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March 3, 2008 3

move over, mrs. markham

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Miss Smythe, authoress of the bow wow books

WOW. Soooooo, this was opening weekend for the ol’ farce Move Over Mrs. Markham. Being that there is a nasty flu virus going around, I figured I would naturally get it and be deathly ill this weekend. Well, not quite…worse, actually. I got freaking LARYNGITIS (probably as a result of the flu virus, of which I shall start suffering from, probably tomorrow). Not raspy, sexy hoarse voice. Like, cracked, squeaking, can’t understand a word I’m saying voice. I never lose my voice! I also shot 2 student films on Saturday and Sunday. My voice! Royally fucked for both of them. Kind of important scenes, too. Oh, and did I mention that there was a big snow storm on Friday and they CLOSED THE ROAD to Lewistown? Pretty much the ONLY road to get there, no joke. There is only ONE other way to get there, that involves going completely out of your way, up a mountain. In snow. SERIOUSLY?! What. The. Fuck.