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March 12, 2009 0

N.W.A. said it best…

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I would really like to know if the State College police are permitted to legally park in a loading zone. I was absolutely furious to see a police car parked in the loading zone at Dunkin’ Donuts this morning. When I parked there, I picked up a $25 ticket. And this guy, thinking that just because he’s THE POLICE, can park there? With tons of empty parking spots all around?! Now, if the police are in fact allowed to park there, I can only fault the guy for laziness. But if he was just abusing his power and parking there because he thinks he is above the law…well, that gets me heated. People in power, such as the police, should be held to higher standards than us mere mortals. They shouldn’t be breaking the laws they’re supposed to enforce! I was all set to write a letter complaining about this, until I considered the possibility that the police might have authority to park in these places. I couldn’t find anything online, so since this has got me so riled up, I blog. God knows there’s serious corruption out there, and this is small potatoes in comparison…but it’s the principle.