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you know, i actually want to blog but have nothing to blog about. really, my mind is blank. hmm…there’s a hurricane…yippie.

well, i’ve come to realize that i have really small teeth. i’m almost self conscious about it now! it’s all that stupid hilary duff’s fault, with those monster veneers of hers. they’ve been getting so much attention that i’ve been looking at everyone else’s teeth…& i’ve noticed that they are all bigger than mine. ever notice that i don’t show teeth much when i smile on cam? it’s not because they’re yellow & crooked or something…they’re just small. small boobs & small teeth. & a big nose. fucking hell, like that really helps. but it could be worse, they could be teeny tiny & pointed, i guess. or i could have a gummy smile. man, that bothers the hell out of me. bah. i need some hilary duff sized veneers PRONTO.

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today is pennsylvania day on espn’s 50 states, 50 days. i don’t really know what that is (or care!), & only know about it because my dad sent an email around…he’s the type who will send those lame jokes, 100 questions about me, send this to 100 people or you will die a horrible death, etc. type emails. so because i’m too lazy to actually write something, i’m going to post it! not the whole thing, though, only the ones that i like.


where every highway eventually narrows to a single lane . . . or is DETOURED

** Our seasons (2) are winter and construction **

State Animal

The Barrier Horse

State Historical Marker

State Mineral

State Motto

You Know You’re From or In Pennsylvania If:

  • You refer to Pennsylvania as “PA” (pronounced Pee-ay). How many other states do that?
  • When you go to the Jersey beaches it is called going to the “shore.”
  • The first day of buck and the first day of doe season are school holidays. (true!)
  • You can use the phrase “fire hall wedding reception” and not even bat an eye. (been to one!)
  • You know what a “State Store” is, and your out of state friends find it incredulous that you can’t purchase liquor at the mini-mart.
  • Words like “hoagie”, “crick”, “chipped ham”, “sticky buns”, “shoo-fly pie”, and “pocketbook” actually mean something to you.
  • You know that Blue Ball, Intercourse, Climax, Bird-in-Hand, Beaver, Moon, Virginville, Paradise, Mars, and Slippery Rock are PA towns.
  • You know several people who have hit deer more than once.
  • Driving is always better in winter because the potholes are filled with snow.
  • You learned to pronounce Bryn Mawr, Wilkes-Barre, Schuylkill, Bala Cynwyd, Conshohocken, & Monongahela and Perkasie. (i still don’t know how to pronounce most of these!)

ok that’s enough pennsylvania-ness for you.

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hahaha, there is this feisty old lady who i see at work every once in awhile. so i’m talking to her and she’s wearing this t-shirt under a cardigan sweater. all i can see is NK LOYD & some abstracty stuff. & i’m like, holy shit this lady kicks ass! she’s wearing a pink floyd shirt! so i’m all “wow! i like your shirt!!!!” and she shows me the whole thing & it says FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT. so i had to save face and be like, “yeah frank lloyd wright is cool!” while she told me all about getting the shirt in buffalo. yeah.

in theater news, i haven’t heard anything still for “gramercy ghost” but you will know as soon as i do.

& i have decided that i hate improv. which is great being that i still have a gig to get through in september. & i would say that i wont ever do it again, but i totally would if someone asked me. & then i’d bitch about how i don’t like doing it.

i’m extremely pissed that “kiss me kate” was completely sold out before i got my tickets. i figured i’d be fine if i called for tickets on wednesday…but they were sold out wednesday, thursday, friday & saturday. wtf?! i guess i have no one to blame but myself for not getting them way in advance, but i’m still bummed. but what’s great about all this is that sometime last week i had a dream that my mom & i went, but we couldn’t see it. we sat like up in the rafters or some shit & couldn’t see it but could hear it. & i woke up & was like, ‘cool, it was jus a dream & i get to actually see it!’ but if i really really wanted to i could stand outside & listen to it…it’s in a barn & they leave the doors open. i could make this a self fulfilling prophecy!

anyway, there’s nothin’ in the way of theater-going for the next 3 weeks so i have to find something else to do with my weekends. i’ve really gotten in to seeing shows every weekend…cannot fucking wait for nrt to return! fun fun!

new look over at junk-feud! but you should already know that because you should be hitting refresh every 10 minutes like me. there could be flashing gifs AnD WriTInG LikE ThIS & a shitty midi playing, & everything else that makes website viewing painfully horrible, but it still wouldn’t keep me away! <3

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what i do at work:

weird doll

play with mannequins with missing appendages.

july 4

work on holidays & take care of all electrical equipment.

stripping...a frame

safely strip………………………

paint from picture frames, that is! no toxic fume inhalation or chemical burns here!


work, drink coffee, & carry on conversations ALL AT THE SAME TIME!


educate america’s future.

