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September 8, 2006 0

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every time i hear the long and winding road by the beatles, i turn into this emotional ball of mush. every time. if i’m alone, i’m bawling like a baby. if i’m around people, i can usually hold my composure, but boy, am i crying on the inside. another little known beatles song fact: if i hear yesterday, there is a high possibility that i’m going to get dumped & my phone will break. you think i’m making this up, but this has happened enough that when i hear it, i can’t help but get nervous & prepare for something bad to happen. something that will make me long for yesterday, when all my troubles seemed so far away. now that i’ve conveniently started seeing someone new, i have heard this song, and i’m back to my paranoid, irrational and foul mood. & i’m crying on the inside because i just heard the long and winding road.

September 1, 2006 0

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holy shit, i can’t believe its september again! at this rate, i’m going to be 80 years old before i know it. blah. i’m glad we’re kicking off my favorite month and the start of a 3-day weekend this year with god awful shitty ernesto weather. i’m also waiting to hear the fate of my car…will i be spending a small bundle of $$$ to fix it or a big bundle of $$$ to get a new one? honestly, i think both scenarios suck, and driving to huntingdon 3 days a week really doesn’t help lucky me! man, life is trying to kick me in the balls (during my favorite month, how rude!), but i’m trying not to let things get me down. anyway, i should really be folding newsletters, so i’m outta here. i’m bringing back the september soundtrack because i remember how much time i wasted last year compiling it.

“september” – earth, wind, & fire

“see you in september” – the happenings

“september in the rain” – dinah washington

“september song” – nat king cole

“come september” – bobby darin

“it’s september” – johnnie taylor

“one september day” – nina simone

“till september” – frank zappa

“pale september” – fiona apple

“wake me when september ends” – green day

“september morn” – neil diamond

“in september” – hayden

“september gurls” – the bangles

“wet day in september” – pussycat

“september baby” – joseph arthur

“sweet september” – tony christie

“come september” – natalie imbruglia

“last september” – marty friedman

“it might as well rain until september” – carole king

“september sky” – the cobblestones

“september girl” – jupiter sunrise

“remember september” – belinda carlisle

“september” – deborah cox

“september rain” – katey sagal

“a lonely september” – plain white t’s

“september skies” – brian setzer orchestra

“september of my years” – frank sinatra

“september when i first met you” – barry white

“september in the rain” – the beatles

“sweet september love” – lil suzy