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August 31, 2007 3

beckham and grammar

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Is it wrong of me to enjoy the fact that the L.A. Galaxy soccer team pissed away hundreds of millions of dollars by signing David Beckham? I mean, come on…no one in America gives a shit about soccer, and signing David Beckham isn’t going to change that. And he keeps getting hurt! If the Becks didn’t keep injuring himself, I would be completely unaware that there were even professional soccer teams in America. And I’m sure sooner, rather than later, he’ll really injure himself to the point where he can’t play anymore. I don’t know how that will affect the moolah situation the Galaxy has shelled out, but yeah, I’m calling this a bad decision on the their part.

Now, to take this in a different direction…is “moolah/moola” a real word? And if so, is there an H at the end or not? As one who attempts to use decent grammar and spelling on a regular basis, I have often come across words that have 2 different, yet correct spellings. And it drives me nuts. I’m obviously not a grammar Nazi because I like to start sentences with “and” and “but” (one of many examples), but I am trying not to look like a completely uneducated jackass. I’m referring to the people who can’t grasp the basics of your/you’re. I hate that. And don’t even get me started on the whole internet lingo…it’s all enough to drive one mad! But to get back to the side topic at hand, do you want to know my little trick for spelling? I google the word in question and spell it the way that brings back the most hits.

“canceled” gives me 19,800,000 hits

“cancelled” gives me 50,800,000 hits

Word tells me both are acceptable, but freaking Firefox spell check says “cancelled” is spelled incorrectly. For fuck’s sake! Who knew David Beckham would lead me to an angry rant about spelling that can only lead me to pulling my hair out in frustration!

p.s. I also made up a word last night. I like doing that.
SPARCE, a cross between sparse (thinly scattered) and scarce (insufficient to satisfy the need or demand). Use it………..sparcely!

p.p.s. My favorite month is almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 16, 2007 2

temp layout

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Oh man, I have just made a mess of this site. So, instead of leaving it in its pitiful state, I threw up a temporary blogger layout…and the sad thing is that I spent way too much time tweaking it. I have no idea what I’m doing with my site, but at least I’ve got something up for the time being. I moved back home and I don’t have internet on my ancient desktop. I’ll probably end up getting a laptop soon, even though I don’t particularly like them. But yeah, I guess I’ll keep trucking in this half-assed state! Maybe I’ll even get a pictures page up and running soon…but then again, don’t hold your breath…