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August 20, 2006 0

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cow milking

just pretend that’s me, instead of a little mennonite girl.

that’s it. i need a digital camera. on thursday my boss and i headed out to ag progress days, a huge agriculture expo-type thing. of course we were completely out of our element, surrounded by farm machinery and the science of grass growing and hay processing, and being the total girls that we are, we ask where the horses are. but the highlight of the day was when i got to practice milking a big plastic cow with rubber udders. it was at that very moment that i realized i need a camera, and i need to bring it with me everywhere i go. after the cow milking and petting the ponies, the next best thing i walked away with that day was a brochure on artificial insemination technique. it will make a most excellent adornment to my coffee table. next up, the grange fair!! all this agriculture and redneck overexposure might just make my head explode.

August 3, 2006 0

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today is’s 5th birthday! wow! i’ve had a site of some sort up since like, 1997. are there any people who remember my first geocities site?? that one is incredibly embarrassing…i was in high school and i had a little virtual obsession page to all the boys i was like, so so totally in love with, like omg! that site has finally dropped off the interweb, although my shame has not quite died with it. i had several sites on for awhile…those were fun. i wish i still had those saved somewhere. i tried the internet archive, but those are lost as well. maybe i’ll check my computer when i get home to see if there’s anything fun on it. then it was off to in around 1999, which is where this blue and maroon color scheme came about that i still have over 6 years later! i’m not one for change… & on august 3, 2001, was born! hooray! & this year i actually remembered to renew on time for once!

haha, now i’ll leave you with something i said back in june 2001…i think the internet me from 5 years ago would be so disappointed in the internet me of today.

i have to wonder why some people have thier own domain. i’ve seen a few too many shit pages & i have to wonder why they waste their money. they are ugly & all the “content” on their site is a webcam & a blog. man. then there’s me. as much as i like my page & put effort into it, it still isn’t worth it to pay for my own domain. damn stupid people…