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February 21, 2006 0

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today the power went out at work for no apparent reason, & since the temperature dropped to freezing in a matter of minutes, i got to go home & watch soaps! i mean, “work from home”. right.

so today i’m coming out with a confession. & i am not ashamed. well, i am a little bit, but dammit i wont let you judge me! ok, here it is. i am now officially hooked on the young & the restless on top of days of our lives. days & i have been together every day for 10 years now. it is a part of my life & i could (sadly) see myself watching this until the day i die. i’ve accepted that. but fucking y&r…it tempted me & i just couldn’t resist. you piece of shit, damn you!! it started off as something i just did here & there, over holidays & snow days. i liked it, but no big deal, right? i didn’t need it in my life.

but then, over christmas break i had it every day. & so i said, what’s the harm in doing this every day? i told myself i could handle it. i rationalized that i get pretty bored in the dead of winter, you know…i have to pass the time some how. & i said i would never let it control me. i can stop whenever i want. when life gets busy, i can just stop. i wont rearrange my life in order to get my fix. i have it under control, i think to myself!

well, my friends…the first step towards recovery is admitting your addiction….er, who the hell am i kidding, i’m not giving up my soaps. i’m crying inside for now devoting 2 hours of my evening every night to this garbage. that i’m not willing to give up. i need an intervention! or a hobby…or a boyfriend. yeah, a boyfriend would be nice. except i’m so bombarded with soap men that i have a very unrealistic notion of what a man should be. & i’m going to end up living a long, long, lonely life.

but on the plus side, i’m getting my roommate hooked. yeah, i’m pretty evil.

& i’ll have you know that this post was most likely a result of my rage at the olympics for preempting days today. i’ll be fine tomorrow.

February 13, 2006 0

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who won a 3 cd love pack, including the definitive white snake collection, from the best classic rock station ever? who was then entered to win the grand prize of a valentine’s day limo ride, classy dinner and $500 jewelry gift certificate? who then fucking won that shit? me. ME! i did! i had such a great week! i had a really really great week!!!!!!!!!!!!! see!!!!!!!! look at all the exclamation points i’m using!!!!!!! it was that fantastic! but to tell you a secret, except for the whole winning thing on friday, nothing really happened! i was just in such a great mood! for no reason! pms is great sometimes! great great! & i had a GREAT weekend, too!! i’m not even sad that tomorrow is monday. well, i would be sad if i thought really hard about it…but i’m not! i’m going to watch days of our lives instead! god bless soapnet, seriously. have a great week, i know i will!

February 5, 2006 0

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here we go…steelers…here we go!

pittsburgh’s goin’ to the super bowl!

tonight i will actually watch the super bowl for another reason besides the commercials! i’m not a huge football fan, i’m not a huge steelers fan (i called them the iron curtain instead of the steel curtain), but baby, i’m in stiller country & the steelers fight songs & the die hard fans here have got me pumped. it’s times like this where i wish i still lived downtown, because i would open my windows wide to hear the chants and the cheers. the buzz is contagious & it’s addictive. anyway, i never blogged about the indianapolis colts game, but man, what a game. i went from “awesome, pittsburgh’s gonna win!” to “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, THAT WAS AN INTERCEPTION, that was NOT incomplete – ARE YOU FUCKING BLIND???” to “oh shit, the colts caught up….i’m kind of nervous” to “oh thank god, the colts didn’t convert the 4th down, pittsburgh’s won!” to “cool, another touchdo-oh my god jerome dropped it! OH MY GOD THE COLTS HAVE IT & ARE RUNNING. NO NO NO SOMEONE GET HIM!!!!!!!!!” to “i can’t take this anymore, please just end it…my heart, my heart” to “this is the game winning field goal for the colts. this guy is the best field goal kicker in the nfl, of course they’ll make it…i’m so depressed…I DON’T BELIEVE IT, HE MISSED IT! HE MISSED IT!” doesn’t get any more intense than that.

anyway, Super Bowl Extra Large – GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO STEELERS!!!!!!!!

February 1, 2006 0

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life is exhausting. i would elaborate, but i’m tired.