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November 27, 2004 0

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ungrateful little cock monkeys

you know how i feel about the livestrong bracelets. you feel the need to wear those things to prove yourself to others – that you really are a good person who likes helping people with cancer & that you are living strong. i’m sure all your flipped collared frat buddies thing you are a fine example of a human being. or you wear your little livestrong bracelet because everyone else has one so you want one too. you’re all sheep, all of you. i commend people who aren’t wearing those stupid things! well, now we have a thonstrong bracelet here at school that is navy blue & says “for the kids.” lets jump on the mass propaganda bandwagon, yeah! & before you go & accuse me of hating kids with cancer or something, i’m donating my hair to locks of love next spring & i’m not getting a tacky plastic bracelet for it.

so along with the livestrong bracelets, i am equally annoyed with the ribbon magnets on cars. i had a big ol’ rant ready for that one, but jay beat me to it.

November 22, 2004 0

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i am so addicted to group hug anonymous online confessions it’s not even funny. i like to read other people’s confessions to laugh at the funny ones & to feel better about myself at the pathetic ones. & holy shit, once i get started, i cannot stop confessing. it feels so good. any time i think of something that i wouldn’t tell people, or fucked up thoughts, or things that piss me, bam – i’m there confessing. it’s like a drug, i keep going back for more! i think i’m gonna put a link to the site along with the latest confession here on my site because they give you the code to do it. of course, there will be the random people who come here & will read some random person’s confession, like “i had sex with my brother” & think it’s a confession i made, but whatever. i don’t have anything really juicy to confess, but i just like to say whatever is on my mind. i will post 20 confessions there at the drop of a hat, but i will go a week or so without blogging. & i’m sure my confessions are a hell of a lot more interesting…but yeah, the whole point is saying whatever i want cuz it’s anonymous. so yeah, this is my latest thing.

& to totally switch gears, i bought the cutest pair of vintage brown pumps yesterday that i am totally in love with. now, i really don’t have the girl shoe shopping gene. i hate shoe shopping because the shit out there is ugly & expensive. dear 80s, please go back out of style, thanks. my shoe criteria is: comfortable, reasonably priced & attractive. apparently the fashion industry & i have extremely different views on what is deemed “attractive.” so basically it’s a rare thing to find this triple combo, which makes me not a fan of shoe shopping. but i love these shoes so much & they were only $20!!!!!!!! if they were black i would have keeled over & died in the store right then. i can’t wait to wear them tomorrow.

November 18, 2004 0

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i won a free tank of gas off the radio this morning!!! fuck yeah i’ve been trying to win something from the bus for well over a year – how pathetic is that? & only just now winning, jesus. but yeah, it was a great start to my day today. i needed it after yesterday – a bad start to my day. i’m very up & down emotionally lately, & geez, it sucks a lot. but things are starting to get really busy at work, so at least i’ve got something to keep my brain occupied. i sometimes think i should get use live journal so i could actually get out all this personal shit, but live journal is gay & well, i don’t like any of you enough to let you read it. but man, it’s too bad i’m such a lazy ass, i’ve had all kinds of great things to write, but no motivation whatsoever.

well let me tell you my great line i said today while watching days of our lives. so this guy ran into his fiancĂ©e with her ex husband & he said he was actually glad that she ran into him & she asked why. & my ad lib was “so he can pick your sloppy ass up after i dump you!” it was great, it really was. i would love to write for a soap opera – it would be nothing but incest, bestiality, rape, child abuse, etc. now you might think that many of these topics are covered, but most have not occurred since i’ve been watching & i have found plenty of great opportunities that just haven’t been taken. & it’s ok to want to see this stuff happen because it’s not real! that makes it ok! but every time something i like (something cheap & low brow) happens, soap fans get all pissed off & bitches about the story line being of bad taste. so everyone would hate my story lines, i’m sure. whatever. i know what i want to see in a soap opera, & it’s sure as hell not having shawn & belle save their virginity for each other. barf.

but you know, if american politics had the same kind of loyalty & devotion as soap operas did, shit would get done. seriously. if soap fans don’t like something, show producers will do whatever it takes to please them. if we as citizens of this country gave a shit enough about government to actually do something, like soap fans, our politicians would do anything to make us happy, instead of just talking out of their asses. the end.