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scotrun or scrotum

every time i’m on i-80 & pass the exit for scotrun, i can’t help but think it says SCROTUM. i wish i could take a picture of the sign to show you, but i’m driving & i can’t. but this map does the trick.

constant cement

when i’m getting my coffee at snappy’s in the morning, i stare at this teabag & i always think it says CONSTANT CEMENT.


transGENDER virtual reality ride?? oh…tranSENDER.

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well. shit. i’ve got good news & i’ve got bad news. i auditioned for a play last week & the good news is that i totally rocked it & i have a part. the bad news is, they still need some dudes, & if they can’t get any, there is no play. time & resources are running out. for the zero young male actors who visit this site & live near lewistown, go do something about this! an email has gone out to the big community theater listserv, & i just passed something on to psu’s no refund theater group…but, grrr, it’s summer time & there’s nothing going on, no people…& i don’t know where to dig up some actors! where are you people & why do you hate lewistown & why do you have to blow my big chance?!?!?! jesus christ. this. is. my. life. this is my luck. i’m so frustrated i could go off & shake some babies.

& my cat pissed on the bed – he’s got bladder crystals & can’t pee anywhere except on beds. THIS. IS. MY. LIFE. i should drown myself.

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the day birth control fails & i’m cursed with a child of my own, i can only hope that it’s not a boy. little boys are really really annoying & do nothing but cause trouble. of the gazillion things i’ve witnessed or heard about, today i will only focus on the little shits at national kids day. don’t get me wrong, i like kids (as long as they aren’t mine) & there were actually no problems with most of the kids attending the event. it was the kids who were volunteering. i couldn’t judge a kid’s age if my life depended on it, so i’ll just say that they were junior high age or younger. they were bored & hitting a balloon around. a balloon that constantly hit me in the back of my head. the chick i was volunteering with was their sister, i think, & she was not strict at all with them. if they were my brothers, i would have smacked them & told them how inappropriate they were being. when the one kid would blow up the balloon & then slowly let the air out so that it made a high pitched squeal (right in front of people at our table filling out surveys & taking free shit), i was ready to smack him upside the head myself. i was getting so pissed. then there were these kids who were blowing up the balloons until they popped. & you knew it was coming & when it finally blew – goddamn that shit is loud! & it makes you jump. boys just suck. i definitely don’t want any.

anyway, do you guys ever have songs that…follow you (for lack of a better word)? for awhile i was convinced there was something that i was looking for that i still hadn’t found. what it was, i didn’t know, but i knew i didn’t have it & it was really driving me crazy. this u2 song was everywhere! now it’s “total eclipse of the heart.” i don’t hear it all that often, but enough to make me notice that something’s up. & it’s almost always heard twice in the same day, which is really weird. so i’m guessing that since i’m not hearing u2 as much, i will find what i’m looking for – a total eclipse of my heart. how exciting!

junk feud

holy jesus this is the BEST SITE EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE INTERWEB. if you have not discovered this site yet, oh my god…i can’t even express how much i love it. i will take my life the day LA takes this site down. i have not become so enamored by something online since……….nay! seriously. SERIOUSLY. i love junk-feud. i love junk-feud like margaret loves stars. this is now third on my list of what makes life worth living, after pink floyd & days of our lives.

this is also something i like a lot. it doesn’t even matter if it really happened or not. either it did & that totally rules! or it didn’t & it’s the greatest internet hoax i’ve come across lately! so either way, i win! read it all, it’s SO WORTH IT.

i love the internet!

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today is’s 4th birthday! holy crap it doesn’t feel like i’ve had the site that long. & before that it was, before that xoom & geocities.

so now i will steal my site’s glory by updating with news of my own. i’m getting kicked out! well, ok, it’s not as harsh as it sounds, but i need to look for my own place & i have about a year to do it. i’m sure i’ve bragged about how good i have it & my parents kinda realized how comfortable i was getting. so they decided that i need to be more independent & live on my own. that & i’ve been pissing my mom off. there are a lot of reasons why i don’t want to get my own place, but it could have its perks & i wont go through all of my money that i’ve saved, so i can’t complain. even though i’ll be paying rent & utilities & will have to get a car & deal with insurance…i still have it better than most people. i’m just that spoiled that i can still bitch about it. so yeah, that’s what is going on with me!

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the state theatre hates beatlemania. well, maybe not, but i swear, there is always some state theatre meeting-type thing going on at the same time, which always foils my plans. see, during the summer we have these free concerts & the cast of beatlemania usually plays. last year there was a meeting for the college avenue mile, & i vowed that the next time they were here i would see them, no matter what! it looks really really cool & it’s FREE! so this year i was prepared to say that august 2 was absolutely no good for a meeting, but it worked out that the meeting is the following week. but then out of the blue, i get an email for another event for the theatre that i’m involved with stating that there is an organizational meeting on tuesday, august 2. that really sucks because i want to/should go to the meeting, but i really really want to see beatlemania. well, the responsible person would go to the meeting, & i feel bad about not going …………….but…………beatlemania!!!!

i’m just pissed there’s always a damn meeting during beatlemania. lets pick another night, folks!!