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February 28

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February 28, 2010: Let’s be real, this day was a wash. I have traveled for 20 hours, while going through many time zones, but at the end of the day, I’m in fucking Bangkok!

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February 27

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February 27, 2010: It’s amazing! The snow has stopped, I’ve seen a few peeks of blue sky, and the runways are snow-free. No mass hysteria at the airport; in fact, there were no delays. Very very smooth. Bangkok, here I come! Full flight, though (boo).

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February 26

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February 26, 2010: It’s miserable here. There’s a shit ton of snow, and the short walk to Dunkin Donuts in the slush was enough to keep me cooped up in Astoria for the rest of the day. All the airports in the area have canceled thousands of flights, and I wont lie, I’m really stressed out. But I did wii for the first time.

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February 25

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February 25, 2010: Due to the fact I was planning on taking the Chinatown bus after work on Friday, potentially in the middle of this blizzard, I had no choice but to take the train and get to the city before the storm hit. This was the option that would most likely get me there, plus it meant that I had an extra night to stay with my handsome host. I had some time to kill by myself while waiting for people to get off work, so I grabbed a seat and a beer at a place across from Penn Station. Weather isn’t all that bad so far (although definitely not pleasant), let’s see what happens tonight into tomorrow…

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February 24

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February 24, 2010: This is all I’m taking to Thailand. But, the real issue is not how much luggage I’m bring, it’s how the fuck I’m getting there, due to the “powerful storm of historical proportions…paralyzing blizzard…” slated to hit the New York City area on Thursday. Seriously freaking out.

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February 23

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February 23, 2010: Graduate art exhibit in the Borland Gallery.

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February 22

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February 22, 2010: My mom got flowers because she’d had a rough work weekend. Tonight I saw a great staged reading of Driving Miss Daisy. I cried in public.

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February 21

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February 21, 2010: I had yet to see Thon at the Bryce Jordan Center, but I unfortunately picked the wrong time to go. Most of the seats were full, so they were only letting people in the seats behind the stage. You could watch big screens, but it wasn’t the same. I also happened to go during family hour, where it was all sad stories of kids dying from cancer. Next year I’ll have to make it out a little earlier during the weekend.

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February 20

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February 20, 2010: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf at the Mishler Theatre. The Mishler Theatre is the most beautiful, ornate theatre I’ve been to. And I’ve been to a lot!

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February 19

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February 19, 2010: My Friday night was spent drinking beer and trying to decipher the hidden messages on the caps with a German, a Dutch, several Spanish speakers and other miscellaneous ethnicities.