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June 27, 2005 0

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it really amazes me how much floss we have in this house. i mean, if i unraveled it all & tied it together it could easily reach the west coast…& back. it’s years & years & years of accumulation from the dentist’s office. & it really adds up to a lot, because shit, who actually flosses regularly? & then my dumbass picks up even more floss every time i hit the johnson & johnson table at the career fair…because it’s free. like i need more floss?? i have a lifetime supply. & no goddamn cinnamon! if there’s any hope in getting me to floss more than just when i eat corn on the cob, i gotta have cinnamon. we have plenty of this god awful woven floss, which is quite possibly the worst dental invention ever. all it does is unravel & get snagged in your teeth. so if i reach in the drawer & pick that up, well, there goes any hope of flossing.

i’m going to the dentist on tuesday, so i’ve been on a week’s flossing binge. once that’s over with, i can go back to flossing, oh…never. & i don’t have health or dental insurance, so i’m going to pay a shitload of money to be tortured. fucking hell! but it’s been 2 years since my last visit, so i gotta suck it up & go so that my teeth don’t rot out. i’m totally asking for a sticker & candy & anything else they got. & a pretty pink toothbrush & cinnamon floss.

June 20, 2005 0

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wow, have i been busy! for the last 2 weeks i did lend me a tenor practically every night for 3+ hours. even though it really ate up my evenings, it was a lot of fun & i miss everyone already! last saturday was the special olympics. god, do i wish i had friends & a camera. i volunteered with gymnastics this time & i led the athletes to the front of the room to start. & i should have been a contestant in the “working the music” competition cuz i fucked up the national anthem bad. i also fucked up the floor routine dance music as well. yeah. & then i got to be the one to hold the medals on a platter while the special guest presenters gave out medals. it was great at first…but…they give EVERYONE a medal. the damn ceremony lasted 2 hours, & the air conditioning in the joint was broken. dude, it sucked. oh, i also had to be there at 8 a.m. & there was a massive heat wave going on. this weekend was equally as busy with a wedding, the last night of tenor & a presentation at work today. & i swear, i don’t get a break, i’ve got after work meetings already lined up for next week, plus i should be researching for my 4th of july stint. & i have to take the cats to the vet, but they’ll just have to wait until after i schedule a massage, because dammit i deserve it. hmm…this wasn’t very interesting, sorry.

June 13, 2005 0

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where has the devil run off to? i have a soul to exchange for a chance to see this in person.

wow, i am sitting here at work extremely emotional over this. i predicted a cold day in hell before roger waters would perform with pink floyd again, & i am just blown away. i started weeping over here…a mix of joy that they are performing, and sadness that i wont be able to see it. & my favorite song ever is playing on the radio…

i take back everything i’ve ever said about africa. bless those little starving children who moved the floyd to put their differences aside & play.

June 7, 2005 0

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philly was a good time. i kinda combined business with pleasure…& by business i mean visiting historic places. so friday i pile into my car 45 minutes later than i wanted to…so much for leaving work early. i’m all pumped up about the best road trip music mix. of course, well into the drive, i realize i’ve forgotten “tommy” & as soon as i realize that, i really really really want to listen to it. ah well. & the golden moment of the trip started before i officially got there! my friend says, i live on pleasant st. there’s a mt. pleasant st. so don’t get confused. i say, “i’m not a retard, i can get that, especially now that you told me.” do i even need to finish this story? unfortunately i didn’t get to see 2/3 of the people i was planning on visiting, but i had a good time. really realized how pretty & culturally rich eastern pennsylvania is. & the best part of the trip? stopping at king of prussia on the way home! woooo, i swear i felt faint as i saw the letters h&m appear from around the corner. i made a bunch of stops on the way home, actually. i just had to get off at one exit to drive past this guy that i am Obsessed (with a capital “O”) with’s house. of course that served no purposed except to depress the hell out of me & remind me of the last time i was there. in all honesty i’m surprised i didn’t get into a fatal car accident with the amish while i was there, because then it would have made the paper & this guy would have been all like wtf were you doing in my town? & that would look a bit stalkerish, no? but all was well & i’m back home, to devote any free time i have to the boal barn playhouse for the next 2 weeks to dress/undress men wearing tights. <3 & i have no idea why my comments stopped working, by the way. or maybe they are working, just not for me. i dunno. maybe i’ll fix that someday!