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it amuses me when i find porno chicks that look like camgirls. i like it even more when i find questionable ladies through other means, without having to admit i was looking at porn. the first thing i thought when i saw this on the smoking gun was, she looks like someone, but WHO??? christilina!! yes! to be fair, an older, greasier chrissy.

some stripper prostitute christilina

but man, was i really really really hoping i’d find a chick that looked like nay. oh well, what can you do?

haha, this one’s great! click this & tell me what movie you think of.

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jesus fucking christ, why are these mondays so horrible to me?? sunday night there were some pretty intense thunderstorms, which just threw everything out of whack at work. the phone didn’t work, so the internet didn’t work, & the security system didn’t work. not only that, but the battery was low on the alarm system because there was no electricity getting to it. so it was beeping every 5 minutes. did i mention that there was a board of governor’s meeting going on & my cell phone battery had died? after running home & almost hitting a car in the parking lot, i had to spend the rest of the board meeting at the top of the stairs with one hand covering the speaker to muffle the should, & one hand ready to press the button to silence the alarm. it was a god damn nightmare. the phone finally got turned back on at the end of the day but the internet still isn’t working. but after this day from hell, i’m just exhausted & all i wanted was to go home & lie on the couch & watch days. well, my dad decided to stay home from work & watched something on the vcr & didn’t put my tape back in so days didn’t record. at that point i went into a stage of shock, followed by intense tears. not getting to watch the simple pleasure of my day was the straw that broke the camel’s back. & i swear, even though that show goes as slow as molasses, on those few days i miss, it’s like everything happens! marlena lost her baby, belle finds is pregnant, & rex finds out mimi’s secret ALL YESTERDAY. i’m really sad about this. & my mom didn’t even make dinner, it was shitty leftovers. i guess i could be poor & sick & then life would really suck for real, but yeah…i dunno. sucky monday.

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red sink

i’ve washed this shirt at least 20 times, & each time i wash it i’m hoping that this time it wont look like someone was slaughtered in my sink. this is what i get for shopping at a really really cheap store. i can only imagine that my likelihood of getting cancer ever so increases each time i wear this shirt, as this crazy dye is absorbed into my skin…

ms. wheelchair america. hmm…you know, this shouldn’t be surprising considering how many pageants there are in the world. but the thing is, unless you’re deaf and/or paralyzed, there’s not much else in the way of disability pageants. someone should work on that. mr. & ms. down syndrome america, to name one. i mean, the possibilities are endless!

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scary johnny wonka

this is not the man i fell in love with. this scares the shit out of me. i don’t think i want to see this movie, because it will make me un-attracted to johnny depp & that’s just no good. i love him for his creepy roles, but…i want to cry every time this commercial comes on.

you know, i thought kenny rogers the pitcher & cameraman abuser was kenny rogers the crooner & chicken king. & i thought that was pretty cool that he had mad skillz in music, sports, and food. to think i was going to make a reference about knowing when to hold ’em & fold ’em yadda yadda. well, i was, like months & months ago when i first heard it & then lost interest. but then tonight i found out the dude being charged is just some random dude named kenny rogers & then i stopped caring completely.

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fucking monday…ugh. my sole mission for the day was to win tickets to see journey tomorrow night. to win the tickets you have to catch the 3 journey songs played throughout the day & call in after 5. i’m on top of my game of course, & get them all, now all i have to do is miraculously get through the phone lines. now, i took my car in to get fixed this morning. i’d called a week ago to set up this appointment, so i’m sure i’m first in line to get checked out. by 3:30 i give them a call to figure out what the deal is, because i need the shuttle to pick my ass up before it’s time to win my journey tickets. they didn’t even start working on it until 4! so now at 4:45 i have a decision to make: take the shuttle & miss the chance to win tickets, or stay to win tickets & take the bus to get my car. i briefly contemplated taking a taxi, but due to my cheapness, decided $1.25 is a much better deal than $10. well, i stick around to try to win the tickets, & no surprise here, the line is busy busy busy. so i have no time to curse this undeserving 4th-row winner because i have only minutes to make it to the bus stop alongside a major road, in 90 degree & humid weather, wearing heels. i’m also really hungry because i had no lunch because it took this kid i went to high school with 8 hours to fix my car – 7 hours & 15 minutes to pick his ass & 45 minutes to actually replace the part. you better believe there would have been some ball breaking if there had been any unnecessary charges on my bill. so i finally get there & hmm…that’s strange, none of my credit cards are working. the discover worked last time, so i know it’s not me. the check card wont work either. i have a mastercard, but alas, i’m carrying around the expired one. which leads me to believe that i cut up the good card by mistake. how embarrassing! the only way out is to call my mom & make her give her card number over the phone, just so i can finally go home. & while flipping through the radio stations, having to redo all my presets, journey is playing on 3wz. i just know they’re giving away tickets. i know it. but what i don’t know is the phone # for this radio station. needless to say i wasn’t in the mood for the shitty dinner my mom made & the meeting i had this evening. i have a headache right now. & i never get headaches. FUCKING MONDAY.

