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Adventures in Substitute Teaching

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So, since I am the course assistant for The Management of Historic Sites and Museums (rock!), I thought I would share a story from the last time I was put in charge:

My mom had me be the sub for her continuing education class a few months ago while she was out of town. I was there to show a DVD to the class. We had gone to the room 2 weeks prior where she showed me how to set everything up. I told her to write everything down for me because I wouldn’t remember. So, she gathered everything in a bag for me and they left for vacation. I remembered to bring the bag of stuff with me and I remembered to go, even without the reminder phone call. I got there 15 minutes early and then thought that it might be a good idea to finally read the instruction sheet, just in case.

Well, she wrote down the wrong room. I know I had definitely not been in that room before, so I figured it must be room next to it. Then I read the sheet and realized there was no computer password written anywhere. I don’t have an id anymore, so I couldn’t login on the computer. Also, there was no combination to the podium lock, where the DVD player was. I kind of remembered it…tried a combination of 2 numbers I felt were correct. Not working. So I called both of my parents’ cellphones multiple times and no one answers, of course.

No one was in the classroom yet, so I was hoping that they all just decided to skip because they knew she wasn’t going to be there and would be watching a video. But I decided to venture out, and I go to the next room and it’s full of people. I asked if it’s the class and they say yes, so I’m like, shit. So, I decided to call the help line posted on the wall. They gave me another # to call. I called that #…they give me ANOTHER # to call. I call that # and they tell me they can’t help me because I’m not authorized to use the equipment.

So I had to send everyone home, apologizing profusely for them having to come out only to go home. And I told them to give my mom crap for not giving me the podium lock combination or a computer login.

Once they left, I tried the lock one more time, just changing one of the numbers…what do you know, it worked! Oops. I still didn’t have a computer password, but I could have gotten one of the students to log me in I’m sure.

Now, the blame will be shared equally. If I had checked the instructions before 5:45 I would have seen that the information I needed wasn’t there and I might have had a better chance at reaching my mom. Do you know what was on the sheet? Instructions like, “turn on lights, pass out attendance sheet, put papers out for them to pick up” WITH a diagram of where in the room the papers should go. A DIAGRAM of what table to put the papers on, but no LOGIN information or LOCK combination! So I lied, I am putting most of the blame on her.

Oh, and she was right, one of her students is cute! And oh so young…so so young. Rawr, cougar mode!


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Vagina Monologues

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