November 9, 2004 0

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ok i promise i wont freak out & go off on another tangent about the ass raping done to us by the wireless industry & the government, so we’ll just say verizon is walking a very thin line with me when it comes to my bill, & charging me a $5 late fee might very well drive me over the edge. all i know is that i have a check dated october 16, a cashing of said check on october 26, & a due by date right smack in the middle. i can’t take much more of this. & i blame dubya for the 30925780325% tax charge on my phone bill. but whatever, i’m not paying the late fee so we’ll see what happens. it will probably show up next time but whatever. i really wanted to write “ass raping” as my memo on the check, but i thought that was in poor taste, even though that’s exactly what they’re doing. so i settled for “robbing me blind.”

right, so i’m fucking restless as hell right now. got my mind racing & i’m just being a total girl. a high school one at that & i’m frustrated & just gah, dunno. god, i wish i had game…

i want to know why i have a subscription to elle girl magazine. i never ordered this. i guess it’s cool as long as no bill comes for it. i just want to know why i’m getting it is all. christ, the magazines i get are elle girl, which i have no idea why i’m getting, & penthouse that some dude off the internet bought for me. maybe this is a blessing in disguise. elle girl can tell me why my crush hasn’t called & how to get that hottie in class to notice me, & i can use the stories & pictures in penthouse to…well….yeah. god someone please shoot me. i’m annoying the shit out of myself.

November 3, 2004 0

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oh my god this is so depressing. i left the bar (forgetting to pay my share & having to go back) because my little heart couldn’t take it anymore…well & because i do have to go to work tomorrow. i never had a reason to like ohio, & right now, while it’s still too close to call with a slight bush lead, i am really disliking them. i think i’m just going to have to go to bed & find out tomorrow who wins. i’m not feeling good about this, & i’m really feeling disappointed with my fellow americans right now. you can never underestimate the old folks & the conservatives. ugh. at least the important states went the right way. livian start saving your money, because i might have to make due on my promise to move to canada if dubya is reelected. but hell, i voted for the first time & i got my sticker & people congratulated me at the polling place…& i got to spend the evening watching the results with my friends at a bar, with the sound of candiflyp in the background. let’s pray for a miracle here, people!

ahahahha this made me laugh:

Tr1x0r: damn

Tr1x0r: we are electing this douche again

Tr1x0r: ?

well, what can you do? life goes on (hopefully)…


halloween pictures!





November 2, 2004 0

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i feel like i’m cramming for an exam by doing all this last minute candidate research. i don’t want to be some jackass randomly picking people for the state & local elections, but trying to do this shit last minute is totally burning me out. i just now learned what races are going on & who is running. so i guess i am pretty uninformed cuz there’s no way i’ll get all the facts or be able to be objective at this point. it looks like i’ll be voting democrat by default in most cases. there’s a few i’m torn on, so we’ll see what happens tomorrow. maybe i’ll do a little more research when i get home from work, since the polling place is across the street from my house. did you know this is my first time ever voting? i was kinda bummed when i was told i wont get a “i voted” sticker, like the ones they give you when you give blood. i wanted a sticker!

i’m also still pretty worn out from this weekend. saturday i volunteered at the haunted granary. thoughts: i was really impressed with it & i will definitely be involved again. there were too many high schoolers involved, though & i felt really not cool. i wish i had done more guiding. sunday i was at shaver’s creek for the kid’s halloween trail. thoughts: i loved being out in the woods on such a gorgeous day. the volunteers were great, but the kids drove me nuts sometimes. i was in charge of entertaining them, & pumpkin bowling sucked because it was nothing but dodging flying pumpkins, bending over & setting up the pins & chasing after runaway pumpkins. after that was an interesting halloween party in this crazy 70s house on the top of a mountain. pictures should be coming shortly.

wow, i’m sorry, i can’t stay awake & my brain is officially fried. anything remotely interesting or funny i might have had to say…forget it. but hopefully i’ll get pictures soon, they’re good!

& please, let tomorrow be the day dubya gets the pink slip…