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“brown’s partner denied access to home” wow. this story is straight ripped from the young & the restless:

tomi rae hynie brown

tomi rae hynie
gloria fisher abbott

gloria fisher abbott
was already married to a texas man in 2001 when she married the “godfather of soul” james brown. was already married to “terrible tom” fisher when she married john abbott.
found the gates to the singer’s beech island, s.c., home padlocked and said she was denied access. arrived at the abbott mansion to find her belongings in trash bags on the front porch and the locks changed, with jack gloating behind the glass door.
said the couple had planned to renew their vows but not remarry. she indicated that while annulment papers relating to her previous marriage initially may not have been filed properly, a judge had told her she was legally married to brown. john’s attorney, due to health problems, hadn’t filed the license for their second marriage, revealing that they were not legally married.
brown’s estate was left in trust for his children. john’s will left her 50% of his billion dollar estate, and the rest to be divided among his children. but, a handwritten will turned up (jack’s scheme), leaving all of john’s assets with his children only, leaving gloria without a cent.

i can tell you what is going to happen next. james brown’s children will be haunted by his ghost, but still work to force tomi rae out of her job, file a restraining order and take her to court to strip her of the title “mrs. james brown”. tomi rae will look to the judge and beg her not to take james’ name away saying that it’s all she has left of him. the judge will return with her verdict and grant tomi rae the right to keep and use the brown name (although she should really stick with hynie)!

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pink floyd laser show


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have i ever mentioned my morbid hobby of looking people up on facebook and myspace when they’ve died/committed a crime? i totally love doing that, but it is kinda creepy. there was this dude at penn state who lurked in a stairwell and threw a blanket on this girl to assault her. once it was in the news who did it, i look him up and found that we have a large amount of mutual friends. lovely. and this one time some girl died and there was this embarrassing comment about pubic hair her friend had left a ways back. & that gets me thinking about what would be left of me online if i tragically died. i would forever be “THE FUTURE MRS. FEDERLINE”, the more to love, black/african horny housewife. & people would leave lame ass messages talking about how i’m an angel now and that god needed me back in his kingdom & i’m in a peaceful, better place…blah blah. although i’d like to think my friends wouldn’t say such queer things. not only that, my poor friend sara would forever be the competitive hot dog eating champion, exotic dancing, meth lab working, hitler idolizing, divorced bisexual with children. wow. be our friends!

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in other totally exciting news, i landed the role of mina holmwood in the altoona community theatre’s production of dracula: the case of the silver scream. i have been super pumped & waiting for this since june & i totally rocked the audition! the show looks like it will be amazing!! kick ass!