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July 26, 2006 0

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steel magnolias

see, i’m allowed to be missing in action for awhile. i’ve already cut back on my soap watching, & that, my friends, is agonizing. i’m such a busy bee! on top of doing the play i’m going to shows out the wazoo, i went to the beer expo and the state college jazz festival last weekend, beatlemania last night, & i’m practicing for a super exciting opportunity in october (think, rocky horror show…& send good luck my way so i get a part!!!). i’m also considering being on the college avenue mile committee for the state theatre again in the fall. i’ll try to keep you kids in the know…


July 12, 2006 0

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so…syd barrett died. that really sucks. i’m not gonna lie, i’m not a fan of his stuff, but i felt it was appropriate to pop in the cd of early pink floyd singles to listen to on my drive to play rehearsal last night. it’s too bad i forgot to bring piper at the gates of dawn, because i think i’ve only listened to it the whole way through one time…i feel obligated to listen to the entire cd when i get a new one. oh well, even though i’m wild about dave gilmour, without syd barrett, there wouldn’t be pink floyd and there wouldn’t be wish you were here, one of my favorites. so yeah, shitty news.

in other, more incredulous news, i went and got a real oil change yesterday, instead of just adding more oil like i usually do. i didn’t get to leave without a lecture, though, but it looks like i saved myself from breaking down and being eaten alive by all the turtles, deer, snakes, rabbits, groundhogs, chipmunks, possums, etc. that try to commit suicide via my car in huntingdon county.

seriously, this is a HUGE DEAL.

July 5, 2006 0

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and so my abusive relationship with verizon continues (i pray that i never date a man who beats me, because if my verizon relationship is any indicator, i will end up just another statistic). i spend many nights crying over how horribly you treat me, verizon…but then you go and do something nice to keep me from leaving you. our 2-year obligation is up. i can leave you without ever looking back. yet you still have this control over me and i cannot leave you. in fact, i am considering renewing our relationship for another 2 years. you knew i wouldn’t get a new phone, so you broke my old phone. that way you could put me in the situation of having to pay money for a new phone without the commitment, or get a new one for free and having to commit to this cycle of abuse all over again. i could go to someone else…but no one else has quite the range you do. and you give me that sweet 15% employee discount without checking to see if i am still an employee at said company. ahh, but must i point out your bad traits? and i have to ask…verizon, did you break your website intentionally so that i had to actually go to a store and deal with a real person, when you know i don’t like face-to-face interaction? i like how you said “we are improving our web site to serve you better.” i hope this isn’t another empty promise. dear god, why am i so weak???

July 1, 2006 0

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world cup

as is the case with every other american, especially american women with no interest in sports, it was completely by accident that i found out that the world cup was going on. if you asked me to name what sport the world cup was for, i might immediately say “tennis!” or “…golf?” before i figured out it was soccer. i also learned that it only happens once every 4 years.

and while i’m at it, i gotta say, americans really are a little ass backwards. our version of football is more about throwing and running with a ball, yet we continue to call it football, and call real football “soccer”. and our world series of baseball excludes all other countries of the world…at least the world cup really does let other countries of the world participate.

but back to where i was originally going with this post. see, i watched the world cup today. today is my one day of sort of leisure, as i really don’t have anything to do, and i decided to watch the world cup with my roommate instead of the true hollywood story of the hilton sisters. my roommate is originally from england and used to play soccer, so this was a huge deal for him, as england was playing portugal today. he was incredibly amusing, making strange guttural noises and squeals and thrashing around on the couch. i’m sure i was somewhat amusing commenting on the cute players and how i felt that soccer was the sport with the most attractive men overall. at certain points, i was really afraid for the safety of myself and the furniture, and hoped england would win. they did not. but the cute portuguese player was the one who kicked the winning goal!

poor stu, he’s had one shitty week. he’s probably offing himself right now.