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May 30, 2006 0

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i hate ticketmaster even more than i hate verizon, if that is even possible. take your “convenience charge” and your “order processing fee” and die.

i was thisclose to not even going to a perfomance out of sheer principle…instead, i dropped my pants & let ticketmaster give it to me in the butt, like the little bitch that i am.

May 23, 2006 0

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last night i went out to dinner with my parents. the topic of conversation that stuck with us throughout the night was hollywood pigs…people who are just vulgar, gross and give you the heebie jeebies. being a pig is not limited to being physically oink-like. you can have a body and still be a pig, because it’s all in your personality and behavior. so my mom says “paris hilton!” my dad agrees that she’s a pig and says “yeah, she’s hot!” then he leans back in his chair, puts his hand in his lap and makes an ooooh/moan/ahhhh type noise. he got a leg cramp. and the fact that it happened right after calling paris hilton hot just made it look so dirty. i was laughing so hard that i spit. it was really really funny.

anyway, maybe you guys can help me with my “homework”. i’m going to chicago FINALLY, and i am in charge of finding fun activities to do. you would think i’d be all over it, but instead i waste hours and hours on myspace. so, give me some ideas of what i should check out while i’m there!

May 18, 2006 0

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It is with deep regret that Crowbar announces that it will be closing its doors, effective May 15, 2006. A combination of factors ranging from the increasingly competitive nature of the music business, influences from other, larger venues within Crowbar’s market area, and available lease options have lead to this closure. We wish to express a heartfelt “Thank You” to both the Penn State and State College and surrounding communities for their support over the last 14-years. We have enjoyed being the area’s premier live music venue, presenting a broad range of both local and national talent. Thank you again for the years of support. Crowbar Management

wow, what a bombshell. i know this doesn’t mean anything to all but a handful of you, but this really really sucks. if you know central pennsylvania, you know crowbar is the best there is out here, for all of those smaller, up-and-coming bands. i used to go to crowbar quite a bit in high school for the all-age punk, ska and hard rock shows that were about $10 a ticket. even though i’m not really into that scene anymore, i remember how much fun i had out there. & i’m definitely going to miss seeing my buddies play there. i know this isn’t cool for all the under 21ers who are passionate about music and are essentially getting kicked in the balls. what are they going to do now? the small basement bars here can’t cut it (not to mention the kiddies can’t go to bars), and the bryce jordan center is far too big for these acts. it’s just a shame to see this happen, and i really don’t even know what to say. this was a very poor move, in my opinion, but what do i know about this sort of thing. i think what troubles me the most is that i never got to see gwar. gwar played here all the time & i always secretly wanted to go, but didn’t want to pay for a ticket. so i was super excited about turning 25, because they need people over 25 to chaperone the all age shows…you get in free and get free non alcoholic drinks. this was going to be the year of gwar, & my dreams were shattered. thanks dante’s inc…dickheads.

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so of course plums kicked ass. it was one of the best films at the festival & it was a tear jerker. so yeah, an overall great night. my faux pas of the evening was when i invited my dad to sit with us. i was holding a seat for a friend, and there was another empty one next to it. so i told him he could sit with us, but he had to take the second seat, next to a middle-aged lady. i told him he had to sit next to the bitch. he refers to my one friend as “the bitch” so every time i mention her, i just say that instead of her name so he knows who i’m talking about. of course, after i say this he gives me this look…& i realize that it sounded like i was calling the middle-aged woman the bitch, because the other seat next to him was empty. oops.

the film screening was today. the day started off with my date getting back into town and coming straight to my place. he decided to change in the dining room, which was not the best idea in the world because he had knee surgery not too long ago and just got off the crutch. rushing to change into pants when you’re wearing a leg brace can only lead to falling flat on your face and twisting your knee in all different directions. so there he was, lying in pain on my floor with his pants around his ankles. if life were a sitcom that would be just the moment my dad would drop by. man, i wish i’d gotten a picture at least. the screening & reception were great, & it was especially great because my good friend was there, as the date of my movie boyfriend. & what was even better is that i came home with a new plant, something i didn’t even steal from the conference center! as we were leaving i was spotting all kinds of decor that really needed to be in my apartment when i mentioned i wanted a tree. my friend tells me that there is a free plant/tree thing where she works, which happens to be like, 2 buildings away. so we just had to go get this free tree. of course, there were 4 other people who were dragged along with us who thought we were absolutely insane. what a day!

new plant