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December 31, 2009 3

Rhi^2 Road Trip, Setpember 2008: Boston

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After our stint in Canada, it was time to head back to the United States of America! We had originally planned to make a ton of pit stops at interesting road side attractions throughout our trip, but hadn’t actually done it. So, we looked up a few places in Vermont along the way and were ready to take this road trip to another level! I guess since we hadn’t stopped anywhere up until that point, it was easy to forget that we were supposed to stop, and we missed our road side attraction’s exit. But never fear, we still made it to the Ben & Jerry’s factory for a tour!


We arrived at my friend’s place in Shrewsbury, a Boston suburb, late that night and hit the sack in anticipation of what felt like our 329057 day of sightseeing. Boston has a shit ton of history, so there was no shortage of things to do.

We headed down the Freedom Trail and hit all the major attractions: Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market, Paul Revere’s house, a bunch of old important cemeteries, the New England Holocaust Memorial (I cried), Boston Common, the most photographed street in America, etc. I think we were pooped well before the day was over.

After a day of intense sightseeing and street performers, we decided it was time to go to a bar. Aussie Rhi is always a hit as, unlike me, she likes to talk to strangers and has a cool accent. So we (and be we I mean she) made friends with the locals. I always enjoy me a good Boston accent (“Oh my god, say ‘PARK THE CAR’ hahahahaha!!!!!!!”) so it was all good. By dinner time, we decided we were hungry and wanted to find a good place to have some lobster. Thus started the adventure called Dinner.

The Union Oyster House, America’s oldest restaurant, was a few doors down, so around 7, when we were hungry, we decided to go have dinner. Unfortunately there was a wait…you know, because it was Friday night in a major US city and it was a pretty important restaurant. So we put our name on the list and went back to the bar for more drinks and made new friends with some middle aged men. A while later we went back to the restaurant to check. The hostess didn’t give us a time estimate, so we went back to the bar. When we went back again the lady was not at all helpful. She was very vague about the wait and it was getting late, so we decided we should find something else. We walked aimlessly around the city, asking people along the way. We got enough recommendations for Legal Sea Foods, also a good choice according to my friend, so we set off to find it. Of course, we had no idea where it was, but a cute boy gave us directions. When we got there, the bitch was packed! We couldn’t be seated right away. We didn’t want to start from scratch there, so we decided to go back to Union. We got there, ordered a drink and prayed for a miracle. Not long after we got there, they called our name and we finally got our lobster dinner!

After dinner was over it was late, we were tired, and didn’t want to miss our train because we would have been screwed. So we started the trek to the train station. While walking through the financial district, we saw some shady people smash a car window and steal a GPS unit. Very surreal and not something I’m used to at all. Once we made it back to the station we had a bit of a wait, but made it back to Shrewbury safe and sound. And what do you know, our middle aged men from the bar hours ago were on our train. Random!

We had every intention of going back into Boston the next day to take a tour of the Samuel Adams Brewery, but it wasn’t in the cards…especially because we had a deadline to make it to the greatest place on earth…

December 17, 2009 3

A Very (Photobombed) GHIC Christmas

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Believe it or not, people call me classy.

December 8, 2009 4

Appropriate conversations to have in public

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Tonight out at dinner my dad talked about the blacks and their collard greens and women volleyball players and their asses. I’ll give you 2 guesses as to the people who were sitting behind us during both of these conversations. Surprisingly, he didn’t say anything about fat people, even though there was a rotund man sitting across from us.

Tonight I also admitted to myself that just maybe I DO like Miley Cyrus’ Party in the U.S.A.