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Well then. I’ve got a resolution for 2008: DON’T DWELL ON THE NEGATIVES. Seriously, this has been one shitty year so far and we haven’t even made it to February! Hot damn!




The sad thing is that my worst day is still better than most people’s best day, and still, I’m ungrateful. Eh, such is life…

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2007 year in review

Well, 2007 just can’t compete with 2006, but it was still a pretty rad year. I did a ton of shit!

This was my busiest acting year yet, doing 5 plays, a student film and a zombie film. I started off the year with Dracula: The Case of the Silver Scream in Altoona. It was fan-fucking-tastic! I wanted that role bad, and I got it! My favorite thing about it was that I got to die on stage (in the absolutely gorgeous historic Mishler Theatre). Then I jumped right into Crimes of the Heart with the Altoona folks for the Tyrone Community Players. Before I even finished that play, I joined the cast of Killjoy in Lewistown, where I got to play a conniving bitch. I had about a month off before I started rehearsals for Ramshackle Inn with the State College Community Theatre. FINALLY got to do something at home for a change. I got to play an even bigger bitch, and I was thrilled to hear people tell me how mean and scary I was. I have found my calling and it is: Bitch. Again, I had a little time off before I started rehearsal for Enchanted April in McConnellstown. That was a nice solid role, and I scored a FABULOUS gown for $2.50 at Goodwill (perhaps one of the things I was most excited about all year, for serious!).

I had a list of things to accomplish this year, and while I made a decent dent in the list, there were a number of things I didn’t do, mostly because my best friend moved to Philly. That really made the second half of the year suck. But I had my eye of Hawaii this year, and you better believe I made that happen. It was such a great time, and I am now going to make sure I take at least one real vacation a year. Last August we were supposed to go to Portland, Maine, before Sara moved, so I’m hoping to get that trip in this year.

This year was about doing things, and doing new things. I participated in a Restricted Environmental Stimuli Therapy study. I floated in this sensory deprivation tank for an hour and it was much less interesting than I thought it would be. Didn’t have any spiritual revelations or heightened sense of enlightenment or whatever they were studying for. I was bored. But it was an experience, nonetheless.

This was also a year of great parties. Sara and I discovered a love for theme parties. Our theme party days were cut short due to the move, but the Clue Party was a smashing success, and I have ideas for more parties. I was looking forward to being a competitor in the Beer Olympics in May, but the film festival was the same evening, so we just showed up later in our dresses to be the “official” Beer Olympics spokesmodels. The Hemingway Pub Crawl in July wasn’t so much a party, but it did involve booze and 70+ people in matching red shirts. The sea of red totally owned each bar we went to, and it was a hell of a time. Also a smashingly good time was the High Society Wine Cooler Tasting Tea Partay over Labor Day Weekend. I was part of the party planning committee, and of course it was one of the best parties of the year.

Finally, perhaps the greatest night of my life: Friday, October 19. I got to meet my crush! And I got his autograph!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I could have had my picture with him, I think I would have died. I was a giddy lovestruck puppy for weeks and now I can’t listen to Hall & Oates without swooning!

Alright, I think that’s about it. I have to do these yearly summaries for myself so I don’t forget all of this crap. I don’t know what to think about 2008 yet. The year started off with someone taking my fucking jacket from the bar I was at, on my BIRTHDAY. It was my $7 thrift store bar jacket, but I secretly loved it and I’m totally pissed. And then my dad broke one of the cat food plates. I bought this cute little set of 4 for Christmas, and then a week later…fuck! But doesn’t it usually mean that a shitty start to the New Year really means that it will be a good year? I hope so!

Goal for 2008…fix this website. Let’s see if that happens!