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April 26, 2006 0

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my film got into the penn state student film festival!!!!!!!! i love going to the film festival every year, & this year is going to be even sweeter because i am going to see myself up on screen. & so will everyone in schwab auditorium. score! this will be the first time i see the film, too, so i am super excited about that. hooray! so this is your chance to stalk me:

thursday, april 27 at 6:30 pm

schwab auditorium, penn state campus


Plums is a story about holding onto the one thing you love and never letting go. Peter Tumbledown has lived a fulfilling life and is counting his days. He has one last story to tell and his eager grandson is listening. Through his timeless romantic tale of the “one that got away,” Peter instills in his grandson the drive and passion to chase after what really matters.

April 22, 2006 0

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so my dear readers, i have been keeping some major drama from you. oh, it was juicy as it was all unfolding. & sucky…but things are falling into place now. my ex-roommate’s parents are here moving all of her shit out on this very rainy saturday because back in march she just up and moved to georgia. i haven’t heard from her since. without going into all the details, saying she’s fucking nuts just about sums it up. she also didn’t pay any of the bills. or 3 months worth of rent. sticking me with $1,100 a month in rent after living there only a couple of months (& you all know i wanted to live alone anyway) was shitty enough, but lying about paying the utilities & rent…HELL NO.

of course i then had the lovely task of finding people to move in. my long time readers will know that i haven’t had the best roommate experiences, so i wasn’t thrilled on having to find 2 strangers to live with. and this is a college town, no one is looking for an apartment right now. so i decided i would cut my losses & get a smaller place, not thrilled at all with having to move so soon. but a few days ago i got a call from someone looking for an apartment. i wasn’t expecting much, but i met with him & he seemed cool enough & willing to pay $550 so i said fuck it, lets do this. my horoscope told me to toss my reservations aside, and i’ll take that as not meaning my murdered body will be tossed aside in the woods. he complimented me on my floyd poster, so that’s a good sign. sooooo i’m staying & i have a new roommate who is moving in tomorrow!

& luckily the back rent has been taken care of & i’m not responsible. all i have to do is get the key back from her & have her call the rental place so the lease can be transferred to him. & you remember how i was freaking out about the cable company back in january? they actually helped me out since the cable bill is in her name. i also get to keep the couch. oh, & i’m kinda seeing her ex-boyfriend. so at the moment, things really haven’t turned out so bad now, have they?

wish me luck!!

April 13, 2006 0

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i’m having a major attack of girl right now. i am extremely emotional & irrational. i want to so badly call some boys & spazz & freak them out, but i realize that wouldn’t be a nice thing to do. this should pass in a few days…i just need to keep myself occupied. being a chick isn’t so cool sometimes. maybe i’m just cranky that i didn’t get my nap today? well, a good dose of the young & the restless & clearasil are in order. ice cream seems to fit in that mix, but i don’t have any, & if i think about that for too long, i might just break down weeping. god help me.