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aids project benefit

you’re damn right i’m gonna be there! i nearly peed myself when i heard about this, & i’m going to be a dealer! all of my volunteer dreams are coming true. i always wanted to be a telethon person for pbs & i got that chance. then after going to a casino night fundraiser i set my sights on being a volunteer dealer. & now that is about to happen. drag queens included no less! & this all happens right smack in the middle of arts fest. i’ve got other volunteering gigs with the arts fest & the state theatre, gotta see a bunch of performances, attend a reception tomorrow, make rounds at the people’s choice festival to recruit for our antique & craft sale in december, & party with as many people who are going to be in town as possible. i don’t know if i will make it out alive. it’s all starting tomorrow & i’m getting exhausted just thinking about it. toodles!

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memories………….like the corners of my mind……….

misty watercolor memories……….

heheh, look what i found, thanks to the wayback machine:

Sunday 11/01/1998 0:17:00am
Name: Rhiannon! (wow coincidence or wot!)
Homepage Title:
Homepage URL: http://
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Australia
Comments: Hey Rhi!
my name is Rhiannon too, and you don’t know me,and i don’t know you so i don’t know why the hell i’m writing this, apart from the fact that i’m bored as all hell and there is nothing to do. i was actually looking up stuff about Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rhiannon’. i’ve had a quick squiz around your site, it’s pretty kewl, but i am really amazed at how much we are alike, as well as the name thing. maybe all Rhiannon’s get completely obsessed over guys, esp. one’s with the name Jesse. i’m a senior too, but i don’t finish till november 20th (the hemisphere difference)
i can’t bloody wait to get outta here, australia sux. especially my shit hole town.
its wierd although in the face we don’t look alike, just the body language and posture etc is identical. its’ freaky. i don’t usually write to just anyone i meet on the net, but i have compelled to write something to you.
do u like drama, by any chance? it’s my obsession (after guys of course)
well that’s about it.
write to me if you are so inclined to do so. i’m always up for a chat.
from Rhiannon!!!

guess who?! aww… who’da thunk… now go sign my guestbook so i have something else to amuse myself with 7 years from now.

i’ve dug up a lot of interesting things online lately, including the worst picture ever taken of me, while looking up an ex. i did a lot of searching, for all kinds of people. there was this guy i really liked in college…but i was hung up on some other dude so we never got together, even though we had this chemistry. so, he started dating his coworker. & of course i didn’t end up with the other dude, so i wondered for a second if i could steal this guy away. horrible, yes. did i try? no. anyway, they got married apparently. makes me wonder what would have happened had we gotten together. crazy.

i’ve also decided that had the facebook been around 4+ years ago, it would have affected my life significantly. i would have kept in touch with so many people from high school & college stalking would have been amazing. ahh… i’m so jealous of incoming freshman who have the rest of their college years’ worth of facebooking. & if you have no idea what the facebook is, it’s like myspace (i can’t believe i signed up for this), only a million times cooler.

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i am so amazed by this man <3

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what’s a good weekend for your car to die? i dunno, 4th of july weekend sounds good. christ. at least i’m not traveling anywhere, but still, i got shit to do! i have several stints as betsy ross, which just makes things difficult. the car hasn’t technically died, but it’s pretty damn close. & i don’t want to make it worse by driving it, especially since i need enough juice to get it to the car doctor on tuesday. plus my parents would give me shit. man. it’s the fireworks i’m really worried about, since while i could technically walk there, i’m decked out in colonial gear…& i’d have to carry all my shit with me. & figure out where to stash it. man, not cool at all. this is depressing the more that i think about it. this sucks. & i can’t even go out drinking to drown out my worries since my friend’s phone # has temporarily been disconnected, whatever that’s about. something tells me i’ll be getting my period in the midst of all this, too. THIS SUCKS. if we hadn’t gone to the rockin’ ribs festival (which was no live 8), i could go on pretending there’s nothing wrong so i could make it through the weekend. what light??? i don’t see any weird light on! huh?!?! what?! it just started doing this TODAY!

i’m brutal with cars…