering phones over at wpsu for the fm radio membership drive. it wasn’t as fun as the tv membership drive, but my phone rang like, 3 times in two hours & i did get a disgruntled caller. i always seem to get the people who are pissed off about their favorite program. for our time slot they were playing a michael moore interview on npr & the volunteer coordinator told us that we might get some hostile callers, since there is a high # of white supremacists in our listening area! haha i got nervous.

anyway, i’m gonna be honest with you guys, because i feel like i can trust you with my true feelings. i don’t want to look like a bad bad person…but, those livestrong bracelets irritate the shit out of me. is that wrong? i feel bad saying that since it’s all about cancer, but i dunno, there’s just something that annoys me whenever i see people wearing one – probably for the fact that everyone is wearing one. i had to type in “yellow bracelet” in google to figure out what the hell was going on at first. i thought it was some crazy ass cult! but i swear to god you can’t turn around without seeing someone wearing one now. & i think that’s why it bothers me. it’s the little, insignificant things that piss me off. i’m all for raising money for cancer, but i dunno, the bracelets have gotta go. i do wonder how long that fad will last, though.

i love fall, it’s my favorite season, but i hate that it gets colder & colder, & darker & darker. it’s still raining & it sucks because i want to do my after work walk a few more times before it gets too cold. the leaves are changing & it’s really pretty…but i wish it would fucking stop raining already so i could salvage what’s left of the good weather!! but i still do love fall, there’s just something in the air…

halloween’s coming up soon & i have to figure out what i’m doing, what to wear, whether to volunteer, to go out of town or not…i hate decisions.

& did i mention i’m going to be in the homecoming parade this friday? i get to ride in a limo & dress up like a starlet in a slinky gown & fur coat for the state theatre’s “opening night at the state” theme. like a mini performance in motion!

i think that’s pretty much all that’s been going on with me lately. well, not all, but all i’m going to tell you!

October 8, 2004 0

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wow…i had a phone scammer call me rude! see, they got conned by some copier toner scam at work & now we have a gazillion boxes of toner. for awhile they laid low, but they’re back again calling about that stupid sharp copier. they don’t follow the rules of the telemarketing do-not call list & they’re real aggressive, so when they call i usually just tell them not to call back again & hang up. so i did this today & the guy called right back asking for the former person who worked there. when i said she no longer worked there & that i was the one in the position he says i’m rude & hangs up. seriously…this guy who scams people had the nerve to call back to complain that i am rude! & for the record, i used “please” when requesting not to be called back. honestly i really really want to be rude to these people, but i am representing this organization. i just found this highly amusing. i would love to sick the president of the society on them, then they’d really get a taste of rude haha.

& on the subject of scams & spam, i thought this was a funny way to start off junk mail about an online casino (yes, sometimes i read this shit)…

“They were both so much moved that they cried aloud like eagles or vultures with crooked talons that have been robbed of their half fledged young by peasants”

October 5, 2004 0

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so here i am proctoring an exam for my mom’s class. i already left them alone once because i had to go to the bathroom & couldn’t hold it. & my feet are killing me because i’ve been standing at this computer for almost an hour since i don’t have a big stool to sit on. i’m tired & cranky & want to go home to watch days of our lives & play with my new baby kitty. i got a blue point female birman even though i was looking for a seal point male. she was cute & i was there so why not. i was gonna ask you all for help with a name since it had to be a name that started with ‘b’ to follow the birman year naming tradition thing, but i just decided to go with blueberry since the vet wanted a name. i guess it’s not set in stone yet though, in case anyone has any really good ideas. i was gonna break out the dictionary & go to town but that’s too much work. blueberry was the only thing i thought of that remotely went with her & didn’t suck. ok i’m bored – i don’t want to type anymore. the keys are really loud so i’m typing all soft & slow. 15 more minutes! these shitheads just had to use the whole hour & 15 minutes to take the exam, huh. only 3 of them finished. being here i can definitely say i don’t miss exams & homework. well, this time gave me an excuse to update & respond to some emails & check out something for work. cool.

October 1, 2004 0

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today was a sucky day. i thought that just the end of the day was sucky, but in retrospect, i have come to realize most of the day was sucky. am i glad it’s the weekend! i’m going kitty shopping saturday. if i get one, it will be really exciting, & i will really neglect this site. see, not only would i have a baby kitten, but i also have in living color season 2 to watch! amazon played a trick on me (but a good one!) first saying it wasn’t going to be released until october, then saying it was being shipped on the 27th, only to have it arrive a day later! i was so excited!

i got a couple of cool shirts from express the other day. i’m trying to expand my wardrobe & look a little more professional. my problem, besides not having enough dressy clothes, is that my “dressy” clothes are my frat party/bar wear, which is tacky to wear to work. i’m pissed, too, because i was like, ‘oh i have all these dress pants & skirts & cute little shirts’ but they are all too tight, too shirt, or just trashy looking. by all means i don’t dress trashy at all, but i want to be a little more classy & conservative. so i’m pretty much buying only professional clothes from here on out. i need to get to an h&m soon, though…dear god i love that store. but i am feeling a gia & co. trip coming on. while i can’t justify spending that much money on their stuff (no matter how nice it is) their sales are pretty sweet. i bought a nice, good quality skirt there one time because it was on sale dirt cheap, but it’s far too tight to ever wear to work, which was the reason i bought it in the first place. oh the injustice! i guess I really can’t find good quality work clothes at stores like deb, & i’ll have to shell out the dough at those classier stores. not good when you’re as cheap as i am! and i am still dreading the day i’m too old to shop in the junior’s department. the clothes for women are pretty crap.

well, i’m only really here to put up some of the pictures from the college ave mile. so, here they are!

college ave mile