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January 30

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January 30, 2010: Got some super sweet deals at the Bellefonte thrift store today! It’s like Goodwill…only better and cheaper. Then it was off to be part of a live studio audience for the taping of the Penn State student-run sitcom, 304. Finally, the night climaxed with an 80s party. There was surprisingly little dancing, but I had no problem dancing with myself (in shoes that were 2 sizes too small).

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January 29

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January 29, 2010: Today when my radio alarm went off at 7:45, I was pissed that I’d accidentally turned on my alarm on a Saturday. When my phone alarm went off at 8, I wondered why I had set the weekend alarm to 8 a.m. Eventually I figured out that it was NOT Saturday. Bummer.

Friday night kicked off NRT’s spring season (YAY FREE THEATRE!). I went to see Doubt, which was awesome! Except for the fact that I felt like I was in a church. On my way back to my car, I passed a small gallery that I’ve never been to (yet always walk by). It looked like it was open, although I thought it was a bit absurd to leave a gallery open and unattended at almost 10 p.m. But since it was open, I went in to check it out. It was cute. I’ll try to make it a point to go back when other exhibits are up.

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January 28

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January 28, 2010: There is nothing particularly noteworthy about this meal, I’m just having a hard time taking interesting pictures. Today was really cold and windy and I did not like it one bit.

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January 27

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January 27, 2010: Today my work computer caught AIDS. This picture was taken sometime around 9 p.m. when I foolishly thought it might be getting better. A more accurate picture would be the blue screen of death, but that image is too painful for me. Luckily all ends well, eventually.

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January 26

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January 26, 2010: Meeting, meeting, meeting, 3-hour class, meeting. Who’s making dinner? Oh…

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January 25

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January 25, 2010: Finally, after a few false starts, I went to a yoga class. And…yeah. Me not likey. I hurt. And I couldn’t get into the whole “spirtualness” of it. It was tough to imagine the cool blue moon rays washing over me when my head was right by the space heater. My “happy place” (or whatever it’s called) was the fetal position, occasionally glancing at the clock like, “it’s not over yet????” and wanting to cry. Plus, it’s not easy to let go of judgment, because I really enjoy judging people. Like, a lot. I’m sorry, Sara! I’ll still give it another shot, but I don’t see me and yoga being soul mates. I’ll buy a 10 class card to force myself to give it a few more chances, because if I spend the money, I WILL go. I really did want to like it, but I don’t think it was meant to be.

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January 24

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January 24, 2010: Well, at least it’s not snowing! Complete lazy day.

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January 23

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January 23, 2010: Comped tickets to the Keigwin Kabaret at Juniata College, followed by a burlesque dance at the student center (which was really just an underage gay and theatre student dance party), followed by a night out on the mean streets of Huntingdon, PA. Great show, good friends, Lady Gaga, and lots of photobombing!

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January 22

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January 22, 2010: Winter Dance Extravaganza at the Pavilion Theatre.

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January 21

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January 21, 2010: Pattee Library, a place I avoided like the plague in college! It’s always a sight, though, driving down Allen at night. I was on campus again for callbacks. I ended up getting cast in Phroth Phest, and the more I think about it, the more I like it! I get to be a funny lady. Phroth is the student-run humor magazine on campus, and they do a yearly sketch comedy show written by students, SNL-style. So here’s hoping it’s like funny SNL and not lame SNL.