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February 28, 2005 0

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citizens of the united states of america, be afraid. this is who we have working at the department of homeland security.

anyway, pictures from last weekend are up in the brand new photo gallery.

February 18, 2005 0

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last weekend i was checking out a hot chick at the end of the bar & then i realized it was me – the mirror was angled. that was funny. anyway, after this ridiculous week of work i’m off to go see big orange things in central park. i’m kinda bummed i’ll miss thon & no refund theatre, but it’s bound to be a good time in the city…

anyway, here’s a pms-induced post of rage i wrote back a few days before christmas:

the other day i was in snappy’s & they had SUPPORT OUR TROOPS livestrong ripoff bracelets. if you fall into this shit, you’re not supporting the troops, you’re supporting all that is wrong with america. some jerkoff is making millions of dollars off of all the sheep putting that shit all over their cars. that money isn’t going to charity, that money is going to some dude who is the embodiment of greed & it makes me sick. & don’t you dare try to say i’m unpatriotic or don’t care about the people who have lost so much fighting in this war. this is about consumerism & greed, & people who blindly follow lame trends to feel like they are “worthy” americans. fuck that. ugh, i’m pms-ing something awful.

February 8, 2005 0

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fly eagles fly…poor guys. i really did want them to win, unlike last time when i felt joy over eagles fans’ despair. now i am one of those eagles fans…sad. & there is someone who is happy about my sadness. but forget the game, we all know the super bowl is about commercials. the commercials Sucked with a capital S. i knew all the “concerned parents” & religious fanatics had bitched enough over the past year to keep the advertisers in check. & made for really shitty commercials. & i just don’t get it. this is not the america i know. the america i know applauds sex, violence & fart jokes! who are these football fans who are so offended by nicolette sheridan’s back?! where is this conservatism coming from?? ugh. i could go off on a rant about that. anyway, not one commercial really stuck out…even the bud commercials didn’t impress me much. i did like the ameriquest ones, though. all i know is that i will never ever ever ever never ever buy a cadillac. they just don’t know when to let go of that fucking led zeppelin song. yeah hi, it got real old & irritating over 2 years ago. & tonight was the turning point. i saw the commercial & i said “don’t do it…..don’t do it!” commercial over – no wait! here comes the intro to “rock & roll,” commercial not over! god dammit! i am so sick of it, GIVE IT UP. sooooooooo overplayed. & don’t think i’m not serious, i hold grudges. when i am 60 years old & my hubby wants a cadillac, NO & i will go off on the commercials from 40 years ago. i am angry. ANGRY.

i wished paul mccartney’s fly had been down or something, for a return of the wardrobe malfunction…

February 6, 2005 0

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yeah so obviously i liked the pink floyd dance show…i don’t think there was a way i could not. i wasn’t more than 10 rows back & center, & i just sat there with this shit eating grin on my face. they danced to “the wall” soundtrack & i found it hard not to be playing the movie along in my head as well. sometimes the dancing wasn’t as powerful as the music/scenes from the movie, but overall it was interesting & fun to watch. but they did cut out a few songs in the middle…you can’t pull a fast one on me! whatever. anyway, during “run like hell” they got people from the audience up on stage to dance around & i was really upset that i was dead center & couldn’t really climb over all the people in my row. i wanted to be up there sooooooo bad, you wouldn’t believe. but the people up there were great, i think they got more applause than the dancers had at that point. then they wrapped it up & it was over! i couldn’t tell you what the dancing was all about…something about the repressing chinese government or something, but yeah, as involved as i am with theatre, arts, culture, etc., i’m pretty dense. overall, two thumbs up & i would totally recommend it. & go again, for that matter. it made me wish i was chinese, still dancing, & could pull a tonya harding so i could get a spot in the troupe. what a great night!

February 1, 2005 0

jury duty

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jury duty

you don’t know how excited i am to use this shitily made graphic again! nevermind why my adelphia homepage is still active after 2 years…but yeah…

while i once used this stunning visual to describe my impending jury duty, i can now use it to describe my upcoming acting endeavor. so i get all these emails about acting opportunities & i decide to reply to one that’s looking for “expert witnesses” in a courtroom dramatization. so i’m all jazzed up about this & i finally check out the website for this thing & it’s this conspiracy theory propaganda type site. oh lord. the video is called “9-11 on trial” basically saying the story the government told us about the attacks is wrong & it was some big conspiracy. each chapter will have a “witness” on trial saying something like “oh the plane crashed into the tower” & that’s when the conspiracy story comes in to disprove it – that’s pretty much how i think they’re doing it. oh lordy lordy……………..i’m reading this site & writing this post concurrently &…hmm….i’m a little unsettled. i don’t know if i feel comfortable participating in this left wing propaganda, mainly for the fact that a good friend of mine was there. if it was the jfk assassination conspiracy i’d do it in a second! but i dunno. dammit, now i’m bummed! i was looking forward to my courtroom drama acting bit, but i don’t know if it’s worth it. i must blame it on work…i wasn’t able to look them up online since we have horrid dial up. my problem now is that i agreed to do it, not knowing what it was about, & i hate going back on my word. gah, no wonder it was so easy to get a part! why do i always get myself into these messes, hmm? alright guys, what do you think?

on a more “rock on” note, tomorrow is the beijing modern dance company dancing to pink floyd’s “the wall” & my radio dj buddy that i only interact with through email is giving me 2 more tickets since he knows how much i love floyd! i am so excited, it’s going to kick so much ass, i can tell. it could be some dude banging his head against a wall for the entire soundtrack & i would be like, “this totally rules!!!!!!!” i’m gonna be like those people in the old michael jackson videos, all crying & screaming & shit.