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December 26, 2004 0

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here, i’ll leave you with this post i wrote up at the mall while i was volunteering for the state theatre, bored out of my skull. i’ll save the pms-induced post of rage for next time!

i have this old person habit of putting things down in the most random place & then wandering off…of course i have no idea where i leave things. so the other day i was eating a nutri-grain bar at work & all i remember was that i had been eating it & that i wasn’t eating it anymore. & i didn’t feel like i had finished it. so i’m looking for where i might have put it down but eventually i was like, whatever & stop thinking about it. like 3 days later i find it rock hard under the mini-christmas tree on top of the filing cabinet. it’s always interesting finding random shit that i misplace.

alright, i’m outta here, going to upstate ny for a few days. still not sure what i’m doing for new years!

December 22, 2004 0

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desperation has set in. i am leaving desperate voicemails trying to figure out what the hell i’m going to do for new years. i kinda don’t want to do anything but it’s my birthday so i have to. which means i have to travel somewhere since i know like, nobody in town anymore. i haven’t even bothered calling people to at least figure out my options, until i realized i have to make a decision on one opportunity tomorrow…which is what prompted my frantic calling to find out if there was anything cooler going on. maybe the boy i’m pining after will miraculously appear out of the woodwork with an invitation to a most rocking party…in his pants. but i’m not that lucky. so i just gotta find something else. lame. i go through this every year! it’s so stressful. & the one year i actually had a plan, it sucked royally. gah, i hope someone takes pity on me & lets me tagalong to their cool shindig. & here’s hoping to not having to drive too far. my resolution for next year is to make some new friends who will actually stick around in state college.

& for all who were curious as to the whooping cough situation, my mom does not have whooping cough. too bad, cuz i was kinda looking forward to going “whoop there it is!”

December 16, 2004 0

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apparently whooping cough is going around & my mom might have it. who the hell gets whooping cough? apparently you have to report it to the cdc if you have it, although i don’t see why since it looks like a real pussy disease. i don’t have health insurance so if i get it, i think i’ll be more along the lines of “oh well! back the hell away from me if you don’t want to catch my disease, ok?” i think i’m good, though. it’s funny, my mom has to wear a mask so she isn’t spewing this shit when she coughs, but she wont wear it much. i should have taken a picture to post on the internet as her punishment for not wearing her disease mask.

nothing new with me, just busy with work & scheming to get a boy. maybe i’ll elaborate?

December 7, 2004 0

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good god i am so stressed out right now. all last week was super busy, but it was exciting. now i’m totally burnt out from busting my ass all weekend, & i have to go all through this week as well. my big stocking stuffer antique & craft sale fundraiser went well, but up until the last minute i was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. i wasn’t finished setting up the party when the guests started arriving, there wasn’t enough light, the music wasn’t set up, there weren’t enough volunteers. & all the while i was freaking on the inside, i was calm & collected on the outside. i could be in a god damn degree deodorant commercial. so, exciting but stressful. my face broke out so bad, you wouldn’t even believe. i have these big deep red zits that haven’t been this bad since high school, christ. i’m repulsed when i look in the mirror & it’s because of all this stress. i can’t handle my job right now. i really can’t take on many tasks at once, it’s my flaw. i can only focus on a few things at a time, but there’s so much going on right now & i’m trying to catch up on everything that i put off for the antique & craft sale that i’m just too overwhelmed. of course, i hide it well & what i’m going to do is end up staying at work way past 5 to play catch up & get my shit together, but man, it’s no good for my health. i need to go hide in the closet & cry & freak out for a bit, that should help me release this tension. ugh. i’ve got the “fuck this shit” attitude to everything that’s coming my way. whatever. i should be doing other things than this. later!